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Top 10 Richest Reality TV Stars (With Salaries)

Top 10 Richest Reality TV Stars (With Salaries)

Top 10 Richest Reality TV Stars With Salaries. In this Alux.com Original Video we’re ranking the top ten wealthiest reality tv celebrities.
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Top 10 Highest Paid Reality Stars!

In order to make this video we had to take a look at just how much money do reality tv starts earn and make. Some of them managed to build incredible fortunes and create life lasting success. Others, shifted from their careers as singers or radio hosts in order to join the real of reality tv due to the big payoffs.

In this video we’re looking to answer the following questions:
Which is the richest reality tv star?
Who is the richest reality tv celebrity?
How much money do reality tv starts make?
What is the salary of a reality tv celebrity?
How rich is the Kardashian family?

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  1. But dont american next top model got like 25 seasons

  2. Surprised that the Kardashians aren’t number 1, not complaining whatsoever though. 😏

  3. Make top richest youtuber please

    GOD. IS.ONE.V.POWER.FUL.HY.200018.

  5. Demi Lovato should be happy seeing Simon Cowell on top of this list

  6. Tyra banks is back on top model in 2018

  7. I though Simon was broke asf cause he always wear simple shirtπŸ˜‚.FML

  8. Tyra Banks is not just a model. She's a SUPERMODEL. Get that right gurl

  9. This channel is really nice and luxurious!!!!!!! Are these annual or monthly salaries?

  10. yeah i want a reality tv show

  11. I'm not a subscriber YET but I still enjoy your videos(the ones I've seen so far) because of your attention to details.

  12. donald trump is worth 10billion dollars btw…some billionaires are alot richer than forbes shows…because some billionaires dont disclose everything and forbes doesnt have all the information sometimes…

  13. Salman Khan comes within the top 3 position fir Big Boss. Incomplete video

  14. Is it salary per month or per year?

  15. alux.com can u make a video about "does European ethnic groups will survive in future?" because of low fertility rate and immigration.

  16. made video about richest movie stars in the world

  17. I never seen this like channel which is so accurate and neat in describing any topic so plz continue more and different onesπŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

  18. the biggest kardisian fans love ya

  19. never as a contestant but surely as a judge

  20. You missed out Lord Sugar

  21. where priyanka chopra on list she salary is 10 million dollars and rich too.

  22. Hey, where's the usual narrator?:(

  23. Hey what about the Sharks from Shark Tank? They have a reality TV show and they're rich as hell.

  24. Love the vid Nice work but the Kardashians altogether make 72 million a year. Kim alone makes 1 million a month

  25. Been here since 1000 subs, nice to see you guys prosper

  26. If I don't become a "future" Billionaire I'm going to sue you for a Million!……..

  27. If you're into reality tv, here's how much some of your favorite celebrities make! Do you think they should earn this much?

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