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Trump blasts WHO for 'failing to control borders'

President Trump talks about his decision to halt World Health Organization funding. #FoxBusiness

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  1. China rotted the head of the WHO and the body followed….good job not feeding the disease

  2. They knew and this is an act of genocide.

  3. Since when is WHO a country with borders 😂?

  4. Trµmp wants to reopen the economy because his fake tan and hair dye companies are nearly out of business 😂.

  5. Here are downright facts guys
    1. WHO denied the Taiwan's saying to WHO that Coronavirus can be infected among humans at the beginning of this situation. Actually,WHO did not even listen to them when the coronavirus started. Taiwan blocked all incoming Chinese and did everything except WHO told to do. By that, Taiwan has only 3 digit cases confirmed so far. They did it magnificently. WHO and China publicly blame Taiwan because Taiwan has been blaming WHO's initial responses and being China centric. WHO was China centric even before this – WHO regards Taiwan as China so they excluded them, which is very disrespectful and politically sensitive for Taiwaneses and China centric – this proves WHO has been China centric because that's when Tedros was there as the head of WHO
    2. WHO initially said the World should not restrict incoming Chineses even when Korea's cases started to surge because of incoming Chinese. WHO was wrong. The only reason that Korea is doing well is because our medical system and tracking system have been defending this situation well. We should really have restricted all incoming Chinese. Trump did well for blocking incoming Chineses as opposed to what WHO said, but the action was a bit late.
    3. Tedros intentionally mentioned Taiwanese for racism just to avoid the blame for his incompetence at the beginning of the outbreak. Taiwaneses were mad at him because WHO only said to do wrong actions. not because he is black. Instead WHO obviously tried to defend China.
    What do you guys still think? Don't you really believe Tedros is being helped by Chinese Communist party?

  6. He didn't control the borders

  7. At last, a leader who will talk straight and put blame where it’s due. If China and WHO were transparent and truthful, the entire world would have acted differently.

  8. So Trumptards if this virus is fake how come your dear leader is up there acting like it's real? That makes him complicit in the hoax too.

  9. What happened to it’s a hoax?

  10. Mistake or perhaps they knew.
    They knew the gravity of it. They the WHO and pretends Innocent.

    How India🇮🇳, Asia is grooming Chinese🇨🇳 population? How South Asia/Central Asia is divided into States and west Asia as countries?

    What's UNGA involved in this regime division?

  11. Best President ever 💯👌

  12. This is such a true statement, GREAT job President Trump!!!

  13. Trump has launched a massive effort to find scapegoats for his failures.

  14. All Presidents get grayer. It’s part of the job All the ones in my lifetime have. From Reagan to Obama. Now Trump. I will say I specifically remember Trump praising China’s transparency. Now he says he never said it. But he tweeted it and said it in press conference in January. 🤷

  15. His hair is white now, not a fan but looks better than that yellow, oh his beautician is not working now 😂😂

  16. This will make China pay for WHO instead of them which will take 2 Centuries to make a Trillion $$$ against their debt.
    Anyway, the English of WHO isn't American, it's like Singaporean.

  17. Wall St. Bailout 4.5 Trillion. WHO 450 million. Wall St. got 100,000 times more money than an organization the provides humanitarian health services to Planet Earth. This is American Fascism at it's pathetic worst. USA. USA. USA JUST PATHETIC

  18. Mr president you are paid to know these things, we don't put our hold trust in someone alerting us can't defund our way into safety then blame blame blame, you are the commander in chief and you are supposed to protect the American people! May God bless us..

  19. We should start an investigation of Trump’s mishandling of coronavirus pandemic and show the American public how many lies this A$$HOLX has told!

  20. When Trump wins again, maybe all of you commie libturds will actually live by your words, gtfo and find your communist/socialist safespace elsewhere.
    Yet we all know that wont happen !!

    TRUMP 2020 !

  21. Glad we have a none globalist president. Trump 2020

  22. I stand with my President Donald Trump and how all the networks are blaming Trump when you know what he acted quicker than they are saying thank God we have Donald Trump as our president

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