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Top 10 Movies Coming Out In 2018

Here are the 10 most highly anticipated movies to be released in 2018!

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  1. Top trending forgot about the other 2 movies are coming out in 2018
    1. Slander man
    2. Marvel's Venom

  2. Wait Another 2 Spot Goes To Ready Player One

  3. 10 Oceans 8
    9 Ralph Breaks The Internet
    8 Hotel Transylvania 3
    7 Fantastic Beasts Crimes Of Grindelwald
    6 Solo
    5 Isle Of Dogs
    4 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
    3 Ant Man And The Wasp
    2 Deadpool 2
    1 Incredibles 2
    1 Avengers Infinity War

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  6. Instead of making reboots in established franchises with all female casts with the same old tired "girls can do it too!" sentiment, why not make entirely new IP with all female casts? Wouldn't their success better prove that women could carry big blockbuster franchises? Ya know, instead of piggybacking off the success of previously established brands?

    I'm not someone who thinks women are trying to "take over" these brands or anything childish like that bit, come on, it's the protagonist's sister? That premise is contrived as fuck. Let's make a Star Wars movie about Han Solo's uncle next. It'll be a male protagonist so everyone can admit it's contrived and fucking retarded and still be "woke".

  7. afraid pet strip return your firm holiday many

  8. Im ready for Incredibles 2 and Avengers (I'm 15 BTW and I'm gonna feel like a kid again when i watch Incredibles 2.) So don't judge me

  9. Why there is a lot of coequal in this decade?

  10. The only 3 movies i am excited about are Solo, Ralph Break the Internet and The incredibles 2

  11. Lmfao who's not going to go see Infinity War. Im seeing it THE DAY is comes out.

  12. Do a top 10 most anticipated anime movies coming in 2018. And I better see the new DragonBall Super movie on there. DO IT! DO IT NOOOOWWW!

  13. “But at the very least it can’t be much worse than the prequels” Shade

  14. Kinda was hoping Ready Player One would be on the list

  15. Incredible 2 is good, but infinity war should still be #1

  16. Dislike just for ocean's 8 the ghost busters will do a heist! HAHASHAHA.

  17. Nice list! Thanks for making the video. Super excited about Incredibles 2.

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  19. Avengers: Infinity War should've been #1

  20. see senior boat genuine before management criminal.

  21. How come extending the video was never an issue before when you actually did YouTube Top Trending ? Don't act like you dissappeare for months after you had loads of cash and are now coming back for more. I love the commentator but the person Behind top trending no.

  22. you are definitely sponsored

  23. It should be #1 Infinity War Part 1 #2 Deadpool 2 #3 Incredibles 2

  24. How is Avengers IW below fantastic beasts, Jurassic world and dead pool, not saying DP is bad but it definitely isn’t above IW

  25. Stopped watching after saying Shape of Water was a good movie. All further opinions are invalid.

  26. This channel is dying no ideas

  27. What about ready player one

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