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Trump becomes the first president to speak at historic March for Life rally

Trump becomes the first president in history to attend the March for Life. #FoxBusiness

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  1. If you must crawl to the polls to vote out every Democrat in every office local, state and federal…DO IT and take a friend! GO VOTE!

  2. America: Land of the free

    Americans: Attempt to use such privileges

    Christians: Not in my country

  3. TRUMP 2020 he has 5 more years to DRAIN THE SWAMP I want to see snowflakes melt. On Election day I am going to make popcorn and sit down and watch the show

  4. He loves the little children so much, that's why he puts them in cages. He esteems mothers so much that's why he takes their babies away. What a hypocrite. He makes me and America sick.

  5. Pro family Pro life Pro God Pro America El señor Trump para 2020 and like a true father of many new babies across our great country.

  6. Thank You President Trump,We the American Patriots are honored to have you stand and fight for the life of the children.We are in your debt Sir and we can never repay you for all you have done to protect the rights of the innocent's May God Bless You President Trump and your family.

  7. With all his womanizing I wonder how many abortions he's paid for.

  8. Trump is a national treasure. May God protect you sir.

  9. God bless the President and the real parents, especially those that honour birth.

  10. I see a lot of the same people; repeating the same comments. They work for the man. This is all BAAL SH_T! Actors on a stage. Drump has developed into a pretty good actor you know. You people better wake up and come out of this mess.

  11. Thank you Fox Business For this March For life Speech……..TRUMP 2020….

  12. When a woman is free to give birth with out a home and income the world will be a better place.


  14. Thank you God & President Trump for saving the unborn babies.❤️❤️❤️

  15. Without a doubt, Trump is the most beloved president of our time.

  16. Life is so wonderful!! why not share it with the unborn! Trump 2020

  17. I Speak with authority !
    Listen if the Republicans allow the Democrats to impeach President Donald J. Trump, I guarantee the train won’t stop there, next stop Congressional Caucus ( Congress) will vote to implement term limits for College Electoral. The Democrats are spearheading a California assault to overthrow the White House, I surmise if the Republicans and this includes ALL Republican representatives, give the presidency to the socialist communist Democrats, our government will rapidly become a third world corrupt lead government. You can kiss sovereignty goodbye, 2 nd amendments rights gone, taxes through the roof ALL 52 states, no more capitalism or free enterprise, open borders and God knows what else. !

  18. By Far The Greatest President Ever In My Lifetime
    TRUMP 2020

  19. President TRUMP…nobody does it better!!.😁 It makes me feel sad for the rest!😟 God Bless America!!🦸🏼‍♀️❤🇺🇸🦅🙏🏼🕊

  20. Make sure to get out and vote people. Dont assume he will win! MAKE IT HAPPEN! 2020

  21. Thank you mr. President God bless you and your family

  22. Thank you so much, Mr. President!! Your words of courage today effect so many lives! May America forever be a nation that cherishes life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

  23. What an amazing leader! Father bless him please.

  24. So Proud of President DONALD TRUMP

  25. 43 demons voted No. I guarantee King Richard didn't approve. A few people will understand.

  26. I love Trump for his pro-life stance. Abortion is an affront to our creator, God almighty.

  27. Trump is the best president of our lifetime…period he proves it everyday

  28. Black lives matter?
    MORE black babies are ABORTED than are being born alive. Black BABIES lives DON'T matter to MANY black mothers and fathers.
    Mother Theresa said that the fruit of abortion is nuclear war.
    The Satanic Planned Parenthood organization should change their name to "Human Baby Butcher Shop & Organ Sales, Inc."
    Chastity is a virtue for men as well as women.
    MANY conservative websites are being shut down! Online censorship is silencing conservative voices!
    Trump's online surveys and polls are being sabotaged by internet companies. Call 202-456-1414 to report this interference with Trump's polls and surveys. When the poll or survey is clicked on, it doesn't come up OR the answer doesn't get sent.
    ARREST the criminal TRAITORS/CONSPIRATORS/SEDITIONISTS who are making FALSE, LYING ACCUSATIONS for impeachment against Trump!

  29. Cannot believe the baby killers are trying to remove this man from office. Does the right to choose include vaccinations?

  30. Best President of my lifetime <3

  31. This is exciting!!!🇺🇸😁❤👍👏

  32. Praise God! Thank you, Mr President!

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