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Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

Here are the 10 most powerful characters and avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

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  1. Kevin Feeg meaning Feige…

  2. Wrong and too soon. Dormamu would spank thanos. Thanos sucks at using the stones. At this point thor is just as powerful as thanos, and odin was more powerful then hela. This was garbage.

  3. In comics, cap Marvel is weak af

  4. Scarlett’s witch is basically a reality Stone and when you said that she can’t rip regular bodies apart in the comics she literally splits the entire us army in half so fuck off

  5. Thanos is the most powerful marvel in the universe and he has infinity gauntlet and six of Infinity stones too successful.

  6. Punisher should be number one bc in one of comic books he kills all marvel heros

  7. #1 Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

  8. Should have been most powerful mcu characters…like the one above all, franklin richards, living tribunal, the beyonder, and the sentry could all wipe their ass with pussy Thanos

  9. ego or dormammu wouldn't make top 25
    we need a real list

  10. Dormammu should have been #1
    He could wipe out thanos in a sec.

  11. Lmao everyone is saying Shaggy is #1

  12. This title was misleading. Need to put mcu marvel characters. I was expecting beyonder, Franklin Richards, or one above all.

  13. this isn’t a list of the most powerful marvel characters. it’s just the most powerful mcu characters not marvel overall

  14. You guys stole this video from List25 like you do almost all videos. Unsubscribing.

  15. Do the Top 10 Fastest Rappers of all time. Don Xperto outta be number 1.

  16. Is not sister is bone of my bone

  17. Ehhh alright list I guess but none of these characters have a match against Matt from Wii Sports

  18. What about Bill Cosby's pills?

  19. The one above all is the strongest

  20. why didn't you take examples from comic books? that would have made a much better video

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