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‘Transformers 4’: Mark Wahlberg On Shia LaBeouf

'Transformers 4': Mark Wahlberg On Shia LaBeouf

‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ star Mark Wahlberg talks replacing Shia LaBeouf.

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Starring Mark Wahlberg


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  1. Shia LaBeouf Dissed Michael Bay In Interviews (that's why he wasn't in transformers 4)
    T.J. Miller Dissed Michael Bay in Interviews to (that's why he died in transformers 4)
    I Wonder if Megan Fox Dissed Him And Steven Spielberg (because Steven fired her when she was making fun of Michael Bay As Adolf Hitler)
    I learn these word from a video called "Reasons why All Transformers Are The Same Movie"
    By YouTube Star Couch (forgot what the last name of the channel but I'm just gonna call it)
    "Couch Entertainment" lol

  2. I think after dark of the moon everything got worse, like even the designs of the transformers the became to sleek and didn't look anything like what they transformed into

  3. Shia is doing 2 movies, but there is still hope for him returning to Transformers.

  4. the should have kept the sam storyline but michale scred everything up after dark of the moon plus mark wahlberg is a horrible actor they should have choosen a younger actor

  5. Just because Marky Marc is in it doesn't matter it still will suck WHY because of his pay structure they can't spend anymore money to make it better and the same goes with other A listers way over paid =movie sucks.

  6. Transformers? A children's movieeee?

  7. Screw u mark no one likes u I miss Shia laBeouf😭😭

  8. Lit wont watch eny till shai is recast load of bull

  9. Mark Walhberg Is the best thing that ever happened to the franchise!!!!!

  10. Omg I actually saw them acting in Hong Kong on mong kok omg

  11. You know what they should have done they should have made Sam grow up to Kade and they had a child and yeah you know what I mean

  12. Stupid Title he mentioned him for 1 second

  13. We all know this Shia LaBeouf was better at making the movies and Mark Wahlberg ever will be so Mark Wahlberg should just stop and I don't know do something else with his life not Transformers

  14. Guys don't complain about the actors it's not his fault SHIA LEFT THE MOVIE DAMIT

  15. Old actor sam was better now am watching it but still not happy with what they made without sam its not transformers

  16. Transformers is Garbage without that crazy ass motherfucker Shia!

  17. where in the fuck do you get your title????

  18. Love Mark whalberg, but the transformer movies went to absolute shit without shia

  19. Put Shia Labouf back on transformers fuck that new guy

  20. Nicola Peltz just makes up for eeeeeeevvvveeeeerything!

  21. Please bring back shia labeouf to transformers franchise

  22. I'm not happy without shia transformers franchise is not good

  23. Mark is a dick to transformers

  24. Wahlberg killed this movie smh. Its not the same

  25. The movies weren't the best but they were better when Shia labeouf was Sam

  26. The only good transformers movie are the first 3

  27. sam was better he was my childhood

  28. He didn't say anything about Shia

  29. Transformers isn't Transformers without Shia.

  30. bring back sam witwicky!!!!!

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