Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise

Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise
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Total Body #Workout + #WeightLoss Tips!! Fat Burning #Fitness Routine for #Beginners, Home Exercise

Get ready to burn fat and lose weight with Sanela! How to get fit and healthy, full body fat burning fitness- great for all levels. Sanela also shares her favorite tips for weight loss!

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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  2. Right after I done the study in this particular “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) diet program which was presented by a friend of mine who also dropped unwanted weight, I lost around 9 lbs as well. Anways, i do feel it aided enhance that weight loss and also calorie burning. I have observed at this time I am eating healthy. .

  3. I wish I had find the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) years ago. I burned 12 pounds in three weeks so far. However I exercise once or twice a week, and also eat well. The results presented to me is astounding. I absolutely encourage the item, wish it works as great for you as it does for me. .

  4. I am very thin I have to maintain my figure so tell me any good exercise

  5. Been doing these everyday and it’s helped a lot

  6. Where are you from babe…… You look soo beautiful I love you soo much fitness baby …..

  7. Too much talking. Not enough working out.

  8. i know that probably no one will read this but always remember, if your tummy is a lil bit chubby you can still wear that crop top. if your arms a lil chubby, you can still wear a vest. your body doesn’t determine what clothes you can wear.

  9. When they don't know how to pronounce their own username 😂

  10. Omg when she was like whatchu know about that i laughed hahah

  11. This is not a good workout. Why is this one of the most popular workout videos?

  12. good and helpful for weight loss you may also get better results from this try it – https://bit. ly/2QUSeIk

  13. I am a ninety eight pound 8 year and from day1 I've been loosing weight

  14. only 3 exercises for the whole video? I`ve expected more.

  15. my workout:

    1 mile run- (only sometimes, NOT every day!!)
    10 wall squats
    20 sit ups
    5 burpees
    1 minute plank
    20 sit ups
    20 squats
    20 sit ups
    13 squats
    16 right side kick
    19 left side kick
    36 mountain climbers (slow)
    25 squats
    24 right side kick
    20 left side kick
    38 mountain climbers (fast)
    19 squats
    18 right side kick
    15 left side kick
    20 sit ups

    it’s kind of a lot but it’s very effective and only takes about 20-30 minutes for me 🙂

    yes, some of this is from this video 🙂

    edit: if anyone is wondering, yes this works, lost 4 pounds in 2 days ;)))

  16. I'd give her something to sit on!

  17. Complete physical fitness = farthest parking spot

  18. "Listen to your body"
    Body : I want chocolate

  19. Be back in a month with results.

  20. off-topic but id fck

  21. great content! love it when we can all help the community together! lets get it!

  22. Who is scrolling 👇 down while watching this,,

  23. 1 like=10 squats, keep me motivated!

  24. female comments: Wow that's helpful thanks!
    Male comments: *unzips pants*omg she is so HOOOOOOOOOTTT

  25. I'd be grateful if you could watch this!
    Thanks 😊

  26. Need a fitness website at low cost email me to request

  27. I saw a result it's so good exercise thanks 👍👍👍

  28. Good video

  29. i just had a cake ad and now im hungry (。╯︵╰。)

  30. This helped my friend and I so much thank you

  31. I know it’s a little late, but I think I’m going to set a goal that this year in 2020, I will try out these work out… wish me good luck 😅

  32. Alright I’m starting this today, next Friday I’ll update and let you know if it works

  33. She probably had to retake every move once

  34. Guys, try it out, this is the Best! I tried it, and it made me sweat a much

  35. Draga Sanela, odakle si ti?

  36. I tried but my body denied it IM 10 TURNING 11 AND 110 POUNDSS BRO!! BUT I LOOK SKINNY!!???

  37. did this along with you today. will be doing this everyday from now on. 2020 is MY YEAR

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