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'True Tori': Tori Spelling Proves Dean Cheated On Christmas

'True Tori': Tori Spelling Proves Dean Cheated On Christmas

True Tori: Tori Spelling shows Dean McDermott evidence on her phone that he cheated on Christmas. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Tori Spelling
Starring Dean McDermott


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  1. Dean is a narcissist and they have no emotions or feelings and they just bring them on just to justify their actions and to make themselves look good because deep down inside of himself he doesn't really care!.

  2. Such be. He's so fake. So manipulative.

  3. Dean is such a phony turd. His buttholishness is almost comedic, how does any woman find him attractive?

  4. He has done this before but only got caught one time lol

  5. Wow he a bad actor and she believes this crap why she get pregnant again

  6. He should have a job all the time, he is such a good actor.  Suddenly his head hurts.  I bet Mary Jo is laughing her butt off.

  7. Good for him, go get more. She wont be the last and why should she

  8. Dean is so fake that candy spelling see it but tori doesn’t why

  9. My God all his emotions are fake . He doesn't have any. And he doesn't know how to react to her pain…so he just puts on this show for everyone…. he always makes it about him and blah blah . Tori you should have left. He void of any feelings

  10. Still D card acting Dean.

  11. Emily Goodhand never existed! They’re SO PATHETIC 😂😂😂

  12. I'm wondering if this was passive aggressiveness on Tori's part? Like "oh, you cheated on me, did you? Ok, let's make a reality show now and expose you and all your demons in pubic…" That is, if it's even real. I thought it was at first but now on second season, I'm having doubts.

  13. She's a actress and believes his phony headaches !

  14. He's so fake. Tori believes his manipulative bs

  15. He wanted the pussy….dont blame him.

  16. He's a sex addict that's why! It's a nasty habit like drugs and alcohol.

  17. he needs an ice pick through his head

  18. If she leaves him no child support lazy bum

  19. Listen tori
    Your mom should have TOLD you. If he will do it with you he will do it to you

  20. What a phony! That fake ass migraine omg cringe!

  21. Their poor children will see this someday. Their kids know more than they think

  22. Dean is a narcissistic sociopath. That is how he does everything he does and when confronted it is all about his pain.

  23. Look! Dean's going for the victim card again. And the best actor award goes to.

  24. He is such a crappy actor and she's pathetic for falling for his 'acts" oh. my head, FOH!

  25. Dean is a fake piece of crap!! Tori is weak

  26. He doesn't even look right…can't he at least shower and shave? He looks like he smells like ass.

  27. Tori was always knocked up and Dean has needs. WTF. Give him a break.

  28. What a fucked up relationship and a way to live

  29. Only difference… More kids are involved.

  30. I don't understand… "Oh it's like an ice pike" man up. Like many others have said… There shouldn't be any surprise that he cheated
    It's what they both did to be with each other.

  31. Tori, Tori, Tori…Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater. He cheated on his wife with YOU! Wake up to reality!!!

  32. Oh brother …. grow a pair loser !

  33. Oh goodness. "Like an ice pick through my head". What a fucking douche. Yeah, lets pretend I have a "pain" in my head when my wife, who has mothered my 5 children has caught me cheating. So sick.

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