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Transview Touch-Sensitive Transparent Display Case | Engadget At CES 2013

Transview Touch-Sensitive Transparent Display Case | Engadget At CES 2013

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Transparent displays are nothing new, but while trawling the labyrinthine backstreets of CES in search of hidden gems, we couldn’t help but stop at IL WOO’s booth and ogle one. The company was demoing a couple of its Transview display cases with see-through Samsung panels, intended for interactive advertising and other commercial uses. We were particularly drawn to the 22-inch, 1,680 x 1,050 model with infrared touch control, mainly because of the nifty Flash program running on it, which did a great job of showing how the cases could be used. For more of our thoughts, keep reading here: http://goo.gl/p9jhJ.

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  1. This is the best they can think of for this tehcnology?


  2. I hear a lot of people saying this is pointless, and that may be true, but people will still fork out heaps of cash for cool things no matter how pointless. This technology is inevitable; It can be used for advertising purposes, it's already being used in Google Glass, why not contact lenses? Or in your house to simulate blinds, even embedded in your hand so that touching any display will bring up things you can do (Total Recall anyone?), the possibilities are endless.

  3. How about using every window in your house as a screen to watch tv, or control the amount of light coming through etc. Just need to use your imagination.

  4. Ironman's computers coming out soon xD

  5. but wtf is the point, like in movies, they have transparent laptops and tvs and computers…why? too look high tech? but losing the quality of the display since there will by random objects messing up your video from behind? i dont get it, i mean its sorta ok on a fridge but…not much else

  6. the same as non-transparent displays, but in more transparent way

  7. Now that's a live wallpaper

  8. Transparent displays…. How do they work?

  9. Ughhhh yo clean. Very elegant. They should use that as a refrigerator door.

  10. This reminds me of Tony Stark's windows

  11. Philips came with that plus gesture control and adaptive lighting 5 years ago watch?v=4lRlp61jMpY

  12. duh, read the description

  13. isn't this from samsung?


  15. That would be great on a big glass door

  16. Now that… that would be something to put on a smart fridge! Not a small tablet essentially embedded in the door to send tweets.

  17. Hello future, we finally meet

  18. cant wait to have this on my windows

  19. playing gangnam style for the Asian guy

  20. I guess that means Jamaica is a real country.

  21. ces 2030 wow ¬¬ learn to speak

  22. What a trip. Really like the display.

  23. Why is Gangnam style in the background?

  24. Finally something cool that works without a lag.

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