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Top New Technology Inventions In 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Best new technology, cool gadgets and amazing inventions in 2016. Those technology inventions and gadgets shown in this video can be bought and are available today.

▶ Top New Technology Inventions In 2016 That Will Blow Your Mind ◀
technology inventions in this episode:

#5 Shiftwear
#4 CHiP: Robot dog
#3 HoloVit: holographic screen
#1 Teleport VR

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  1. Those shoes blow me away! Wow

  2. yay smarter pet/slave, take my money now

  3. A shoe and a dog replacement, why!?

  4. What is the song for Shiftwear called???

  5. The chip is a Electronic Chip , That's it, But Dog is Living Thing, Respect every Living Thing

  6. all that is the saddest shit I Eva seen and the creator of dog needs 2 have there balls microwaved so as 2never reproduce then given a shotgun and left in a washable room to end the very very shit life they must endure. really you to whoever made this ad, your job is the worst I MEAN THE WORST element of the most putridity humanity has 2offer so fuk off get real job or jump off bridge, advertising scum sacks discust me so fuk off fuk off and fuk off u total cunt

  7. More stupid shit people don't need. 11% of the world goes to bed starving. Cancer rates are exploding and electionic waste is rampant. This garbage won't improve your quality of life. It will just add to the zombified irradiated state we live in.

  8. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

  9. There's anime designs for the shoes

  10. I would say get a real Dog, but really what I want to say is, "GET A REAL FUCKING LIFE!!!"

  11. Nice keep up the Amazing work!

  12. I want walls like this imagine what homes of the future would look like.

  13. old shoe was close but no way. Dummy

  14. I more like real dogs cuz they are cheaper, cuter, smarter, softer, can be bigger…

  15. That last invention is amazing

  16. just by clicking the video link , I was intrigued and automatically drawn in so I have to congratulate you on that , also on the shift ware product I believe that it is extraordinary invention that allow individuals to express them selves without saying anything .

  17. Life is going to be even more fake and phony than it already is

  18. What you see is what the government allows you to see. They are ahead with their Tech. by 50 years of what we think that'll "Blow our minds."

  19. u can change ppl with robots.,, loose their job meh still kool; ,,cars with automated drivers,,,meh still works….But change a real dog with a fucking robot dogs … that's fucked up..End of Humanity

  20. want the dog and the last one

  21. Can I buy those in amazon? c;

  22. That Robot Dog Invention Is Stupid.. Very Stupid.. By making that are you saying that kind of technology will replace a real dog? Like what everybody did on books? Bullshit!

  23. hey yo. fuck that robopup. We love dogs cause they fluffy. fuck that plastic piece ov shit

  24. why not enjoy the good experiences of life in Real time, and be present at those moments. Not with your phone up recording it to enjoy later in virtual reality :/

  25. The last one made me cried as once out of that virtual reality … One wouldn't wanna be out of that precious moment thus causing momentarily sadness

  26. I bet there's going to be a generation of of people with attachment disorders because their parents would film them instead of really being present in their important moments in life.

  27. 2:27 OH PER DEUS!!! LELOUCH!!!!!!!!!

  28. Digital screen on shoes ? The thing will break in an instant and you will walk with the equivalent of a broken phone screen on your feet for twice the price of an average pair. Not to mention that it's pretty useless and only white trash will buy it.
    Robot dog ? Seriously ? We've had that for like 20 years and there's a reason why it was gone.
    Now don't be fooled by number 3. It's not a real hologram if it's on a screen because, yes, there is a screen. You can zoom all you want to try to hide the edges but it can be seen in the first shot, dummy. Aaand it's useless too. Holograms are a funny sci-fi gimmick that doesn't make sense in reality, get over it. Why would you replace a solid and opaque screen with a transparent picture ? That's stupid.
    About number 2, now I'm no expert but I don't see how an external charging cable can increase the phone's battery capacity. Seems to me like it's an issue that phone builders should directly work on.
    And virtual reality – is this still a thing ? Like, first of all when your commercial for yet again another oculus rift rip off contains no 3D shot showing the abilities of your product, allow me to get a little suspicious and second, no one is ever going to say "aw I would like to look at some old time photos, time to put on this giant mask that makes me look like a dork and cost me two months of salary".
    Finally, I would like to point that every so-called "invention" depicted in this video is nothing but a slight change to a selfish, meaningless artefact everyone kinda has already. It brings nothing to society in general. Meanwhile, portable drowning-saviours, gas detectors at home connected to your phone and solar roads are being created. I think we should rethink the way we want our minds to be "blown".

  29. whyy. why. why .why .why the robot dog really?

  30. Hey Japan my name : Lmao I request Japan stop helping people Vietnam use technology and my knowledge creation of I don't have to dump so again if he is still help Vietnam use malware to affect i'm sure I will do all to prove for him know the name hakuna matata me and he sung no longer as old when I was seriously tell him know

  31. no.1 is only a 3D video recorder… they are explaining it like revolutionary inventions

  32. It's all useless garbage to me. I'm still enjoying the hell out of my 2008 Panasonic 50 inch plasma tv and blu-ray player. My tv works just as good as it did the very day I bought it; not even kidding. Those shoes were very very very homosexual. LOL. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that gay shit. LOL. They look like something an extremely flamboyant pretty boy would wear to a rave party to disco all night long. The robot dog was… Jesus Christ… That was just dumb. I mean come on. A fake plastic dog as a family pet? ….and VR is just as useful to me as 3D. It is all very neat stuff but it's just junk to me.

  33. Isn't that the girl who played Molly in Heroes?

  34. stupid question, but what is the song in the shoe video?

  35. Fascinating yet ultimately useless shit.. how about some cancer cures or solving the a antibiotic resistant germs problem..?

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