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Trump: Britain's NHS should be 'on the table' in trade deal talks

US President Donald Trump has met the outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May on the second day of his state visit.
The two leaders said they were hopeful about a post-Brexit, free trade deal.
They also spoke about Iran and ways to resolve their differences over market access to Chinese tech giant Huawei.
Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports from London.

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  1. On the plus side the hospital canteens will have larger portions and A&E will become a drive thru.

  2. NHS is far from perfect. What's wrong with these people?

  3. Why have we gone the American way and put up those bits of cloth?

  4. Since your NHS has worked perfectly since its Inception stay away from deals with Trump! Are insurance companies are not the greatest.

  5. I think he was asked about the NHS, knowing that he likely did not know what it is. The world is being trolled…

  6. The next prime minister 🇬🇧 needs to grow a spine and wash their hands of this CAPITALIST ' LEFTWING ' ZIONIST PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🐔🇺🇸 AND HIS FKN IDEAS TO DOMINATE BRITAIN 🇬🇧 🐩 🇬🇧 EVEN MORE !

    fk Trump the biggest WARMONGERING COWARD on earth
    🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸

  7. 350 billions a second giving to EU for free was a good lie that pensioners swallowed with out complaints. Now their saviour TRUMP is only asking that their free care from NHS not to be free anymore.:)))) U got to love blind brexiteers

  8. Shark Trump after our NHS to convert it on s..t american healthcare ?

  9. Reporter: Is NHS on the table?
    Trump: WHAT? pretends not able to hear
    May: National health service
    Trump: sure, NHS is on the table, everything's on the table, KFC is on the table, so is PGA, NFL, AFC,NBA … Wait, NHS? What's that again?

  10. May actually told him off mic that NHS meant national health service! Why do people defend this man?

  11. I do apologise to America for all our MSM indoctrinated libtards idiocy .They do not speak for the majority.

  12. I told you all that Brexshit would be a disaster! 😂

  13. British collapse on way soon but U.S. Struggle to diplomatic relations the world might lost superpowers by 2020.)!

  14. 1:16 they skipped the part where trump was very confused on NHS

  15. I’m not sure Don, as much as I like him… knows what the NHS even is… he probably just agreed

  16. Time for a regime change in the UK and the US

  17. Watch the US comes in and screw you Brits over everything by privatizing everything. Brexit will kill 10s of thousands and rape you for every penny giving it to the rich.

  18. just leave and join the US , please.

  19. Get bled through the nose if this suggestion goes ahead……too many extortionist tactics in American health service.

  20. Errr..Theresa, commitment is not exactly what you would bet on Trump.

  21. Trump didn't know what NHS was.

  22. i bet he didnt know what nhs was. he just blended in acting like he knew…

  23. We older doctors have known that the government (all parties) have slowly but inexorably been taking steps to privatise the NHS. since the mid 1980's (I'm retired) We were silenced under the Data protection Act early on, & put up every resistance we could but ignored by all. Slowly but surely everything has been put in place for privatisation probably a 2 tier system at 1st, doctors for the insured & nurses for the poor. Privatised medicine is the biggest rip off going at all levels, some of us have done busman's holidays there & although we would have been rich beyond our dreams working there, we all returned to the NHS in disgust that in USA people didn't matter – only money.
    I don't like Michael Moor but his film "Sicko" is a remarkably accurate portrayal of the insurance aspects of the rip off. The elderly can't get insurance unless through the company they work for, so they have to keep working. Believe me, there's just as much a rip off from doctors & the companies who run the hospitals etc.

    For the insured, when the expenses covered by your insurance run out eg a complication of the treatment – you're out on the street, there'll be no NHS to transfer to.
    Old NHS – in the 1970's 1st class goods in plain brown packaging. USA type private – glittery package & not much inside.
    British public Wake up & fight like never before. (Return to the old NHS with a few modifications – it'll be cheaper, cutting out the admin drifting around with clip boards & you'll get better medicine, but you can't have everything you want – it has to be the brown paper packaging.)

  24. Angela Merkel Gets Standing Ovation for Rejecting Trumpism |

  25. Trump already done a U-turn. Has told Good Morning Britain it is not a trade issue, not on the table. He doesn’t know what he is talking about on many things.

  26. LOL… The masters and the dogs… USA, the master; and UK, the dog!

  27. Donald Trump the defender of American big Pharma.

  28. Hands off NHS, never allowed conservative to sell NHS.

  29. Post truth world. Boris Johnson will sell us out.

  30. NHS is non negotiable! Long live NHS! Death to insurance companies!

  31. NHS should never be on any trade table with any country more so the United States with its failed profit making Heath care

  32. This is to make people think in the second vote, if we come out are we going to loss the NHS,, Because going to have another vote, do not think we are coming OUT.

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