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Trump assures Americans: 'We are going to have an economic resurgence'

President Trump discusses medical supply capacity in states, the second batch of Paycheck Protection Program loan funding that is expected to pass Congress soon and oil prices. #FoxBusiness

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  1. His nose is stuffed up. I know it's the drugs he uses, just hoping it's the Corona Virus. That would be tremendous 🤣.


  3. First its keep social distancing ,then it get out in the streets and demonstrate . TRUMP THE PHONEY PRESIDENT HAS DEFINITELY LOST THE PLOT. LOONY BIN TIME TRUMP.

  4. Pelosi will do anything in her power to keep unemployment high and hurt Americans. She will obstruct as much as possible. Hurting the presidents image matters more than helping us

  5. War time presidents also get tried for wartime genocides!!!

  6. Thank you trump please keep the oil price low feel happy to drive now

  7. The peak was Saturday with 4,000+ deaths. He only cares about the economy and not the people. May god bless this man please🙏🏽. Please lord open his eyes to the reality.

  8. Is it me, Or there is something wrong with Subtitle English-English?

  9. OMG go away thump…You are fired.

  10. Get them body bags ready with them stimulus checks that came out and make sure you all have your hurricane money set up .. wake up how people stop dying just like that .. that 2nd wave coming then what

  11. Trump is inniating a mild lockdown. He is not controlling this. FEMA IS.

  12. we sure will get em trump!!!

  13. January – March
    tRump- "We are fully prepared."

  14. "Fox News lies to Americans. Encourages Protests. Leads to Economic Turmoil."

    Oh sorry you can't handle the truth. maybe try lying again.

  15. it is amazing the number of ignorant morons who appear to want America to fail!!!! Just pitiful!

  16. More like COVID-19 Resurgence. 🖕


  18. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home as much as you can. Work if your able, but wear a mask.

  19. "Objective facts, data, science, who cares" . "We have alternative facts".

  20. Hospitalization up 7% from yesterday in Illinois. Trump, check your numbers.

  21. Is this cheerleader Trump or Trump the reality star playing a president? It's hard to tell.

  22. You are Americas president, you are doing great thank you for getting Republicans out and protesting i know that there will be less of them after they get sick!! The genius now blames the governors but never him because he did a great loser job!!

  23. I am not seeing a whole lot of pro-Trump comments here. And this is a Fox video!

  24. … but much later and weaker than the rest of the advanced world, as the US has garbled the early, critical phase of the pandemic. It will also have more deaths.

    All testament to a blatant lack of leadership.

  25. Sure… A few months ago nobody thought it would even come to this.

    Yes, the economy will boom again.

    It will take a while.

  26. Wow a lot of pussies in the thread not a surprise for you morons

  27. $2.75 per gallon in Los Angeles…have not seen that in years!!!

  28. I don't think Trump is really in charge.

  29. So sick of this left right paradigm

  30. How tacky to insist putting his name on the stimulus checks (in the memo section😂😂😂) and then pretending he had no idea why his name is appearing there.
    He thinks everyone's as stupid as he and his moron supporters. How embarrassing.

  31. Good ol Donny the cheerleader flailing his hands around again. We need a captain of the team like Como not this clown .

  32. I don't know what all these peasants are yelling about, they should just put on their muzzles, take a deep breath, and hold indefinitely. If they wanted food they should have been better prepared, or have been born into a better blood line. If they can't just sit it out quietly and patriotically for the next 2 months to 2 years without their little jobs, then I just don't know what to say

  33. Time to move on folks. Sacrifices have to be made for the good of everyone, but the one sacrifice that cannot be made is the destruction of the economy of a nation with 350 million inhabitants. Most of us were not aware of how many people died from causes related to the influenza virus each year (over 60 thousand 2017-2018), now we are and it is a considerable number. In the immediate future we will look back and see this as a bad flu season, unfortunate but not uncommon.

  34. Not in time for you to get reelected 😊
    No V shaped recovery to save you.

  35. His money & his power. That's all trump cares about. That's why he has to read a script when talking about the state of the states.

  36. Why if he could understood it and no one else can – wait not another lie. Sit this clown down and get his half dozen interpreters to tell us what he meant to say. If you would have done your job we would need ventilators and jobs.

  37. Trump 2020!!!!!! Don’t let these cry babies get you down, we all know instead of trying to work together and be mature adults they have to hate and talk trash about a man that has done nothing but good.

  38. Is the president really showing us news articles to try to convince us he is good at his job? 🤔🙈😂

  39. fanyiguan呢?tinbudonga!

  40. no, were not , now sit down and shut up ya fuckin imbecile.

  41. I bet his speeches are all pictures and he ad libs. That's why he sucks so much at public speaking.

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