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Trump Completely Embarrassed America During London Trip

Trump Completely Embarrassed America During London Trip

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Donald Trump put his stupidity on full display this past week during his trip to London where he was allowed to mingle with members of the British royal family. The President appeared almost cartoonish in his tuxedo, lied about protestors, and mocked the mayor of London with untrue statements. But it was his disagreement with Prince Charles on climate change that stands out as one of the most embarrassing moments of the trip, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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  1. I would have went with Elmer Fudd conducting but still that was was on point.

  2. hey you Americans, why don`t you leave mr. trump being his embryonal self and take matters in your own hands? Organize and get on with real business! Yes you can!!

  3. I’m a Londoner so don’t speak on my behalf! He’s brilliant and the world needs more of him!

  4. "He is technically accurate here" but "it is the biggest lie yet!"

    And you wonder why people dismiss clowns like you? Are you willfully ignorant or genuinely retarded?

  5. Americans can relax. British people expected worse behaviour than eventually materialised during the visit and in any case British attention was busy focusing on how humiliating it was for Theresa May to have essentially bribed Trump for a post-EU trade deal by offering the state visit only to get thrown under the bus by him after arrangements were made.

    He got his royal show, the UK got billed for the privilege and Theresa May is finished as Prime Minister.

    As for the Queen… she's a class act.

  6. "Trump Completely Embarrassed America During London Trip" ….. Are any of you guys surprised??? I'm certainly not!

  7. What Trump says sounds like a fifth grader giving a bad book report.

  8. 6:10 his net worth is over 4 billion, I would assume yours is about 100k?

  9. So Trump is an EMBARRASMENT? President TRUMP is not a POLITICIAN, he is a PATRIOT. He is s regular guy.
    When all of you not jobs that have a ring in their noses so Democrats can lead you around with, realize this. Then we have hope for this country.

  10. I love the classy trolling the EU leaders did to trump on this trip giving him a hat and book lol 😂

  11. Tyt with the fake bullshit once again. This time they let the skinhead talk. I thought they were against white supremacy but I guess it fits the usual lies.

  12. It's never been more possible to be humiliated in the world stage in my lifetime.

  13. I think you guys under-estimate just how much you should be embarrassed for everyday he sits in the WH as your representative lol 😂
    Omg what an idiot, a brick would have a higher IQ than the orange vacuum you’ve got hahaha

  14. My first grade reader with Dick and Jane was more eloquent than Trump.

  15. Not at all. Many people here in Europe like Trump. In fact, the results of the european elections show a growing trend of far right parties taking power.

  16. I am surprised that Big Oil would even allow Trump to speak on their behalf. They must have given President "Village Idiot" little tiny words in his stump speech interview so that "Draft Dodger Donnie" would not get tripped up by big words or expressions like "runaway global climate change", melting polar ice caps, depletion of the ozone layer, etc., etc.

  17. Attacking the London mayor wasn’t smart and the fact we have a far right resurgence in the uk. This country is completely divided and having economic issues caused by our own right wing government.

  18. What's this Donald J Trump made a fool of himself??????? But how is this possible????? Farron, you are giving too much credit to Trump by calling him a moron. A moron at least has an I.Q. of 51-70. However, an idiot has an IQ of 0-25 and or 25-50 IQ points. Somewhere in that range we will find Trump's IQ, more than likely 0-25 IQ points. President Fatso Donnie must have ate a lot of Lead Chips from a paint can when he was little, or perhaps Fred Trump & Martha Trump were actually brother & sister.

  19. weather can bring on a rainy day… but it's the CLIMATE that makes it rain every Halloween, here in Michigan… there was even this day we declared as "Scrub Day" back when we were kids (back in the 80's) around July 7th – July 11th, it'd rain SO BAD, we would end up FLOODED in some areas… i'm talkin BAD FLOODS… ppl swimming in the streets type "BAD" … we'd b standing in a line, while cars drove by, letting them splash us with their tires… it was GREAT!! & it STILL happens here too… every yr, almost to the day… course we don't go out & enjoy it as much as we use to tho.. Halloween rain is a flat-out guarantee tho 🌧🌦🎃💦 like fukin clockwork. . . alil Michigander tip; always put yourself & your kids in costumes that can handle nasty weather… u gotta b willing to get it wet/muddy, if you're planning on doing any trick-or-treatin. cuz it's either gonna rain, or it just got done raining, or it's STILL raining.. either way, DON'T let it slow u down, cuz it won't slow down for u.
    – that 2nd fateful week of July is almost upon us… i wonder if the world will bring on ANOTHER flood this yr aswell… 🤔

  20. You didn't even include the worst part… he seemed really surprised and bemused by the notion of someone caring about future generations! 😉

  21. Not understanding basic science? How about not understanding basic speech or sentence structure?

  22. Trump can't speak English. John Oliver did a segment where he read just autofill from a mobile. The autofill made more sense.

  23. He'll always be an embarrassment he's utterly ignorant he has no political decorum he appeals to the uneducated and people who are impressed by that mob boss mentality …because if I say its so it is so lol

  24. I must admit that I haven't seen the Trump/Morgan interview (can't stomach either of them), but I can be pretty sure Morgan would not have called Trump out on his stupidity. Like Morgan's last interview with him, I could imagine he would have been such a sycophant it would be sickening to watch.

  25. Who comes here to debate or have an honest discussion anymore? All this channel does anymore is “dunk” on people. And let’s just be honest. Armenian women, Turkish fat guys, and white soy boys can’t even dribble a basketball, yet alone perform a dunk. But I’m sure you idiots will tell me otherwise.

  26. Hey hey , I got a joke you can’t miss, Trump hasn’t paid me , lol . Lol 😂

  27. Utter bollocks. The President was right about sadiq Khan. As a Londoner I know only too well how khan is destroying London. I went to the anti trump demo, in my maga hat of corse, and that was all it took to severely trigger the loony left. They made such fools of themselves, fully exposing their violent and aggressive character. It was a win for patriots, get over it, Trump will be your president for another 5 years.
    You know I didn’t know this Chanel still existed, last time I watched you was on the night Trump won the election, it was a delight to watch your melt down. Bye

  28. Start by cleaning up Flint's drinking water.

  29. Even if the US were to completely eliminate all emissions tomorrow, it would still have the largest accumulated historical values.

  30. How dare, HOW DARE you insult Bugz B Bunny like that!

  31. Your Commentary is absolutely amazing SHIT Show

  32. Americans must have gotten use to it at this point. He does it every day he opens his mouth.

  33. You should be embarrassed every day.

  34. I'm a Brit and he didn't do any such thing. He was perfectly reasonable.

  35. Someone should fire his speech research people's?

  36. President Trump was extremely humble and honorable during his stay in the UK. He gave a great heartfelt speech, honoring both American soldiers and UK soldiers alike, cementing the notion that our UK cousins will always be one of our greatest allies. That we both share the same values of democracy and law. He was also genuinely honored in the Queen's presence. But of course TYT had to have try smearing the President, as always. Disgusting, to be honest. Truly evil people.


  38. Ok? Cool argument bro you talk alot of shit for a crappy pseudo-news station that doesnt knows how to even cite their damn sources.

  39. BWWAHAHAH. He rocked that trip. Suck it in 2020 garbage libs.

  40. It never changed from global warming to climate change. Doesn’t anybody remember that around roughly 2006-2008 when the Republican Party was trying to create all sorts of euphemisms to combat the global warming narrative? Watch the debate between then Senator Obama and John McCain that was facilitated by Chris Matthews, and when Chris Mathews says global warming, John McCain immediately interjects “climate change.”
    You you see a trick that the political right in this country does is they take away the terms that we need to use to describe phenomena, and replace it with a lame inadequate version that then begins to steer the conversation away from the issue at hand. If they can undermine your terminology then they can undermine your premise.
    Why do we let the political right control our vernacular? Global warming never stopped being a thing, we just allowed the Republicans to pull the Overton window away from our vocal left to a wishy-washy center. The climate is changing, it’s getting warmer. So there you have it, global warming is still a thing.

  41. 💜❤President Donald Trump is victorious 2020❤💜

  42. Weather is estar & climate is ser. In USA we use the subjunctive so much, we should start all speaking Spanish because we could probably communicate much clearer.

  43. I'll admit that had us in the first half…

  44. No he didn't. President Trump honoured my country with his presence and his strong and heartfelt speech at the state Banquet.
    He was very respectful, dignified and presidential toward my Queen and he honoured our veterans and fallen heroes at the D-Day Remembrance in Portsmouth.
    No one over here likes Sadiq Khan and Corbyn is literally a communist.
    President Trump showed us friendship and solidarity at a time when our parliament is in disarray.
    Thank you for honouring my country, President Trump.
    Sincerely… an English guy.

  45. He has always been an embarrassment embarrassment

  46. Trump supporters living in another reality or why are they denying facts?

  47. I’m from Britain and Trump was viewed as a moron by all the people I know! Laughing stock doesn’t begin to describe him. Poor USA. Xx

  48. It also illustrates how fucktard (trump) doesn't understand AT ALL the difference between local pollution, and global climate.

    While trash and local pollution is bad, if we suddenly stopped emitting greenhouse gases, you could end up with situations where many places, locally are still polluted, but the global climate system begins to recover…

    The man can't even speak on a Jr. High level. What a goddamn shame, and sham he is.

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