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Trump disagrees with Georgia governor’s rushed reopening plan

President Trump said he disagrees ‘strongly’ with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to open certain facilities in the state. Trump made the remarks during Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing.

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  2. chief cheeto's modus operandi; keep gaslighting em'. I'm assuming most of you are relatively young. Please Google Jim Jones so you can understand where the term "drink the Kool-aid" comes from. You can be conservative but you cannot continue thinking this mane is mentally sound. It doesn't take a PhD to see it, or, does it?

  3. Honestly, who doesn’t disagree with the governor of Georgia. Guy is wrong for that!
    Tattoo parlors?!?!?!? Massage parlors!?!?!?

  4. Con man doing his thing lol

  5. Narcissistic Lunatic of a man.

  6. How did you elect this man??! Wow lol

  7. You poor Americans.. lead by this man who prefers political gain to wartime leadership. America is completely fragmented.
    Rebound? Deal with what is happening now. Take responsibility! He is not doing more testing than anyone else. Just ridiculous. I pray for all the innocents that are and will die. Please keep your hearts open and dont jyst stick with allegiances blindly. God bless

  8. Trump showing his true NY Communist colors.
    This flu numbers don't lie

  9. Wow someone say because he disagreed with Fauci “what do you call agree and disagree indecisiveness” wow 😳 what a way to look at one dis agreement plus he is the most decisive president we have. Wow how we have people with no brains must work for CNN or MSNBC

  10. Please do not MISSLEADING what President Trump said. Thanks

  11. He has the right to disagree no reason to make big deal about it

  12. Nothing has been flattened. Same amount of new cases. Same total deaths per day

  13. If he wants better numbers, he needs to stay out of these briefings. If he wants to embolden his base, he needs to stick to his briefings.

  14. Trump: I prefer to liberate Michigan first, which is a democratic stronghold. Georgia can wait.

  15. No need to watch.
    Just refer to these simple

    * Maybe, maybe not.
    * I never said that.
    * What do I know…I'm no expert.
    * Those other people said it.
    * Not my fault.
    * Just a thought.
    Wishywash, mealy mouth statements are all you'll ever get from this man.

  16. Trump smh
    Why keep reporting on this walking contradiction. He is truly an idiot

  17. I'm in Georgia. Many businesses that technically can open won't. And because of it, they won't only continue to lose business, but they will also lose government financial support since they technically "can" open. Feels like that's Kemp's angle. Because there's no way tattoo parlors and such businesses opening right now will generate enough money to make a profit. Also, there's no way to conduct such businesses without close contact.

  18. President Trump…. I disagree with him but at the same time I want him to do what he think is right

  19. Trump, can you make up my mind? One week we need to open up the country, next week it's too soon, I don't agree! What?

  20. Georgia, sweet Georgia, Trump ain't got Georgia on his mind…yeah🎶

  21. Hold on. Trump encouraged people to liberate and when they try he stabs them in the back. What a rat.

  22. I used to think he was the only president with a backbone, but now I think he is the only one without one. He stokes the protests to lift the lockdown, then backs down, constantly plays both sides, and just comes off like a moron. He is the guy who we had in charge when a pandemic hit, and his decisions have lead the United States to a horrible place. We are in the worst possible outcome. The virus ISN’T being contained, testing in DROPPING daily, we don’t have the US manufacturing Covid tests or antibody tests in ANY real capacity to be able to test the population at large- those results would be something very valuable , the economy is on its knees, 50,000 people have died in 2 months(while Trump boasted the flu killed 38,000 in a year). Tell me, how could his leadership have resulted in a worse outcome? Grade F

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