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Top 10 Most CORRUPT Governments In The World

Top 10 Most CORRUPT Governments In The World

Here are 10 most corrupt governments and countries in the world.

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Top 10 Most CORRUPT Governments In The World

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  1. Where's the United States it should be #1 right

  2. Can someone send this video to every liberal in the United States right now I want them to know what real oppression is

  3. i doubt that North Korea is the most corrupted nation. there's more corruption in some countries in African than in North Korea.

  4. I’m not sure y’all ever heard of Nigeria

  5. Entre en el video solo para ver si aparecía la lacra de CFK

  6. NK actually did make the right move, by selling and producing drugs like opium, the production of drugs will never stops no matter what regulations u put and there’s a high demand on them, so why not U make the drugs instead of “gangs” running the show and getting the big profit.

  7. Like the flood, God will wipe the the slate clean. Filth humans

  8. Why isn't USA on this list?

  9. Bakshesh means a tip just like how you tip a waiter. not a bribe smh

  10. U.S.A. don't expect me to give an arguement.

  11. What about the Zionist Israeli Government ???

  12. Please stick to pop culture, the research in this video is poorly done

  13. You would put a black person on the thumb nail for a video about corruption

  14. Where’s Venezuela? That country is doing really bad and it’s government is terrible. Hope Venezuela
    A gets better 🇻🇪.

  15. Algeria should be on here… our president over there is in a wheel chair and isn’t even aware of what’s going on and the government are using him to do what they want and using him as a puppet

  16. 6:38 – Yemen not Saudi Arabia

  17. America should be on top

  18. They all deserve to be wiped off the earth

  19. thanks. im working on an fps military videogame and I needed an enemy organization build the conflict around

  20. Given that all of these are in Europe, Africa, and Asia. More are around the North, Central, and South American continents. And they can vary with a somewhat similar or worse level of corruption than to some on the list

  21. Came here to read the comments that say the USA should be on here lol.

  22. 6:38 Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta & his Subaru

  23. you missed a country…. VENEZUELA the corruption there is enormous you should take a look on what the venezuelans are living nowadays

  24. And all of these countries are kept corrupt by the even more more corrupt nations like US, China, Russia and whole europe

  25. B 4 I watch the vid USA is #1 right ? 👀

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