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Trump Administration Blatantly LYING About Terrorism

Trump Administration Blatantly LYING About Terrorism

Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway continue to lie about the need for a border wall. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/AOzr5nAsvd0

Read more here: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/424303-conway-sarah-sanders-made-unfortunate-misstatement-about-terror

“White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday downplayed the Trump administration’s misrepresentation of the number of suspected terrorists apprehended at the southern border, arguing press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made ‘an unfortunate misstatement’ a day earlier.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked Conway if the White House’s inability to get its facts right on immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border hurts its credibility after Sanders said on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that ‘nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally, and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border.’

Anchor Chris Wallace challenged Sanders on her comments, noting that the State Department had said there haven’t been any terrorists found coming across the border and that most were captured at airports.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. When this corrupt president is eventually thrown out of office, Sarah Huckster of Slander will claim that she was the "Anonymous White House Author" of The New York Times op-ed and that all her lies were said to secretly protect our country

  2. LOOOOL bruh, TYT literally blatantly lied about terrorism with the Jazmine Barnes case tho?????

  3. If a wall was so important why didn't Republicans fund it while they had control of Congress?

  4. Conservatives doing what they do best. Lying lying lying

  5. If Trump says it's Monday, it's probably not. Stop counting his lies, count when he is not lying.

  6. No bigger liars then these cocksuckers!

  7. Chris Wallace time and time again keeps earning my respect. Not sure how to feel about that.

  8. So hilarious seeing Ingraham trying to pretend she is a proper journalist by seeming to grill Conway. She was just setting up Conway to make her weak excuses again.

  9. Is trump up to 5000 unfortunate misstatements now? When you have so many it's time for all trump supporters and trump representatives to admit they are just DELIBERATE LIES.


    Me: "If you want to win that badly, why don't you go and give amnesty to them? You would think that under eight years of Obama and this agenda of just cramming America with illegals, than the turnout would be monstrously high to keep the White House blue. Why didn't that happened?"

    Insert Republican: "Because Trump made it not happen."

    Me: "How? You believe this is the agenda of the Democratic Party. Flood America with Hispanic Democratic Voters. Then how come Trump won?"

    Insert Republican: "Because people became woke."

    Me: "Woke? Most people who became woke were people who never voted or had previously voted for McCain or Romney. 95% of Woke Americans are either existing Republican voters or people who had never voted. And there is no evidence of independents or democrats making up more than five percent of the remainder. So that just garbage talk from you guys desperate to believe magical words and chanting will resolve you of your blatant disregard for the truth."

    Insert Republican: "You! YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!"

    Me: "Mmm… Hmm… Point is if so many people became woke, then certainly some of these 'illegals' must also had became woke, but if that is true then wouldn't be in Republican interest to again grant amnesty to these woke 'illegals' who are also supporting the Republican party?"

  11. The retards adopt the lying Trump belief if you keep repeating the same people will believe it to be true. What it doesn't include that the person is weak minded and willing to believe all conspiracy over actual facts. Hint: TRUMP SUPPORTERS

  12. "it's like fighting the borg" πŸ˜‚

  13. I say Republicans are not the only ones doing wrong, Democrat Governor Cuomo has order the
    Seneca Indians to keep paying on a compact that's been paid off already, first payment is $100,000,000.00
    I see it on the local news but not on any of the world news! ( I wonder why? )
    Taking from the Native Americans Again! look it up !!!!!

  14. But tyt, didn't do any research to back up this idiot claim. They just throw up their stupid narratives.

  15. Umm should not say you are not going to get killed by a terrorist coming over the border because conceivably someone could be killed that way. Better to say that you are more likely to get killed by a drunk driver than by a terrorist or struck by lightning and killed by a terrorist coming through the southern border

  16. "They have criminal records" ..Uh huh, and how many of those "criminal records" are a non-violent misdemeanor that they got a ticket and paid for it years ago.

  17. Number one cause of death in the USA Coronary heart Disease.. There has been more police shoot out related deaths than terrorist deaths, but hey a brown guy is trying to get in to have something to eat on a country of fat people

  18. Kellyanne's face is pure terror. 😨

  19. Don't tell them that they need to build a wall on the Northern border. They will try to find a way to build a wall over the great lakes. They can build big concrete walls and put them on barges. That'll keep those crazy illegal Canadians from walking across the great lakes and bringing all of their dastardly politeness to our fine Midwestern states.

  20. MIKE Sanders? Is Trump's 'everyone is named Mike' syndrome contageous???

  21. Young turks. You are excellent debater's. I would be very interested to here you argue for border security/ door locks on your home.

  22. 6 murders did not break thru your door. But yet you lock your door at night. Hard to believe your arguing that people should not lock there doors. Saying there children are fine they don't need door locks it won't protect there children from invaders.

  23. I never suggested it as a cure all. Its only a deterrent. Like the lock on your door. We lock our doors at night because it makes feel safer and in fact we are. Its not difficult or confusing its just this simple. People have suggested lots of other ideas for the money. But when you get a home the first thing you do is change the locks or put new better locks this is the same thing. Yes we could spend the money on other thing but first thing first when it comes to securing your home

  24. Criminal trump and his republican accomplices are SHIT! Convict the assholes.

  25. My nephew works for TSA and he told me that they had a meeting and were told that they may want to take out a loan. I find it hilarious that your boss doesn't want you to quit but doesn't know when he can pay you so he tells you to take out a loan lol.

  26. John Iadarola knows Star Trek!!! ("…fighting the Borg.") More of these references please! πŸ™‚

  27. Chump Trump lies Sarah suckabee also fix economy but no ignoring blaming ng others not Trump no point asswipes

  28. The Young Turks? This crap shows up on my you tube feed? Am I that much of a moron that they think I want to listen to these blathering morons? Who actually watches this garbage?

  29. If only the right wing nutjobs would worry about domestic terrorist this much.

  30. Do you people realize we have NEVER EVER in our history ever had one single terrorist incident take place in our country where there hasn't been some kind of American intelligence finger print found .. Another word's Our own Government for obvious reason's has helped to perpetrate every single known Terror attack that has taken place within the United states and when you see the sweeping changes in our law's you can begin to understand why .. We are allowing our Own Government to install Laws they will later use to control the very people they claimed to be protecting and in the end you will see the ONLY people they have ever been protecting is themselves & the Wealthy Elite … Those 20 million Black plastic FEMA coffin's aren't for them .. But the 48% idiot factor of American society need a brick to fall on there head before they can see it ..

  31. it’s not about policy, it’s about trump

  32. Sarah Sanders is such a disgusting person. She's on a level with 45. Also, it's always interesting to see how republicans argue.
    "All immigrants are terrorists"
    "How can say that? Where's your proof?"
    "OMG why you like terrorists so much! REEEE!"

  33. When a Mexican or a Hondurian or a Chinese enters my country, we are talking about enriching culture because that is what it is. However, when Americans come into my country (DEA, CIA, Bolton, Trump, Pence, Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, …) we are talking about an invasion of terrorists. Also because that's what they are. Know your enemy.

  34. I must say that ironically those 6 special aliens are doing a lot of damage, possibly killing quite a few people in the progress and make businesses go bankrupt. They are increasing their air-force special alien troops chances of entering the US.

    I wonder what the actual plan is here. It isn't about the wall for Trump. Why would he care at all. Is he trying to ridicule the ineptitude of dems in the chamber to accomplish anything or to diminish their perceived ability to get things done? Is it to detract from other actions or situations? Is it to allow russians/saudis/etc into the US more easily? Is it to make certain numbers rise or fall on economics, reducing the budget, trying to NOT get re-elected as he didn't want/expected to win anyway?

    It cannot be about the wall. It HAS to be about something else by now. The lying is getting out of hand even for Trump, the show is nearing its climax.

  35. Yet we lock are doors why? I will answer it for you. Its because its safer. And I will say again the wall is the same. What debate are you in. It does not matter how many. If it prevents 1 killer from coming in its with it. Since you like numbers let's say it only saves 1 person. Is it worth it. OK you probably said no. Well let's say that one person was a child you probably still say no. OK let's say its your child. Wow are you saying your baby is not worth the few dollars it would have cost you to build a wall.

  36. Any of those Aliens are Predators?

  37. trump is nearly dead I just don't think he cares

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