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Trump Administration Blocks Key Witness From Testifying In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News

The White House threw up a roadblock to the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry today, preventing a key witness from telling his story about the administration’s dealings with Ukraine. President Trump is calling the inquiry a “kangaroo court,” as a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll finds that more than half of Americans think the allegations against the president are “serious and should be fully investigated.”
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Trump Administration Blocks Key Witness From Testifying In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News


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  1. This report only talks about what democrats are saying. they don't talk about the reason why trump is doing what he's doing. this is not real reporting this is one sided.

  2. Enough BS it's time to bring this Ex black Muslim President Hussein Obama and his accomplices to justice for treason and obstruction to the US Government.

  3. There is no impeachment without a congressional vote. So there is no "blocking" going on. Take the vote, or take a hike. And if they keep stalling, half of them could be (and should be) behind bars before any vote even takes place. Nothing but a bunch of liars, cheats, and carpetbaggers. And the mainstream globalist corporate mainstream media mass mind manipulation machine (aka) FAKE NEWS is just as guilty for the way they have covered every story concerning President Trump.
    DRAIN THAT SWAMP! TRUMP 2020! Go get em tiger! 🇺🇸

  4. Impeach that racist monster already.

  5. Trump will win 2020, The Dems have no one close.

  6. The Democrats are afraid to do a vote on impeachment because it will allow the Republicans to investigate them and expose their corruption. So, watch how they will delay and delay it. The reality is that they are closing in on Biden and others, so the Dems are doing everything they can to distract the country from the real deal.

  7. Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂the new revised Machiavellian edition gospel 😜 it's better for the one to die again than lose the president and Senate 😭

  8. trump is a criminal what else is there t say

  9. Trump should be impeached and resign, Trump is be third President not reelected,New President in 2020,Trump tax evasion President ,Trump should resign,stupid Trump inappropriate be reelected in 2020

  10. Get him out of office and deport his wife🤗🤗

  11. He is the greatest President since Jimmy Carter

  12. This is a nations SHAME!!!

  13. GREAT!! We hv a squatter in our white house.

  14. GREAT!! We hv a squatter in our white house.

  15. There is NO crime to impeach and Trump won't be playing games with liars
    like Adam Schiff.
    If you think you can impeach, send it to the House for a vote. You won't
    because you don't have the goods to impeach. You got NOTHING.

  16. impeach the slimeball Cheeto–why is it that his face is always orange with white circles around the eyes, but his hands are NOT orange….too much time with the tan machine!! That is NOT a problem with the lights!


  18. shame on NBC for not reporting the truth. Viewers can read the letter. Pelosi has an unconstitutional inquiry going on, she has breached her oath of office. That is an impeachable offense. She is suppose to uphold the constitution, not shred it.
    The President is showing total respect for the rule of law and for the constitution. Pelosi should follow his lead and do the same.

  19. Free Assange and jail Biden.

  20. Republicans are such pathetic dumbasses it's embarrassing.


  22. Trump did nothing wrong.
    All innocent people tell any and all witnesses not to say anything, and withhold documents!!

  23. Why won't they vote on it to make it official if they are so confident? Because it'll even the playing field. It'll give Republicans the power to subpoena, call on witnesses, aka putting the leftists corruption on center stage. I can guarantee that the corrupt leftist/socialist party members will not vote on it.

  24. Is that the witness that was not there, and told us he knows that Trump is guilt of who knows what, because he is psychic, but can't confirm anything. because it was hearsay. In other words, a ghost told him and the ghost is not showing up. LOL Oh, poor little babies, they are still having a temper tantrum because their corrupt female, that still has the money donated for HAITI, the poorest nation in the entire planet, whose population is 95% black, strangely enough lost. It's called KARMA, BABY, KARMA. Poor children, they know they have no one who can win, so are trying to keep Trump from running.

  25. Do you're own research. Don't hate Trump because you were told to. Look at the information. Charlottesville, Muller, now this. The media leave out so much. Look at youtubers not big media. Tim Poole (one of the founders of Vice Newa) is the best, Mid Left and he fact checks everything he publishes. Jim dore is a left comedian but he's a good source. Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian from Canada where leftist policies made him move here. The Rebel is the only conservative media in Canada who has been blacklisted due to politics and have recently won accreditation in court against a corrupt Trudeau P.M. Look at other media and see their imput. The Left have gone off the rails. John Stossel is another great. Rational tv. is libertarian.

  26. I read the transcript. Trump asked the Ukranian president to look into Crowdstrike. Everyone's watching the little firecrackers go off but missing the atomic bomb that's about to hit. Crowdstrike will soon be a household word.

  27. Impeach this disgusting human , enemy of the people.

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