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Trump administration releases 3-phase plan to reopen America

President Trump says the economy must reopen to keep supply chains running, to preserve mental well-being and to prevent an economic depression. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Oppa trump Five give and 2020 .09 04 ~2020.09.09 trump tower start opening 2020 again winner okay oppa tiffany wedding trump tower ok

  2. sometimes cheaper is not better. almost all countries addicted to cheap chinese production. it is time to get rid of this. administration is on the right way.

  3. Oppa trump Five give and 2020 .09 04 ~2020.09.09 trump tower start opening okay oppa tiffany wedding trump tower ok

  4. Oppa trump Five give and 2020 .09 04 ~2020.09.09 trump tower start opening okay

  5. Open date short day front and trump tower okay 2020 again winner okay

  6. Oppa 100% trump .top mareman ok

  7. Trump is a President like never before.

  8. Dr Rashid Buttar has evidence of the real truth behind the coronavirus. It's seems it really is a hoax. Listen to him and learn the truth. Unbelievable

  9. Americans United we stand Divided we fall. Covid-19 is a wake up call are you woke yet???

  10. Mr. President , black people have a low vitamin D count , unless they take supplements , do to the darkness of there skin , they do not absorb enough sun light.
    Perhaps you should check their vitamin D levels , because even Dr. Fauci ( or whatever his name is ) knows that a high vitamin D count is key to defeating respiratory disease !
    Isn't that correct Dr. Fauci ?

  11. Please study the Spanish flu n it's recurrence killing millions of people.

  12. Wow unreal all so he keeps his money thank u America I'm still rich

  13. The media is pushing very hard for vaccine, which was made in advance by Israelis. The reason for the shutdown is because the because government rolling out an already made vaccine now would expose that the coronawhatever was a gigantic hoax to begin with. All of the "experts" who are appearing on television, such as Ezekiel Emanuel are rat-faced tribe members and vaccine shills.

  14. 2624 covid deaths in the US just today, and the day is not over. IT IS NOT OVER!!! Reopening now will cause another wave of infections, probably more severe than the first one. I am a mathematician/statistician.

  15. .1% mortality rate… DONT ALLOW THEM TO PUSH THESE BS TESTS… they have been proven to give false positives… they can and will take you’re children to keep them “safe” look into it

  16. The mortality rate in the US is currently 35%. Worldwide 21%. We are #10 in terms of the mortality rate out of more than 100 countries.

  17. I say all these people that are complaining about how President Trump has handled things, Couldnt do what he and his staff have done.Take a walk in his shoes, spend one day doing his job.Or stand in the front line like all these doctors and nurses.Our country has pulled together when faced with this situation.Dont doubt that this was a calculated and planned attack against the United States.Its not over,, our country had to work together to come back strong.We stand United under God

  18. It cannot be caught it has to be injected into a person it’s not air borne so why the masks


  20. Never have I ever heard this president make so much sense. He was right all along about this virus. First time I’ve ever agreed with him. Hell is freezing over y’all! 😂

  21. So glad everythings pretty much back to normal! God bless you president Trump! KAG2020!

  22. Stand strong Mr President you have shown your enemies how weak they were in these dark day’s.

  23. The State Democratic Governors want the Shut Down to continue. As with Stalin, They love to control the population

  24. How about stop letting the Chinese buy stock.

  25. Bill Gates has over 9 PATENTs' on Corona-virus….COVID-19 is a MAN-MADE Hybrid Genetically Engineered Virus….

  26. YouTube Police keep deleting my Post…..I have a right to express my VOICE and OPINION ….

  27. TERRORISM charges should be brought against Anthony "Fraud" Fauci, Bill "Gates of Hell" and all other Intellectual IDIOT's who are Promoting this Propaganda……

  28. Worst President of the United States ever!

  29. 22 Million American's have LOST their means of making a LIVING….Not because of COVID-19 but because of the HIDDEN AGENDA…. 2030 Total Worldwide Population Control

  30. I don't know what trumps fake fox propaganda net work is going to do after election day when they drag their evil orange imbecile criminal out of the white house and straight to prison.

  31. Bill Gates has over 9 Patents' on Coronavirus…..here's one of them: Patent# EP3172319B1

  32. Much love and strength to the people of America sent from Germany.

  33. Democrats party 👺👹☻☠

  34. Mr President. I am one of your admirer, for being a strong and great leader. However, I am looking forward to hear on your future speeches that JESUS CHRIST is Glorified despite these troubling times. At your position, especially these days, you are giving an update on Coronavirus almost everyday to the public. I wanna hear message of hope from biblicals perspective, more than ever, let us make sure that God is glorified. We know as a Christian that he is a sovereign God. Use your position so that others may hear God, may seek God and to believe in God. And allow me to repost this comment of mine to other videos relating to you. You are in my prayer that you may persevere this battle despite the attacks from the left. We believe in you! Thank you Mr President and God Bless America and all over the world!

  35. America needs to get this dangerous unfit clown out of office with impeachment 2.

  36. God bless your president i hope he is no wolf in sheeps clothing! Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹

  37. Sometimes in our lives
    We all have pain, we all have sorrow.
    But if we are wise,
    We know that there's always tomorrow.

    Lean on me when you're not strong
    I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on
    For it won't be long
    'Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.

  38. Make sure trump says he eliminate the WHO completely they have clown's speaking for them about people's health

  39. Aren't yall tired of saying the same thing everyday…. the longer this plays out the easier it is to see how the government been playing games

  40. Money over lives is the Republitard way


  42. I dont want it to open it's too soon. They still having cases open. Man this situation put a dip on our ecnomy

  43. so… what are the 3 phases ?

  44. Hey Trump you dumb racist azzhole! Your stupidly killed 36,000 Americans abdcrising. Economy is crashing! You useless POS imbecile!

  45. Is Donald a psychopath? Or is he a sociopath?

  46. Happy to See both flags and the presidential seal! Taking back America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  47. My company said screw newsome, and never closed.

  48. cool content view Zara Khan Official

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