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Trump Administration Targets California With Loosened Emissions Standards | NBC Nightly News

California has long led the way in reducing auto emissions in the United States. Now President Trump is moving to revoke the state’s ability to set its own standard, something he says would make cars cheaper and safer. California officials are vowing to fight back.
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Trump Administration Targets California With Loosened Emissions Standards | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Enjoyed watching the video. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video.. I think you will find this more interesting..


  2. KAG2020 TRUMP2020 USA, USA, USA

  3. America's cars are the best at the smog thing
    Has been for a long time cars are getting stupid weak and ugly
    "American made'' could work again…..
    Better make awesome cars America if it doesn't they will

  4. Trump raised 15 million dollars in one day at California. That’s more than Democrats have for the entire month of August. Hey, Californians..If Democrat policies were doing well, Trump wouldn’t be coming in demanding policy changes. The adult has to come clean up after the children.

  5. It will make vehicles more reliable!

  6. My God, this man is on a mission to drive us backwards.

  7. Trump is the best , Thank you

  8. Who needs clean air?😷 tRump getting 💰 from outdated fossil fuel companies. The gas car was rolled out in 1908. China goal to be the first all electric car country in the world. China getting off the Middle East nipple. While we distracted by tRump bizarre behavior, our county is falling behind. Wake up people

  9. How about report on the evil comments being put out towards kids and their doing goodness for the planet on Bloombergs tic tok. Shameful behavior indeed online.

  10. Praying for the long Overdue EARTHQUAKE!

  11. Coastal liberal looters and polluters 😃

  12. Of course car manufacturers want people to be forced to buy new, overpriced, unreliable cars that cost a fortune to repair.

  13. im just trying to 2 step my car

  14. I agree with Trump. I've been trying to register my import from Japan for months now and dmv just doesn't like imports! They're goal is take make it hard enough for us to buy gasoline cars. As a car enthusiast I agree that California shouldn't be so strict on us tax payers

  15. We begin cleaning up the air here in California in the 1940s. Visibility was 3 blocks. And trump wants us to return to that? I will vote for clean air/water. This is a huge mistake for trump.

  16. BOOM!! Thanks California!!!  #TRUMP2020 raised $15 million in California in one day. And in August, the RNC raises record-setting $23.5 Million. #TRUMP2020 will be a landslide win!!


  18. MSM pushes BULLSH*T. I lived there for 17 years. Liars. liberals and dems destroy

  19. Phoenix has a smog problem.

  20. yay! no more smog checks!!!

  21. Fighting climate change by making people poor. Thanks ca

  22. Republicans want government to stay out of telling us what to do?
    Well… Trump just revoked California’s ability to govern its own state regarding clean air protection. That’s federal law taking over state law, plain and simple! And it was for no good reason. Their air was full of smog, CA regulations improved it and the sky has been mostly blue. So why do this now?? I’ll tell you. Control.

  23. What kind of cars to California State Lawmakers drive?

  24. Can someone explain to me how this actually works?
    When there's a required standard, doesn't that just mean you have to meet or exceed the standard. "Or exceed" is an option. What's stopping automakers from voluntarily exceeding the federal standard and meeting the one that they already agreed to with California? This isn't a hypothetical question. I'm confident there is an answer: there must be some kind of market forces that keep them from doing so; I just wish the news stories on this topic would explain that reason. They never do, and it always leaves an open question in my mind. I want to understand the dynamics here.
    Is it that they will only meet the higher standard if their competition is also forced to do so, to level the playing field? Is that it? I figure that's likely, but I don't want to base my news on what "I figure". I want them to say it.

  25. I Like that purposeful Freudian mind trick edit at 0:09 …GMC STOP. The not so subliminal "predictive programming", NEVER STOPS either.

  26. And what will they do about the chemtrails

  27. Get an electric car people!!!

  28. California has the legal power to decide their own regulations. Not regulations for the rest of this nation. Stop screaming states rights already

  29. I thought conservatives were all about states rights. Anything goes as long as it counters what Obama administration did. Republicans will line up behind the madness.

  30. An American Nero, full of avarice and vice and not a thing nice. He alludes to violent unrest when faced with skepticism. He is incapable of a noble act without causing a crisis. If asked to deal with that crisis he usually demonizes the victims. A flag humping fat head fascist.


  32. Human beings emit 0.11% of CO2.

    Ants exhale more CO2 than humans…and no, ants are NOT "carbon neutral" and do not fix any CO2 in the course of their lifetimes.

    So f@@k off California and the rest of the boot-lick generation.

  33. Republicans: " Governments should be less involved!!! Freedom!!!"

    Trump: " Allow me to step on State rights!"

    Republicans: " Ooooh, ok daddy!"

  34. Deport the millions of illegals and get their cars off U.S. roads, if the smog problem is that bad, why license illegal invaders to drive? Oxymoron! To get that kind of mileage, you have to eliminate the weight of the vehicle thus increasing injury / death from accidents, another oxymoron!

  35. CA has always set higher rules than the rest of the nation, that's why they let people crap all over the public sidewalks in San Fran.

  36. Nevada , $1. less per gallon than California

  37. You don't know this but you would if you bothered taking notes. Trump is bating the Left in California. Watch them expose themselves again. Same as the Red Flag kerfufle.

  38. This law probably benefits California due to the topography of the most populous areas of the state where the air is trapped between the mountains and the ocean. Otherwise, all states have some form of ridiculous legislation. I always hahad a soft spot for my Californian brothers and sisters because of the steep taxes and cost of living. I do love California though. Wish it would be returned to the people.

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