Home / News / Trump Defends Dismissal Of White House Aide Who Testified In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News

Trump Defends Dismissal Of White House Aide Who Testified In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News

President Trump defended his dismissal of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key impeachment witness and the National Security Council’s top expert on Ukraine, calling him “very insubordinate.” Vindman’s attorney called the president’s tweets “false statements” and accused Trump of a “campaign of intimidation.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Trump Defends Dismissal Of White House Aide Who Testified In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Vindman is the Whistle blower!!

  2. Something bad that no one could predict is about to happen to Don. You cannot defile spirit without consequences. For sure he is in for the same fate as a leader of long ago in Germany 🇩🇪.

  3. Where's the refund desk?

  4. Real deal,spraying our skies is killing every tree. All life is decaying. Rotting away.

  5. The divided Rogue states of the Trump family, former United States of America and leader of the free world, under tyrant Trump turned into a pitiful dictatorship within two year, The world sees that and have taken their conclusions. Despite bully talk America is turned into a isolated isl.

  6. As long as a white man is in charge things will get worse end will come

  7. We the People vote For the People who stand by the People.
    If Our Commander in Chief feels best interest for We, the People, then We must keep going forward. America, Unity, Love.

  8. Don't DARE go against Trump. He always wins hahahaghaa

  9. Bravo! It's long overdue. Purge every single never Trumper in the government who works to undo an election that was decided fair and square by the voters!

  10. Trump & Obama & their rotten lot! Stop watching us from laptop, hidden camera, etc ! Cheap prvs abusers! They bugged everything we have! No privacy! Trash others lives 4yrs, 24/7 because they're BORED?! Father, gang, ir,put cams, bugs ALL over apt to get money or drugs from rich, powerful, famous ALL over WORLD🌏!!!!!! Delete my comments all the time on utube so no one finds out.. Sis works for Google!

  11. How glorious when this disgusting, corrupt pig is voted out in November. And then charged in criminal court a few years later. You jus’ wait ‘n’ see, chillen.

  12. U know Trudeau ,USA offcls,accepted my terrorist father in Canada &USA last yr.screening in airports r fake show waste of time.. Knowing terrorists. After all cyberstalking with rest of world leaders g7&20 4yrs, 24/7 , destroying our life.. Invited by Trump & Obama! Paying the IR & father & terrorist Iranian rus trafficking drug dealer gang. Supporting crimes & abuses against us.. Even cams in shower & bathroom! No privacy to change clothes! Shame.. All those Europeans, etc all over world that hate Muslims or not,should APOLOGIZE to us for their offcls crimes against US! Cyberstalking Muslim women in Iran! UN & Iran high ranks know too! UNICEF, charities,etc in Ir is controlled by these terrorists.. Iranians all over should be cut off UN & human rights activist label.. Pretend to be good while being terrorists.. FAKE SHOW. . Even a zoo isn't open 24/7..we were lab rats of intelligence for world leaders to try it on their people?!

  13. And Iranian offcls KNEW about Trump & Obama cyber stalking us 4yrs,24/7 & inviting hundreds others, like g7+20 etc and DON'T CARE.. They don't have the power to give us a safe place?! OR? Getting paid?! NO EXCUSE..
    They don't have the money to pay for a bunch of cab drivers salary for 4 months! For one school related to the disabled! Yet they take or rights, give our money, resources to Iraq, Syria, Palestine!& Hezbollah! Hey Bashar & nasrollah! Give our money back! They lied that school cab is free, didn't pay cab drivers salary & don't intend to! school doesn't have paper for exams! Our education system is soooo deprived! They can't manage ONE school in this country properly! Yapping about nuclear energy?! The offcls live different from people, NO WONDER

  14. ALL democrapic candidates said Soleimani would still be alive and planting IEDs if they were president!!…..Let THAT sink in!! …LOL!!!

  15. So I went too the liquor store and they had Pelosi Vodka as I looked closer it had NO PROOF~

  16. Trump attempting to create a Fascist state
    "Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition"

  17. How's your Trump Derangement Syndrome going along Libs and Dems? Going crazy yet? Bwahahahahahahahaha!

  18. Just doing what ALL OTHER DICTATORS DO.

  19. A person is on thin ice in any political job. Just the way it is.

  20. After the firing of the Vindman brothers and Sondland, next disaster will be on Schiff for manufacturing a telephone transcript, Pelosi for ripping the SOTU speech and Nadler for defying Schiff (Jerry, Jerry, Jerry 🤣🤣🤣)

  21. So how does NBC know what branch of the intelligence community the whistler blower is a prt of

  22. Trump is too personal for US president. Get rid of him!

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