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Travel Bans On Chinese Cities Expands As Fears Grow Over Coronavirus | NBC Nightly News

Travel bans are in effect in more than a dozen cities, impacting some 35 million people. Officials are racing to cope with the worsening outbreak by building a 1000-bed hospital this week. More than 900 people are infected and at least 41 people have died.
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Travel Bans On Chinese Cities Expands As Fears Grow Over Coronavirus | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Bat 🦇soup🍜😷🤢🤮

  2. You can download the file here:

  3. Wuhan

    WARS and Rumours of WARS?

  4. Epic the four horse men are unleashed at long last! Did you miss that trumpet blast! The expanding mutating plague will spread as wars begins world wide! Enjoy!

  5. Ban all the flights from China before it's too late

  6. Friendly reminder that the insane left wants open borders.

  7. Well are they doing things like get blood from a contained person and put it on the lap and study the virus DNA to make a cure faster or no cause I think that’s the fastest way to get a cure to study the virus DNA and our own to make a cure out that will make the virus useless to us or not a good idea

  8. Trade war with China, now suddenly there is a virus there. CIA hard at work!🤔

  9. There should be a permanent ban on any travel from nation-to-nation

  10. corsica is not in France ?? Seriously ???

  11. Ban ALL CHINA man and woman from every country NOW. If they are in your country get them out…. NOW

  12. Should’ve banned all flights from China

  13. Rotten Slanteyed maggots die commie

  14. Fires, floods, locus, famine, pandemic and the antichrist in the Whitehouse…. Add em up!! Not to mention, but the doomsday clock was just moved to 100 seconds to midnight.. That is the closest it's ever been…

  15. Also on the news please check the news. Forever chemicals that don't breakdown are found in the tap water in every state of America its on the news this week check it and check your area. It causes a number of sicknesses, can cause cancer, immune issues and endocrine issues.

  16. Time to head to the Veterinarian doctor and get an animal vaccines just in case as it may save us from Coronavirus since it an animals virus. It a cycle of animals virus to human to human back to animals like dogs and cats and spread among people again. Contacted animals needed to be quarantine as well otherwise the contagious virus keep spreading.

  17. It’s so horrible that people have died and fallen ill from this terrible disease 🙁 this virus has been known since December and flights have been allowed into international cities! In Sydney it was 3 flights arriving from Wuhan per week! That’s nearly 1000 new people entering per week not knowing whether they have the virus or not. Also these passengers were given pamphlets to self declare and there’s always people who will ignorantly not declare or people who genuinely don’t know they have the virus (not having symptoms). I don’t even feel safe going out in public anymore especially through busy city areas so when I have to be around people like in a bus I wear my n99 face mask. For everyone’s sake please be considerate of others and wear one and practice good hygiene. I don’t see them sold at stores, if anyone needs them I got it here https://cersana.com/products/air-face-mask-pm2-5-n99

  18. This why you don't eat everything china

  19. I hope it kills 80% of the people on this earth…
    even if I am part of the ones who die
    we are a virus, we are killing this planet
    I hope it finds a way to fight back, and if not wipe us out entirely, at least drop our presence and allow the earth time to heal

  20. Is it a little ironic that this virus decided to all the sudden pop its head up in some bum funk city during the largest travel cycle in China & during the lunar New Year?
    Something seems to smell oa little fishy🐡 here😐😑😐🤨

  21. Thats what happen when you eat dog in wet markets

  22. It's a lot worse than being reported abroad.

  23. Makes you wonder if this was a biochemical attack by trump’s administration in another attempt to undermine China’s growth (Huawei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, now this?)

  24. You are more likely to 💩 in the next 96 hours than you are to become infected.
    Now you know 🌠

  25. UPDATES in China: 1355 confirmed cases (including a 2 yr old baby, increased by 500 overnight), 41 deaths (including a doctor in Hubei who was treating the patients), 13 cities are isolated by Chinese gov't. Many suspect more cases exist than reported cases. Not sure if it is true but I have seen a clip of video (translated) of someone claiming as a nurse in Wuhan, reporting a WHOLE LOT more numbers (90,000 ?! infected, she said).
    It already spread to U.S., Mexico, Asia (to Nepal also), France, U.K., and Australia.
    FYI, this Coronavirus is genetically 80% similar to SARS, I heard.
    Everyone, be careful, it's just better to stay home.

  26. God is definitely coming soon.

  27. Stop eating everything and anything Chinese people!!

  28. A 1000 bed hospital for 35,000,000 people

  29. Makes you wonder if this virus wasn’t man made

  30. Only China is able to build a hospital in such a short time to tackle the new disease. That proves the efficiency of the Chinese Communist Party.

  31. That’s not a hospital being built, that’s people being buried, it’s a grave yard!

  32. To you Anti Vaxers – THIS IS HOW MEASLES WOULD SPREAD WITHOUT VACCINES!! (Probably faster)
    This is how POLIO would come back without Vaccines!!

    Both these diseases HAD BEEN eradicated until you stupid fools came around putting my children and my Grandparents at risk.

    You all deserve to be dropped in the middle of this kind of an out break to take your chances without medication.

  33. Don't let them in the US!! or in European countries. The Chinese Government is lying to their people and to the rest of the world.

  34. Twitter #wuhan pneumonia to see the truth

  35. More than a thousand heavily injected Chinese citizens according chinese healthcare workers share on unofficial cpp government announcement. The WHO is doing avery poor job at treating this event as contained situation.

  36. The Chinese will lie about all aspects of this potentially dangerous death angel CORONAVIRUS. Stay warned.

  37. they don't know the reason yet

  38. This was started on purpose. Wake up.

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