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Trade rivalry with China and obstacles to US manufacturing

As the United States and China battle over tariffs, President Donald Trump asks US companies to manufacture their products locally.
But due to higher labour costs, shortage of manufacturing expertise and lack of infrastructure, many of the items are made in China.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Chatsworth, California.

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  1. So most medicine, toys, underwear and a lot food are made in China.

  2. China now new super power

  3. American greed and stupidity well be its undoing. that and its undying faith in white supremacy. RIP. welcome China.

  4. It's not a matter of "can't", it's a matter of "won't". Frankly we need to have a larger manufacturing base to offset foreign trade exactly for the reason of making China work harder (read pay a higher consistent tax) so as to make a more balanced import/export deficit. Those of you that think that's a Trump thing are being stupid-read your eighties history or be doomed to repeat the seventies again.

  5. no, the US economy runs on/depends on sweatshop child (slave) labor off the backs on millions of rural chinese peasants forced to move to their provincial capital cities & live/work in the factories, for peanuts

  6. Well, some companies will still stay in China, and other companies will move to Vietem or India, never the US.

  7. Rare earth narural minerals could go to price of gold .After China made restrictions sales.

  8. USA have to star buying own made products & doing their own manufacturing providing jobs to their people to end dependency on buying Chinese just because is cheaper?

  9. Kids have too many toys and throw them in the garbage.

  10. This is all going over the heads of most Trump supporters. They'd never have a hope of understanding this. MURICA!!!

  11. Nobody cares about ur lol stupid toys

  12. Trump is a bad business man…. who declared Bankrupt 4 times and now the country is definitely going that directions…..


  14. Trump is stupid, he is not doing his homework carefully before upsetting china.

  15. In nowadays US, immigrant filled high tech companies are successful, while white low end labors are losing their future. That's why they elected Trump and they are not interested in any brain intensive work at all.

  16. Creative brain power is what deplorables struggled with all their life. It's just not in their genes.

  17. We CAN make things here better and cheaper. This is the party line that destroyed our country.

  18. We used to be the world best manufacturer 40 year ago thanks to henry kissinger and nixion bush and clinton. Trump 30 year to late to stop china the trade war is not good .trump your isolationisms is going to hurt the US economy

  19. China is filling earth with plastic and composite products most of which unrecyclable.

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