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Trump Gets TORCHED By McConnell

Trump Gets TORCHED By McConnell

Mitch McConnell is sick of Trump. Cenk Uygur, Ramesh Srinivasan, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“Sen. Mitt Romney delivered perhaps the most thorough Republican rebuke of President Trump’s Syria withdrawal Thursday, calling Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds there “a bloodstain on the annals of American history.”

But while that line has gotten a lot of play, there’s something else Romney said that shouldn’t escape notice. He suggested Trump got bullied into the withdrawal by Turkey — and that he backed down.

“It’s been … suggested that Turkey may have called America’s bluff, telling the president they are coming no matter what we did,” said Romney, of Utah. “If that’s so, we should know it. For it would tell us a great deal about how we should deal with Turkey, now and in the future.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ramesh Srinivasan

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ramesh Srinivasan


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  1. Do you think Mitch McConnell is turning on Trump? Let us know in the comments.

  2. So much drama in the beginning, keep up the good work.

  3. To the idiot on the left…..America…IS….exceptional.

  4. All this is in favor to Russia.

  5. If Trump really wants to pull troops out from the middle east, why not start with Kuwait, Jordan or Saudi Arabia? Why does it have to be Syria, the last country in the region that he should pull out from?

  6. This should loop over and over so the trolls who keep bringing up the Armenian Genocide, Cenk rebukes that here.

  7. I love how the right wing believes that ISIS would've ever existed had GWB not started a disastrous war in Iraq. In their retelling of history, somehow that was Obama's fault when he was against that reckless war. It gets repeated without pushback from the establishment.

  8. I have to say I struggle with countries that hold women as little more than breeding stock. No education, no rights……….what kind of life is that. I dont know the answer but I think some kind of action or engagement is needed to see human rights established and protected.

  9. TYT stands strong with Mitch McConnell.

  10. The more that people in the media rag on Trump the more the people will support him.

  11. The withdrawal date was was was set by the Bush Administration. Obama just carried through with it.

  12. Finally you guys are talkin Australian … McConnell is obviously wronger and Trump is obviously
    wrongerer !

  13. The will only give American backed ISIS and Alqaeda to stretghten. Either way it will Americans opportunity to continue war on assad.

  14. You can't kill an idea by killing people.

  15. HaHa! What a joke! McConnell is getting his own firebranding as Trump's brilliant expose' of the lying Turkey and Turk's centuries-long wars brought them to their knees before the entire world. You have trouble with logic, right?

  16. HaHa! What a joke! McConnell is getting his own firebranding as Trump's brilliant expose' of the lying Turkey and Turk's centuries-long wars brought them to their knees before the entire world. You have trouble with logic, right?

  17. HaHa! What a joke! McConnell is getting his own firebranding as Trump's brilliant expose' of the lying Turkey and Turk's centuries-long wars brought them to their knees before the entire world. You have trouble with logic, right?

  18. Dude. Was McConnell visited by 3 ghosts or something?

  19. Having 2000 troops that gives a US presence that we leveraged to good advantage is a Good Idea. People forget that this is the second time the US abandoned the Kurds who fought with us. 2000 troops doesn't make it an endless war. I recall the troops being necessary to inhibit atrocities on Syria's own citizens, and to counter ISIS havens. I really wish Trump: (1) learned that shooting from the hip can have really bad consequences when you're President, (2) there are people (like "The Generals") who have more experience than you, and can help you from making mistakes. I think Trump operates from the perspective: every mess can be cleaned up by his staff, but as President that isn't always possible.

  20. You guys! I bet Erdogan is making deals with Putin behind our back – he was there just a few weeks ago and I bet Putin told him the magic word to make Trump fold… Erdogan is playing both sides


  22. Moscow Mitch is not to be trusted to do anything good for the country.
    If you think otherwise, chew your own lips off.
    His tail ain't tucked between his legs yet!
    Just go away, Far Far away.

  23. Turkey would have done this no matter how/when we withdrew. No matter what region we leave, we will be "abandoning allies". There are no Kumbaya departures from that region, and all the "nuanced" discussions just serve as traps for endless engagement. It's a hornet's nest and any direction we move stirs them up. If Trump left those 50-100 troops there and they got hit, shit hits the fan and he's blamed for a war. It's always easy to be a critic after the fact. The truth is we rarely know the best play to make and any call will be criticized.

  24. Those and other deaths are now many of Trumps responsibility"s.

  25. Trump cannot make a relational decision, he would use a rake when scratching his balls.

  26. Ok so you don't care about anything but you, McConnell the emperor of sell out!

  27. Trump the child in chef!

  28. Drop it like it's collusion HOT!

  29. McConnell turning on Trump? Never. When it comes to power, McConnell will be on his knees.

  30. What a lot of BS, the US should not be in the middle, period !!!!

  31. This is and always will be a bad program.

  32. xD when he said "Drop it" in the beginning i thought he would say "DRAWMSSS!!!"

  33. Ramesh is literally so cute haha

  34. Why would you agree with anything that f–ki g dummy does that mf t couldn't tie his shoes with instructions

  35. Would love to see Romney run against Trump in the primaries. He's probably the only Republican with a chance against Trump. Then he can lose to Bernie in the general. =]

  36. Yeah Right – pathetic loser LEFT all the sudden like Mitch… Remember they called him Russian agent ?

  37. America has grown old enough to see itself become the villain.

  38. The PKK are the onces who have been conducting ethnic cleansing over there against Arabs who you are fine with.

  39. Orange Bozo is just trying to not only steer attention away from his impeachment inquiry he's trying to get credit for bringing home some veterans before he is gone. Sadly a lot of people are dying for his selfish impulsiveness.

  40. Republicans are Lairs and cowards.

  41. The age old battle between the tortuise and the hair.

  42. Turtle man is such a coward .He writes a negative comment about trump,but uses Obama's name instead.
    He can't outwardly rebuke trump,because his wife works for dirty don,and she won't put up with it.
    Mitch is a hen pecked patsy.

  43. 1:061:22 Hypocresy is clearly not a right wing exclusivity. Being aware of that fact makes it even worse." Hahahahahahahahahahaha."

  44. like i said… Trump aint playing Chess. he's really just playing Checkers… jumping all over ppl, going around others & stacking his kings… 🙄

  45. this is what happens when ppl elect a real estate hustler/ACTOR, rather than an ACTUAL politician!!

  46. i know how to deal with Turkey…. stick it in the freezer til a few days before ThanxGiving… 🍗😄👍

  47. Kasparian you’re a fraud

  48. Obummer was a Republican they all are, there’s only one party, the war party

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