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Trump Clowns Himself During El Paso, Dayton Visits

Trump Clowns Himself During El Paso, Dayton Visits

Trump visited El Paso and Dayton. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“President Donald Trump was met by supporters and protesters as he visited the cities of Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, following a horrific weekend of mass shootings that left more than 30 people dead and scores injured.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Trump visited El Paso and Dayton. Leave a comment below.

  2. Trump not in charge of nothing, he's just a puppet like the rest of them

  3. Oh but he is a clown….the kkk grand wizard clown.

  4. OK. Joke's over. Who put the hush money paying clown in the White House?

  5. Racial supremacy has nothing to do with the majority. It's sad to see people this stupid are able to spread the stupidity to other idiots that are unable to think for them selves.

  6. What does the crew at TYT think of ‘The Loudest Voice’? Cenk shows up briefly in the finale. 😁

  7. Trump is the contents of a prison slop bucket


  9. here a theory what if it not just trump who using his twitter. what if his kids/son in law too, that make more sense with the time he misspell his own name.

  10. trump trumpturds and trumpizm the study of Intoleranz and ignorance. The rise of white nationisizm. And the cult of conservativizm.

  11. I have Trump supporters give up and say ok fine they're racists rather than say they condemn racism in their ranks. They are deranged! Watch the Netflix series "The Family" and you might start to understand why the Evangelical Christian right gives Trump a pass! Its rather horrifying!

  12. Mexican supremacies hahahah not even

  13. I don't always see eye 2 eye with TYT but they continue to make very valid points along with data to back up the facts. Thank you for this channel TYT!

  14. As an outsider, how does the US allow this guy to continue being the President? Unbelievable!

  15. Hey Sara if you don’t like My comment then don’t Reply bitch and by the way I get 60 likes a day for my comments how do you get ?????? Just shut up trump trash

  16. Black supremacy in all sports 😂

  17. I dont like televisions and other kinds of visions….
    Ya makes 100% sense…..

  18. trump reminds me of the fellow that had wasps in the eaves of his house so he sprayed them with gasoline and lit it! That is what he is doing to our nation every day. Genius, Super genius?

  19. The more nutty the left becomes, the more they expose their inadequacy and stupidity. And soon Trump 2020 becomes reality! Your days are numbered TYT! Bahahahaha!

  20. Those mayors were trying to persuade a brick wall.
    (Did not mean to intentionally insult brick walls.)

  21. So true what you’re saying and btw thanks for helping him get elected 🥴

  22. Huh ! Miami Valley Hospital ?? Where did Jr get that from. It's as stupid as his Dad with Toledo.

  23. A fella I argue with said that same thing about ratings towards Cenk specifically

  24. Trump spoke to the NRA about their gun laws and asked them to change them they told to him piss off, so he backed out, few days later NRA got a big chunk of money from SOMEBODY, here a piece if info Ted Nugent sits on their board of directors mmm

  25. Oh look now he’s acting like he cares and pretends to be concerned just doing it get votes cause he knows he’s wrong vote him out now or another 6 years if this bullshit

  26. Trump lies through his tether very fricken day come you fools wake up

  27. idiot trump is against all supremacy … would he be against republican supremacy?

  28. Believing in race superiority does NOT require a majority. Thats a false statement.

  29. Trump supporters idolize a man-child as their Alpha. So depressing. Zero respect.

  30. Ahhhhh Trump no votes for you from El Paso so go talk to your self in a mirror no one wants anymore get the dam hint ya crooked asshole


  32. At this point how about a nice top down motorcade in Dallas for trump? I'm almost there.

  33. That piece of crap empty suit should have been cheating on the golf course instead of going to Dayton and El paso, it's probably what he was thinking of anyway but wait I can salvage this by campaigning and some photo ops, what a loser.

  34. Exactly. If he isn't a white supramacist why is he defending them? If he isn't working for putin why is he defending putin while harming the USA? Actions speak louder than words. Every day he proves it with every action he takes.

  35. to be fair and accurate, Trump isn't white….he is orange.

  36. Respect the office not the man

  37. I don't see why minority group can't be supremacists. There are definitely black supremacists and black power groups. Sure they may have had some excuse for that but it would still be supremacy, as with any racial or religious group. And even if a minority in the country a group has majority population in some towns or areas.

  38. Well from one clown to another. You certainly can sniff your own. Oh look and a Brown Buffalo too. The Daily Double

  39. Trump thought Dayton was something he did with his daughter.

  40. Cmon Oh Deviate One — get a little closer!! I want to spit on you for the child you seperated this child from their parent

  41. When are we going to get rid of this jerk? I would die happy if I could see him in cuffs.

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