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TRAVELING TO JAPAN!! Travel vlog| August 7th, 2016
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Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/Dk0FREyfKPs
Tomorrows Video – https://youtu.be/udLHq3g2krE
One Year Ago – https://youtu.be/Dk0FREyfKPs

Erik Conover Video Blog episode 436: Traveling to Tokyo, Japan! Amazing flight experience in the exit row, such a fun 14 hour flight to Tokyo thanks to a new friend!


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  1. I’m planing to go to Japan and that airline came in my search. How much did you pay for the flight?

  2. How do white people get they're hair like that though?
    Serious question. Sorry.
    Gonna watch the video now. Your luscious locks distracted me.

  3. lol the lady behind you at the airport was so confused for a second

  4. you're amazing… from nyc to tokyo and you seem so cool, calm, and collected. 🙂

  5. i am a girl who was born and raised in japan but it's still interesting to see japan in different perspectives! i love it and i love your blogs! 😀

  6. We absolutely loved Japan, best country that we have visited. Enjoyed this video 🙂 Having a heap of fun playing around making some travel videos of our own. Off to the states next week for a few weeks so cant wait!

  7. Totally agree with the solo travel statement!

  8. How do you get these opportunities?! This is my dream.

  9. Love your ending pic! haha

  10. aww man lucky! how does one make this tourist test thing an occupation?

  11. these japan blogs are really hitting home for me. i lived in japan and my earliest memories are there. i think of it as my home and i hope you're having an amazing time 🙂

  12. Good luck dude love ur videos …

  13. I heard Japan is looking for some volunteers for their games who speak English. I am a huge Olympics fan and my friends in Japan and I would like to get a volunteer job of some sort, did you hear anything about this?

  14. this one of my fav vlogs now too, just the women who sat next to you on the flight that was living in the moment

  15. I thoroughly enjoy your vlogs Erik! I've been watching for almost a year now. I used to enjoy playing catch up and watching several of your vlogs everyday. Keep the fun and positive content coming. I've started my own channel as well!

  16. This vlog gave me chills! What an incredible opportunity! You inspire me to keep traveling 🙂

  17. WHAT! I'm so sad I had to miss the meet up! I live there but now I'm in the US 🙁

  18. lol. good vlog. I like the interactions too. I also like plane footage. You should do that more often.

  19. I've been watching your blogs for months, now you've finally come to Tokyo and i'm not there😂 enjoy your time anyways!!!

  20. Welcome to Japan! Have a good trip!
    I can't believe you are in same country!

  21. in four years I will be a Junior in college but other than that I do not know.

  22. aviators were a good choice! 🙂

  23. Wow Erik how far youve come!!🙀 im lovin these japanese vlogs! Congrats and best of luck on all future projects im so sure you will get👏🏼👏🏼

  24. I LOVE Japan! ANA is awesome, great that you got a Japanese airline, domestic flights suck to Japan. That hotel room is HUGE for Japan. Lucky you! I was scared for you jumping on the bed. haha Japanese beds lean towards hard. You are being spoiled. Enjoy.

  25. LOVE the lunges in the back haha you're the coolest!

  26. Good night Erik! Enjoy your Japanese adventure!

  27. Omg the stretches on the plane i'm dying hahah so doing that next time i fly

  28. honestly this vlog makes me homesick for a country I've only visited once. I fell in love with japan and made so many friends there. hope you love it. I miss it so much. one tip I have is be careful not to get on the womens only cars in the trains haha

  29. Im so so happy to hear that you are actually in m country!!!!!!!! I really really wanna see you

  30. You ARE here! Welcome to Japan! I thought you were not gonna come.
    Enjoy your days! And btw are you coming to Osaka?

  31. I've flown with ANA quite many times whenever I book my ticket with United to Asia, so far all experience with them has been awesome!

  32. FANTASTIC FANTASTIC advice. There a re plenty of places on an overseas flight to do stretches and a little cardio so you keep the blood flowing and don't cramp. If you are worried about what people will think, you probably will never see them again. You'll feel sooooo much more comfortable.

  33. Hey Erik, I love your vlogs!! I lived in South Korea for a year and a half when I was younger and had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo! I really loved it and I bet you will too. It would be so cool if in 4 years Japan invites you and Jess back to film the games.

  34. Hi Eric. I look forward to your videos! Could you help me spread this please? I need help reaching my goals asap. Thank you so much if you can! gofundme.com/2hcrbahc

  35. You should hookup with DaveTrippin 😀

  36. when you were talking about what everyone will be doing in 4 years my brain exploded

  37. It's so crazy how I was looking at school and houses to stay in Tokyo earlier today cause I wanna go there after I graduate from University and you posted this video, you made me want to get there asap! I hope I can make it, and do my own vlog in Tokyo a year from now!
    Love your vlogs 💖

  38. I'm glad if you take home wonderful memory of
    your stay in Japan 🙂

  39. Hi Erik ! I'm your young fan in Vietnam . Hopefully I could meet both of you in the future and I love Jessica so much 😍

  40. love your vlogs…it feels good to see new places

  41. Japan was the first place I traveled to by myself too! I went in March to visit my best friend in the Navy who is stationed in Yokosuka. I got to explore Tokyo as well on my Birthday! (I'll never forget my 20th spent in another country!) but it's a thrilling experience to travel alone, and Japan is beautiful I hope you enjoy your time there Eric!

  42. Welcome to Japan!!!
    I'm really excited to know you are just in Japan here in Tokyo!!!
    I hope you will enjoy this trip and you are getting to like Japan.
    Safe trip!

  43. I honestly love that JFK mug! I need one! 🙁

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