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Trish Regan: The left's 'big economic lie'

FOX Business’ Trish Regan provides her perspective on why she believes the Democrats’ economic policies are doomed to fail.

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  1. Progressive Caucus is trying to bury the New Democrats

  2. Obama didn't earn his wealth. He stole it from the American People and gave some of it to his allies in muslim countries.

  3. 😙… you go girl.!!
    Love your style..
    Love your common sense..
    Love you.!!!

  4. The wealthy will NEVER give up their wealth, houses, cars. They are the only ones who will profit from socialism or communism. Putin is very, very wealthy.

  5. Socialism is good for a few politicians and celebrities. But it is very bad for the rest of us. Look at Venezuela, where they are eating family pets, wild birds, and zoo animals.

  6. Socialism the same social structure of the Nazis yet they call us Nazis logic 🤔

  7. Crooked Dems lying to America.

  8. Stop Dems No Socialism fot Ametica.

  9. I'm a high school dropout that never made it past the 9th grade. Yet with hard work, and making smart choices I am now worth over 6 million. I started at the bottom and slowly worked my way up by proving I could do the job. Sure I had some set backs and had to start over, but I never quit trying. I also didn't buy that huge house that eats up your income in taxes. I am not 52 years old and retired. I still work part time because I still like working, but now I can chose what I do and when I want to do it.

  10. trish you are great you back up your reporting with historical facts

  11. Yeah! Keep it up Trish standing up for America MAGA Trump 2020.

  12. Impeachment is progressing. Enjoy the show as your King gets removed Trumptards

  13. I agree with this only in part because most people don't know there was an increase in federal spending every year, INCLUDING the phony cuts during the Reagan administration. The only cuts were to the greatly inflated PROPOSED BUDGET EACH YEAR, but if you were looking closely, you would have seen that ACTUAL spending increased. And the wall? 'makework". And yes there are breadlines, I've been in them.

  14. They believe the left because of the MSM. The MSM are domestic terrorists and should be exposed as such by trying for treason every damned one of them that has spread lies over the last 3 years. Start with Zucker and go from there.

  15. Actually and as far as I can understand, we are taking the words of the liar Adam Schiff and Democrat party that there is a whistleblower, they are keeping it secret to support their impeachment of President Trump, the whistleblower is actually Casper the Democrat friendly ghost , they should have to prove that the whistleblower does exist, or is just a figment of Schiff's imagination, and without a single fact other than what they tell us, I believe that the whistleblower is a ghost. Why should we believe them?

  16. You know what I believe? I believe we should pull out of Afghan completely, & focus our Forces entirely, on South & Central America, & eradicate the cancerous rot that is the drug cartels! We have a MUCH better shot at doing that here, close to home, than making any headway in the Middle East.

    Those women & children the cartels murdered, need to be avenged!

  17. the economy under Trump is the best in history and only stupids would believe otherwise

  18. Trish, they are NOT the DemoCRATIC Party and never have been! They are the DemoCRAT Party!! There is NOTHING DEMOCRATIC about them!!!!

  19. I love Trish , she’s so spot on .

  20. Beauty and brains…!
    Conservative women happen to be some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen !! ^_^

  21. Thanks to Obama he made the student loans are responsibility and not the banks that made them

  22. It goes hand-in-hand if you have a corrupt corporation you always have to have a corrupt politician

  23. Truth to Propaganda, Actions versus blind reactions, Problem Solving versus it is what it was. Trump Continues to make america great again and keep it there.!

  24. Speaking of sizzling hot hi Trish

  25. Amen to Trish Regan, she is so right!! Why are these institutions giving loans to students that can not pay them back? The only thing they do after they graduate is whine, about what they owe and want the middle-class taxpayer to take care of the bill! Did they actually take anything that would make enough money to pay back the loan or did they get a diploma in basket weaving like Trish Regan says?

  26. Obviously, the Schiff "snowblower" is a Democrat publicity stunt to throw off the opinions of Americans about Trump, while Hillary, who paid good money for the stunt, is waiting behind the scene, anticipating in excitement that Trump will be ruined, and she can then move into the White House as soon as possible. Forget about the elections; who needs them

  27. The economy is at a 1.9% GDP. Trump promised it would be 5.0% GDP. Trump and republicans agreed that at 5.0% it would pay off the national debt of two trillion dollars added thru tax reform by the republican party. At present the present rate America pays 1/3 of our yearly intake in taxes for interest on the debit. Dems have always paid the debt down.

  28. Kennedy had nothing to do with today's DNC. The Dems would like to count him in their ranks but can't because he was for the people. Today's (D) is imposing as a Democrat… They are Socialists, or their big brother, Communists. Trish told you how it works… In 2020 TRIUMPH with TRUMP! 2020 KAG! No detour! USA!

  29. Well said Trish I applaud you you’re the only person to make sense ,anymore thank you

  30. Hateful people listen to hateful people. Thats how it goes ! Sad ! thanks Trish !

  31. It is a shame to see the power that the looney's left's MSM has over the weak minded.

  32. We need to get rid of the term limitation on the presidency now. I am willing to back Trump against Obama. We can't have lame duck second terms EVER. Any law enacted out of fear is inevitably going to end up being a BAD law.

  33. The question is, "Are people gullible enough to swallow the garbage dished out by the dems?" So far it seems that around 50% of them are…… and that is very telling.

  34. Wonderful report. This information needs to be shared with the losers on the lost left. THANKS…

  35. GREAT VIDEO TRISH!  Nice job.

  36. THE Dems are the biggest liars on planet Earth.  They are all deceitful, and they use people only for their votes and for power.  WALK AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, OR AMERICA IS DONE.  If you want to flood the country with 30 million illegals and put them on Medicare (destroying Medicare), and if you want an 80% tax rate, they vote for them, if that is what youREALLY want.

  37. It's called "Fear Politics." They get votes by placing people in fear. A well known psychological weapon.

  38. Trash Regan got owned by Liu Xin. Get yourself an education before engaging in a debate with an intelligent and sophisticated person Trash Regan.

  39. Trish Regan & Maria Bartiromo, FOX will never do any better

  40. Just WOW! I know some high school and college students that need to hear that about once a week for the remainder of their education term.

  41. We work for ourselves; we do not work for the united states government.

  42. The Ruling Class is afraid of what will happen to them when the minions come together against them. That's why they MUST divide. Since the mainstream media monopoly on propaganda has been broken up, they along with the DNC and the elitist of academia had to amp up the lurch Left to create a nation of "victims" in order to amplify differences and keep the populace divided….so that it never occurs to us to hold the Rulers of the Swamp accountable. Don't dare threaten their POWER ….and the Deep State grows.

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