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Troye Sivan and Aquaria Star in M.A.C. Viva Glam Campaign

If you haven’t noticed, M.A.C. has been doing some seriously amazing work this year — like when it teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to support Planned Parenthood, and last month, when it announced it would be expanding its efforts fighting HIV and AIDS to include supporting women and the LGBTQ community through specific charities.

Now, M.A.C. is taking it one step further with the launch of its new Viva Glam MACtivists campaign, which spotlights 25 influencers, artists, and activists who represent the brand’s aforementioned mission. The diverse cast includes Allure favorites like Princess Nokia and Troy Sivan, as well as a whole host of M.A.C. artists and well-known influencers. The brand also released a roughly two-minute-long, theatrical campaign video in which the cast is asked about what “glam” means to them. “I think people who are the most glam are the ones that know they’re glam,” Sivan says, in it. The whole cast also happens to be slaying in the brand’s iconic Viva Glam lipstick, too.

It seems this an ongoing project for M.A.C. that will continue all year. “This new generation of diverse change-makers will participate in our year-long movement toward changing lives everywhere!” a press release sent to Allure via email reads. Its ultimate goal is to have the cast share their personal stories surrounding LGBTQ and women’s rights and health, in hopes of sparking new and important conversations and connecting with a global audience.

Sivan posted about the project on his personal Instagram, writing, “A cause extremely close to my heart ❤️ @maccosmetics #VIVAGLAM campaign w mans — Here’s to 25 years of making a difference! #MACambassador”

Stay tuned for more from M.A.C. and its new squad of MACtivists because something tells us this is just the beginning. Purchase a tube of the limited-edition Viva Glam lipstick on maccosmetics.com.

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