Trump announces proposed National Environmental Policy Act regulations

President Trump to announce proposed National Environmental Policy Act regulations.

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  1. HR 672. This orange Fa%%ot outlawed the freedom of speech.

  2. Almost everyday Trump makes a big move while Congress fritters it's time away accomplishing little while fomenting confusion and discord.

  3. Main Stream Media vids like MSNBC CNN etc I can't believe the Blind Hatred in the Comments. It is painful to watch them relentlessly Attack and Rip President Trump with Flaming Garbage. T.D.S. is Rampant. Ignorance is being EMBEDDED into their minds with Anti -US President Propaganda. Long Live the Republic

  4. Do a study on how much human hot air and gases are being dumped into the Environment. Ohh Ohh We have to Ban Them. How Dare You..

  5. I said it the day he came down the escalator, what if you ran a country like a business.❤️❤️

  6. Yet another accomplishment of the Greatest President EVER. He is like the energizer bunny he just keeps on going and going and going; is there anything that can stop this man from fulfilling his campaign promises? Let's make sure there isn't by Voting for our Republican State Congressional Candidates in 2020. Let's take back the House and Hold the Senate! Trump 2020 !!!!!!

  7. Huge win for all Americans. Thank you President Trump for right sizing the EPA.

  8. What has happened to President Trump's eyebags? They were never like this, so big! I hope everything is okay!

  9. Get rid of the red tape 👍

  10. Yes a similar way to get it done. Now infrastructure repair can begin too. Chicago is the worst and the taxes are some of the highest -Where is the tax income paid going anyway? Bravo President Trump and those responsible for this bill

  11. The Dems keep bringing up war hoping to scare people who are not paying attention! President Trump is preventing war not advocating war!!

  12. What if the dogwhistleblower is Shifty Schiff?

  13. Don't count on learning the truth too soon regarding the Ukraine airliner tragety. Apparently, the Iranians have secured the flight-data-recorders and are refusing to turn them over to Boeing. There is a story circulating now by the Iranians that the critical devices' memory may have been damaged – how convenient. Don't you think our sophisticated satellite capability has already revealed the facts regarding a causal determination? Why would a recently serviced, three-year-old aircraft, manned by an experienced crew, without warning or crew distress call, drop out of the Iranian ski from 8,000 ft.? I'll bet the Iranian fuckers shot it down with a missle.

  14. Pelosi and her demned crooks are obstructionists. Get rid of the Swamp poison.

  15. You lie and children die!!!

  16. What about chem trails????

  17. Oh cr+p. Another agency, set of laws. Fix the Second Amendment. Campaign promise!!!

  18. Unless you are a coward, you will want to support Trump.

  19. Maybe Pelosi can start by cleaning up her own garbage district.

  20. TRUMP is Totally AMAZING !!! WHAT A BOSS !!! For me this is President Trumps finest hour so far !!!

  21. I always enjoy it listening to President Trump. Like the two working stiffs in the back i had a great time!

  22. worst president in history.

  23. I've been watching the House just now.
    The Deepstate Democrats have done nothing but prove their a Enemy of the United States of America !!
    Disgusting !

  24. Trump! Trump!! Trump!!! First Term Voter Here!

  25. Justine / Black face/ Turd-O Has been on vacation for a month in Costa Rica getting stoned every day… like the worthless POS he is.

  26. i wonder if rise in corn has anything to do with the fact it was a terrible growing season.iots of corn never caught harvested

  27. The 2 guys wearing hard hats were awesome, you can tell they have this thing called commonsense, and most important, have our Presidents back. We the people are sick of the Dem's and their shady acts, it's got to stop, also Ran pal and Mike Lee that I have huge respect for, BUT was talking to reporters yesterday about voting to taking our President's powers away, if you vote w/ the Dem's on this, me and a lot of others that I have talked to about this, you will not have our votes anymore, No matter  what Trump was right to take him out, and This President has been through hell and doesn't need his own base against him, so us the people are asking you to rethink.

  28. This president is a game changer he is telling the truth how America was going downhill and he has the power and confidence to get the job done

  29. Wow, Elaine! Where have you been, you are an amazing person, so well spoken, beautiful, I am so pleased to see you today, Thank You for your hard work!

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