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‘Total Divas’: Nattie & TJ Meet With Divorce Attorney – Ending Marriage?

‘Total Divas’: Nattie Neidhart and TJ Wilson meet with a divorce attorney to discuss ending their marriage.

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Starring Nattie Neidhart
Starring TJ Wilson


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  1. If I'm not mistaken a while back TJ was training Lana to wrestle better and that's when Natalya blew up and started having trouble with TJ and Lana, but she had every reason to blow up!! Let him go Natalya, you can do better and have someone who wants you

  2. Are they even still together?

  3. he is not in to her full stop

  4. Nattie isn't a saint so stop putting all the blame on TJ

  5. TJ is so rude, he should go back to nattie. Chop a cat in half?! Wow.. how rude. Let’s chop your heart in half, let’s see if you’d like that.

  6. Tyson is a idiot he's out the hart family now

  7. It isn't completely Tyson's fault so stop praising nattie like a saint

  8. tj doesnt deserve nattie. natrie you can get a good man

  9. He see her as a step up with his own desires to be a superstar based on her career already there. It didnt work for his. So time to dump her and move on to something younger model.

  10. Marriage changes people man from what I've seen not for the better

  11. They have a hard time because they are both a-holes. Just a-holes of different styles.

  12. She looks like a dude he needs to get himself a good looking woman not a bitch with a dick

  13. How would we divide the cats? Chop one in half obviously xD

  14. That's the only pussy the guys had. He wants more. Let him explore now.

  15. They've been together since they were teenagers. And now after a few years of marriage they are separating. This is why I'm not married!!

  16. I'd probably be bored to death just being in that room i mean seriously it looks just so boring

  17. I miss them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. i think she is doing too much for him n he just doesn't give a shit about it

  19. how will we divide three cats?
    "split one in half"
    no-one laughs

  20. that is totally going to suck for him he's going to lose half of his crap he's going to have to pay her alimony he's going to be completely screwed that sucks for him

  21. They have been going out since they were little kids! It would be heartbreaking if they had a divorce :'(

  22. I can't stand this bitch. WTF is she wearing to a divorce meeting. She's the fakiest person on the show. And really fighting over cats. wow

  23. It's pretty natties fault

  24. Chop one one in half obviously 😂

  25. 😂😂😂chop on in half

  26. i thought they we re reconciling too help get things together

  27. Natalya is pregnant with great Khalil

  28. +HollwoodLife what is the season and episode to this and please put full shows of total divas on youtube

  29. I just don't understand why they want split up. They are cute couple

  30. Well isn't that sweet, one of my favorite couple's are gonna breakup; great just great so much for Natalya and Tyson Kidd. I blame that guy cause it seems like he let's everything get to him. I'll be happy if my marriage doesn't get screwed up cause I am not gonna deal with it.

  31. I would hate to be married to natty she's way to emotional and takes thing way to seriously she acts like a bitch if she just relaxed and stopped creating useless drama maybe tj would be more caring

  32. Tj is a douche he makes so many unnecessary jokes

  33. They got divided already?? ( today) everybody knows this clips are from a while ago.

  34. that's why I don't wanna get married 😳

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