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Tristan Thompson Wants To Leave Khloe Kardashian | Hollywoodlife

Tristan Thompson reportedly wants to leave Khloe Kardashian and we have exclusive details. Plus – Kanye West apparently wanted his ‘Life of Pablo’ album to be about porn. #KhloeKardashian #TristanThompson #kyliejenner

Khloe Kardashian, 34, and NBA star Tristan Thompson, 27, are reportedly on the rocks just three months after he was caught cheating on the reality star with multiple women. “Khloe and Tristan are still not fully OK,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They act like they are when they’re in front of others, but it’s all a show at this point,” the insider admits of the couple, who is currently living in LA during the NBA offseason.

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Tristan Thompson Wants To Leave Khloe Kardashian | Hollywoodlife


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  1. I better get pinned I have subscribed and put the notifications and I was the first person to watch it so… pin me

  2. Hahaha I find it hilarious, Tristan's the one feel trap and he's the one cheating xD bro karma is bitch darling wait for it xD

  3. Guess he should learn to keep it in his pants or keep from becoming a baby daddy to so many women. If he really wanted to get pass the scandal he should have been home with his kid/kids be a father not a player!

  4. Of course he wants to leave her. A man who cheats on his 9 month pregnant gf is not someone who values that relationship very much.

  5. tristan is chit wipe him out khloe

  6. He's 27 and very immature. She is desperate. Or it's the padonga.

  7. Good for you drop it like it's hot and live your life in Jesus name I pray amen

  8. Hey yeeeeezy loves a porn star ⭐️

  9. It’s gotta b annoying hanging out with that Allan all the time couples need alone time ……..

  10. what a pity. Yet another interesting thread was eliminated. But Khloe always bring Tristan back as father of her baby. Kardashians are the best self advertised family in this US.

  11. Read that Tristan was trying to get traded to an L.A. team and was looking for a house. He will continue to be with her because she has her own money and he won’t have to shoulder the whole financial burden.

  12. Men need to leave those Kartrashian bitches alone. Kris fucked Bruce jenner and turned him gay. And Kim is Fucking up Kanye. Never trust a big butt and a smile.

  13. Those "K" people are toxic. Tristan need to leave now before it gets even worse. All of those "K" people need to just move into one huge house with each other and stop wreaking havok on everyone else.

  14. Thompson knows he made a huge mistake. He's never been into that broad because she really doesn't look like anything. The mother of his other child puts Khloe Kardashian to shame.

  15. his ex Jordan said they broke up and he was single way before he met Khloe, his ex was pregnant but we don't even know if Tristan told Khloe that part when they met. Cheating is cheating whether your married or in a relationship it doesn't make it OK just because you're not married. If Khloe did know he had a baby on the way then she should of just fucked him a couple times and kept it moving but from what it looked like he was spoiling her, taking her out on dates in the beginning and taking pics all lovey dovey so maybe he gave her the impression at first that he was into her and that he wanted something serious. Obviously he's a dog and a serial cheater especially since he left his ex while she was 6 months pregnant. That's just fucked up. I blame him if anything, but Khloe could of walked away especially if she knew he had a baby on the way. I don't understand why everyone is mad at Khloe

  16. Poor Chloe! Tristan should be ashamed of himself my goodness! Kanye making that dough!

  17. He’s doing her a HUGE favor!! 🙄🙄

  18. If the story of Khloe and Tristan is true, then it's the story of another stupid a-hole man. He's an idiot to publicize his feelings especially after the birth of their beautiful baby girl. Shame on him and his immature, cheating, lying self. In the future he will regret these negative decisions.


  20. When you work so hard for a man that belongs that someone else and they don't even want you

  21. It's only Khloe claiming they are happy and together. Fake news.

  22. Tristan's a worthless man whore, how many baby mamas does he have now? If wants to be single, stop getting involved in relationships n hit up escorts & groupies instead. Stop fucking up people's lives. He'll learn once those child support payments add up.

  23. Stop posting your life Khloe. Being to ugly sister for so long has her posting way too much of her surgeries…still the ugly sister. Leave the baby out of it.

  24. why the hell do people feel sorry for Khloe is it because of her race or fame..either way the moral compass of Americans need to be measured . there talent and money buys you immunity. Khloe was f this guy when another woman was carrying child woman he was in a relationship with but no one has any qualms about that .She flaunted her pregnancy when Jordy went through hers alone she got pregnant in a a minute real classy move heh .he is a selective father and all you supporting that ..then you say black lives matter.. do you know what kind of pain and anger it creates seeing your dad be a father to someone else and not you …. ag ah

  25. Es cleve Bello Otro Team

  26. SElena eres muy pobre niña
    BY Demi Y puse aDEmi a fumar ok BY: Vi BY: CNN estoy ay en CNN

  27. Why kly dont let this young man loose .she belive you can buy love love come naturally this man is young she is the older women he want want to explore he dont want to tie down with this one person even if they get married she will still have. Trouble so why just let him go live his life she get the baby what she could not have baby do not makr stay with you are money do not make man stay with you he have money. He leave the frist one why. Klo belive he cant leave her clip the wings let he fly if it ment to be he will come ba ck da

  28. Tristan Thompson just want to bang girls when the girl is pregnant he will just leave her… :'(

  29. Tristan has nuff woman.. Khloe is actually the side chick.. she doesn't get it..when he comes back home he whores it up ..

  30. Welp, hard to do worse than a cheater who can't wait 9 months or keep it on the down low like most mediocre men. 😏

  31. He can leave her like he did the other .

  32. TT- Good luck, bruh.
    You blew it.

  33. The mfer knew khloe’s life was on tv. He needs to stop putting blame on Khloe & her famous life. He used her to get more pussy & famous. & Khloe needs to stop getting with a athletic they all cheat bc there’s to many thirsty whores out there & chirstan pussy ass needs to tell the truth that he’s just a man whore & not a real man…. it takes a man to say no to thirsty money hungry hoes… there’s nothing turns a woman on more than having a man tell her no go F off I got a woman that I love… the hoe gets more turned on & has a respect for that man & his woman & it inspires her to stop been a hoe & find her own man …..

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