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Trump Calls A Woman ‘Horseface’

Trump Calls A Woman 'Horseface'

The President Of Misogyny Strikes Again While The ‘Party Of Morals’ Goes Silent. http://tyt.com/JOIN

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  2. Melania has similar facial proportions. Is Trump drunk all the time?

  3. did TYT just assume Stormy Daniel's gender?

  4. Sexist headline. He called a HUMAN a horseface. The fact that you immediately direct us to her genitals demonstrates your sexism. You are more sexist than Trump, as he calls people from all genders names. You immediately focus our attention on what genitals those people have, and only make a big deal out of the ones with vaginas. You're sexists TYT, and pretty much the entire left, which is why everyone is walking away.

  5. In this video, they used a voice that isn’t Trump saying those horse things.

    Trump has better stand up material than that.

    The left leaning people have been hit by a
    Psyche operation,

    Evidence that to the fact that
    Dislike economic progress
    Dislike lie unemployment
    Dislike peace without bombs
    Dislike lower taxes
    Dislike safety and security
    Like illegal immigration
    Like to see our economy crash
    Liked a stagnant economy
    Liked stagnation in u.s. employment

    On and on,
    the left has

    The left has

    Walk away from the left to order and prosperity.

    Oh, and
    is a dude, masquerading in disguise as a woman.
    And I never heard anyone talking bad about
    Michelle/Michael Obama.

  6. HORSEFACE is now her nickname, amen

  7. Another term for heroin is horse. now go watch the Stormy Daniels 60 minutes interview

  8. "Nelson Muntz of bullying?" Uh… Nelson Muntz most defining trait is that he's a bully, that analogy makes no sense. That would be like calling someone the "LeBron James of basketball playing" or the "Tom Hanks of acting."

  9. Who's telling you these things, francis?

  10. Hey donny remember you had a bit of an Incesty moment when you compared stormy to Ivanka. Does that mean you think Ivanka has a horse face?

  11. Was it $10,000 or $20,000 he paid her for mediocre sex, I don't remember. I doubt he called her horseface then.

  12. 😂😂😂 horseface… It's things like this that are gonna get him elected again in 2020

  13. fox news cant go after Trump, maybe they have morals about attacking children…or  grown men with a child mind?

  14. Rich white male republican privilege!

  15. Parasites, possess no Core Doctrine! Only to Feed Itself, at anything Other's (expense)!


  17. Little cuck, that’s why Britain owns your homeland.

  18. He DID NOT say HORSEFACE, he said WHORESFACE. Big difference.

  19. Don’t call Donald Trump, “Nelson Muntz”. It is very disrespectful to the character portrayed on “The Simpsons”. Trump is an Eric Cartman, a greedy, selfish pig who does anything to get his way. Trump treats journalists, Democrat opposers, and celebrities (who are critical of him) the same way Cartman treats Kyle. They both threaten, name call, and defame people who get in his way.

  20. Trump sure likes to go after people's looks, does he ever look in a mirror?! What the the hell is that on his head? Why is he ORANGE? This is just more proof how delusional this FRAUD President is.

  21. You can't spell Francis Maxwell without thinking 'Scottish Twat."

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