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Trump administration sued by 19 states over border wall funding

Congressman Andy Biggs discusses President Trump’s border wall and U.S. peace efforts with the Taliban. 

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  1. Democrats are blind leaders of the blind. Democrats are above the law. They are the lawbreakers. Democrats are the new terrorists working against our country from within, started in the House of Congress. SWAMP!

  2. I live in California built the wall then throw all the liberals over the wall and don’t let them come back. I support the wall!!!!


  4. The first responsibilitie of our government is to protect our citizens and legal residents. Securing our Border is part of that responsibility. Any politician who denies or refuses that responsibility is a traitor to their responsibility and a traitor to our people and our country. The people we elect to office are placed there to serve not rule. This is something all our politicians need to learn.

  5. Of course , they are all liberal states with the backing of all FAKE NEWS medias .

  6. They really gonna be mad when we divert some of that 8.3 billion for Corona to the wall…

  7. 19 communist psychopaths sue Trump Administration. There we go. Fixed the title.


  9. Sore losers. Protect your borders!

  10. These 19 states need a new Republican leadership group.  Not only does open borders ruin us financially, it ceeps in drugs, human trafficing, gangs, terrorist, diseases, under educated individuals, crime, and the list goes on.  What is wrong with the democrats and liberal bullies?  How can they be so dumb and angry?

  11. Dumbo Democrats are not going to stop no matter what.

  12. They're all just mad because their Corona virus plan is taking effect and there's not enough people coming in to fill the dying Americans

  13. Need to start revoking liberal Democrat citizenships. We have to many enemies within our own population now.

  14. The federal government controls the border……….. Not the states. It should be an easy win for trump.

  15. The taliban wants trumps head. Give it 2 em

  16. FYI: EVERY TREATY IN HISTORY has been broken. ZERO have been honored and at some point were broken.

  17. We have no business being in Afghanistan. It’s their war— not ours. We’ve lost enough of our people. Trump 2020

  18. 4 states have a voice I care about in this regard. CA, AZ, NM and TX.

  19. Wipe California of the map. Sell it to Mexico.

  20. CALL IT what it IS morons. Democrats are funded by the Cartels and vice versa. These people are evil. The wall MUST go up.

  21. So the CONgress just appropriated 12 billion for themselves? Lovely 😊

  22. We either build the wall or send the military to guard the border. Which one is cheaper? It's not rocket science.

  23. Op-en Borders put all people’s life in danger.. you do not get the best of the people coming to your country

  24. Corona virus!! Democrats let in millions of people!!follow the corona money let's see where it goes!

  25. I'm pretty sure the state's do not control federal defense spending…this is just the leftards showing their stupidity….AGAIN.

  26. Why can't Republicans ever get it together and file lawsuits and launch CRIMINAL investigations like the Democrats do? Get with it representatives!!

  27. Democrats don’t want border walls…voter roll checks…deportation for criminals…electronic voting machines…census checks…Why do you think that is? Hmmm 🤔

  28. Democrats have been in the wrong in everything. Build the Wall. Protect our Country. Losers the bunch of them.

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