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Trump Administration Gives Advice On Climate Change

Trump Administration Gives Advice On Climate Change

Mike Pompeo is a fool. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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Pompeo’s Solution To Dealing With Climate Change: ‘Move To Different Places’

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s got a solution to avoiding the harms of climate change: Just live somewhere else.

Pompeo gave an interview to the Washington Times on Friday, during which he addressed the Trump administration’s approach to combating global warming.

The top diplomat claimed that the climate “always changes,” and so “societies reorganize, we move to different places, we develop technology and innovation.”

Pompeo also suggested that the risks of climate change wouldn’t be so bad anyway.

“If waters rise — I was just in the Netherlands, all below sea level, right?” Pompeo said. “Living a wonderful, thriving economic situation.”

“The world will be successful. I’m convinced,” he continued. “We will figure out responses to this that address these issues in important and fundamental ways.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. What do you think of Mike Pompeo’s comments?

  2. NO:Farm factory, Animal agriculture, green house gas emissions, diary industries, and cow fart

  3. Lies, all lies. The last 16 years are NOT the hottest ever recorded, and even if they were, so what? Reliable records only began in the late 19th century. What is a fact is that average temperature has not increased one jot over those 16 years. Commandeering pseudo-science for political gain is morally reprehensible.
    A few fun facts for you:
    *Although no-one, as far we know, was keeping records in Roman times they were certainly growing grapes for wine up against Hadrian's Wall in Northern England in locations where these days you'd be hard-pressed to grow potatoes. And what about all those bare knees?!
    Similarily, during The Medieaval warm period hundreds and hundreds of castles were built in Northern Europe which became virtually uninhabitable after the Mediterranean-style climate was suddenly replaced by the Little Ice Age, which began in the mid 14th century and lasted until the mid 19th, at which time Christmas Fairs were being held on the frozen River Thames in London. (They featured large bonfires to keep people warm) Unless witchcraft was involved there is no possible human involvement which could have affected these weather conditions.
    * There is no scientific proof that increased carbon emissions lead to increases in temperature. They go hand in hand sure, but detailed study shows that temperature rise comes FIRST.
    *Q. If the earth's atmosphere was contained in an average-sized high school classroom what size of box would you need to contain all the carbon atoms?
    A: A Rice Crispies box.
    *Q: If the US was to decide to destroy itself by reducing carbon emissions to close to zero, how many rice crispies would be removed as a result?
    A: One, or possibly one and a bit.
    *Q: If all the exhaust emissions of all the vehicles on all the roads in the world over a 24-hour period were reduced in atmospheric scale to fit the classroom, how many matches would you have to strike to equate the amount of carbon thus released into the atmosphere?
    A: One.
    *Q: How do we know that there was less carbon in the atmosphere all those thousands and thousand of years ago?
    A: We don't, obviously. The figures are based on guesswork relying on the examination of icecores. If the science is flawed and the estimates are wrong then the whole man-made global-warming hypothesis goes up in smoke.
    Q. Do we calculate present-day atmospheric carbon levels using this method?
    A: No. We can't. It takes several hundred years before the ice is compacted enough. Instead we take carbon levels in the atmosphere, usually at sea-level and often near to volcanoes where the carbon levels higher. I wonder why?
    Q: How long does a carbon molecule remain in the atmosphere after being emitted from earth?
    A: About five years.
    Jolly hockey sticks!

  4. Vancouver? Maybe up on the hills in North Vancouver. But if the oceans rise most of downtown Vancouver and the surrounding areas will be covered in water. Vancouver Airport will be one of the first places covered in water if the sea levels rise. Vancouver is right on the coast and is in a flood plain.

  5. We'll move. Exactly, there's millions coming from hot places when things get worse, and then the USA will flee to Canada?

  6. Maybe Brilliant Benny thinks those houses under water will sell due to the added feature of "indoor swimming pools". Who doesn't want their own indoor pool?

  7. Moron Pompeo is lost on the term "Global" warming (if it was localized warming, that's is what it would be called). The average global temperature is rising rapidly, so "moving" can only buy some time. Increased global temperature affect the entire earth and these ignorant far right wing retards need to realize it, because they (their utter willful ignorance) don't have a right to destroy our (people trying to save the planet) world too. It's called "Runaway Greenhouse Effect" for a reason. There is a point of no return, where no human intervention can stop it.

    "I'm smarter than millions of intelligent scientists who dedicate their lives to studying global warming, because I am an ignorant Dunning Kruger far right wing moron who is too stupid to know how stupid I really am".

  8. Come to Canada and away from Trump. You will "contribute" financially to fixing C.C. by paying over 7.00 a gallon, with it you will pay higher prices on EVERYTHING = work harder pay more. Shit rolls downhill guess who's on the bottom,we are. Many of the biggest polluters get exceptions from paying anything. Why? Their costs cannot to passed on to us hence the exemption.

  9. Colonize the moon through a United Nations effort.

  10. Fun little fact: my great-grandfather alsways told my grandpa (Papaw) that New Orleans would break off and float away one day because it was just sitting on water with nothing underneath. He was dead long before i was born, but i think he'd want to know he was /almost/ right. Definitely don't think it's gonna float off, but im pretty sure its gonna be gone sadly…

  11. We've got the same problem here DownUnder. We have just re elected a climate ignorant government too. Check out Adani mine in Queensland Australia. Creating a giant new coal mine in the Galilee Basin. All for 800 jobs Wrecking the Great Barrier Reef, the basins underground water table. Phaaaaaaaaaaaark the blinkered ignorant greedy grots. "Move?" where to…dillbot. pop. increases everyday land mass shrinking everyday der…..er!!!!!!! 99%

  12. To Mike Pompeo, poor people who can’t afford multiple properties and a private jet to transport between them are not people.

  13. Ben Shapiro is a little pip squeak moron.

  14. no one in the rump administration gives a shit about the environment- climate change is just the newest issue- we have been destroying every eco- system on the planet before we even knew about climate change/heating/CO2!!

  15. Tyt gets 20 million. "They don't understand being poor like us. Now you give up your car and air conditioning but not us!"- tyt basically.

  16. Remember leftists can have cars but you can't! Remember leftists can have air conditioning but you can't!
    Remember you will be taxed to death under global warming agenda!

  17. Can't help noting that a lot of powerful climate change deniers have oodles and OOD£E$ of cash! Enough to ride out almost any disaster.

  18. Yes, people will move. From the poorest parts of the world to the richest. Because the poor are always affected the most by disasters, and once you move anyway, why not chose the best possible destination? So the 3rd world "shithole" countries will move to the US and Europe. Are these republicans now cool with immigration on a scale never seen before in history?

  19. Hahahahaha. Funny how many morons work in the WH.

  20. Pompeo ? Listen to what he says, look at his face , and look at his agile physique, no wonder he wants to do it later…
    Who’s going to move him ?

  21. How arrogant must one be to think they can actually control the climate???

  22. Hey, Pompass, the question isn't if people will be moving, the question is wil you let them into your country?
    Remember that refugee crisis that's still going on in Europe? Many of the bombs involved in the cause are labeld Made in the USA.

  23. Anna i loved your porn hub vids. I watch them so much i think of you as my girlfriend.

  24. installing solar energy panels on Sahara desert?

  25. republicans giving advice on climate change is like how i define vegetarian food- "beef is vegetarian because cows eat grass only, so its meat got to be vegetarian 😂😂"

  26. He is a ConserDarkAgeCatholic moron!!!!

  27. As a Climate change impact assessment scientist, I assure you if no actions taken in a business-as-usual scenario, the impacts will be tremendously negative in various sectors as projected under RCP8.5

  28. "…we move to different places…" = influx of migrants, then they say ''but we need to stop migrants'' …hurts the head and heart

  29. I suggest focusing on anti-desertification.
    Anybody can do it.

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