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Top 5 Incredible Backpacks You Must See

You must see these amazing backpacks, they’re quite handy!

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Continuum Bag https://mrdavis.com/
BeatBringer http://www.beatbringer.com/
COWAROBOT R1 http://www.cowarobot.com/
Wolffepack http://www.wolffepack.com/
The Arcido Bag http://www.arcido.com/

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  1. I thought these were backpacks not suitcases

  2. These will fail cause it's mission is weak, it's only solving first world problems. God bless. Proverbs 31

  3. Okay so the BeatBringer is literally not a backpack but more like a portable stereo speaker. The idea is somewhat great, but when you are out in public, people around you doesn't want to listen to your music, so headphones would be better anyways?

  4. If we can make a suitcase follow us why can't we make a 100% self driving car

  5. I like the one starting at 4:50 I Love it!

  6. the second backback is promoted by stupid people 😀

  7. Wowwwwwwww that's really impressive of how people spend there Time 😂😂😂

  8. I like the suitcase that moves on it's own(Sounds like my kind of suitcase).

  9. Are you or are you not supposed to Bring liquids in the airport especially beer

  10. The beatbringer is speaker with straps

  11. The narrator on the first one kinda sounds like the "How Plumbuses are Made" guy from Rick and Morty.

  12. Cowarobot is so cool it always follows u

  13. I really like the Wolfe pack one

  14. with that beatbringer i will rick roll everyone


  16. That R1 bag cost more than my house.

  17. I wish I have all these backpacks but without money

  18. the continuum bag can't fit my 17 inch laptop

  19. Beatbringer "aka an amp with shoulder straps".. it's not even a backpack.


  21. you whent from the Kansas city to new York (the first bag)

  22. the r1 bag, how fcking lazy can we get

  23. watching this in 4th of july

  24. this video is fucking trash these aren't even backpacks – if you buy any of these backpacks i hate you and you should get cyberbullied….hard

  25. 2:18 hi my name is nickel, oh nickel

  26. hey i just met u, the thumbnail's crazy, i fell for clickbait, and u did too

  27. that boombox with straps is atrocious, like those terrible iPhone earplugs that annoy fellow travelers all the time, this is nothing but a look at me being a dumb ass annoyance to other people.
    Can't wait until people get beaten up over that.

  28. where the fucking bassboosted backpack?!?!?!fucking clickbaits

  29. hello owner of this cool bags showing in this video. This is Ankit from Nepal, need to talk to you as soon as possbile. Please reply me on my whatsapp ( +977 9815555665 ), Its very urgent and Important topic from my point of view, rest depends on understanding from your side too, sir. will be waiting for my comment response. ( I wont be able to check response of this comment on youtube, so please reply me on whatsapp. * VERY IMPORTANT, DO RESPONSE * THANKS

  30. where do you get the beat bringer

  31. I just want a breathable backpack so I won't get my back warm, with a nice design. THAT's IT.

  32. The third backpack is kinda cute

  33. 1 like = 1 backpack
    10 likes = 2 backpacks
    50 likes = 3 backpacks
    100 likes = 4 backpacks
    200 likes = 5 backpacks

  34. Every one of his titles has the words You MUST see

  35. Meanwhile in hallowen plays trololololololool

  36. is the beatbringer just a speaker!? I thought it can bring lots of things though.

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