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Trump ‘has released the angels of free markets’: Presidential historian

Presidential historian Doug Wead discusses President Trump’s State of the Union address and economic policies. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Democrats are FILTHY IGNORANT PIGS. I don't mean to be nasty, but that is how they act. They hate our country, they hate their voters.

  2. The Great Society was an epic fail and created a whole slave class to government

  3. Trump did not sake the vice president's hand either people are either insane or stupid

  4. Pelosi, pure pure scum. Bring legal charges on it. Despicable.

  5. Nope, it doesn’t look good for Democrats. They going back to the 1960’s ethics will be hardly impossible, some may say. It had become the Party of division a d hatred,

    We Americans like what we are seeing, experiencing and enjoying right now with the sitting President in a WH, and there is Four more years to that stability and confidence.

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  6. I ordered Dougs' book and today, Chapters Indigo emailed us to say it's not available.

  7. It's more wage money but it's an excuse for restaurant owners to charge customers triple what it cost to eat out a few years ago! !

  8. Pelosi should have used that speech to knock the orange wig off the Trumptard's head.

  9. geebag showed off her true colours dosent care for the people me me me my power my way

  10. Unhappy public servants have no business serving in office.
    Serving power vs serving people

  11. Pelosi is going back to san Francisco to pick up poop from her drug infested streets" don't forget to grab a bag…..

  12. Pelosi is moving to Mexico with her illegal immigrants….

  13. Seems like the DOW is headed for 30,000…will it happen in December..maybe!

  14. Why should our POTUS shake her hand after all the crap she’s been doing, and all the lies she keeps telling about him! He didn’t make a big scene about it, he just turned around! He seemed to have pushed her button, she showed America exactly who she is!!

  15. extraordinary President Trump, the he one an only Go Trump we the people's love yuo.y you are the greatest.

  16. You can either vote for America or you can vote Democrat.

  17. Apparently tearing up the SOTU document is illegal, so when is she going to be arrested?????

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time


  19. These 2 are as big of liars as the evil oversized oompa loompa himself. The wage gap between the rich and poor has never been wider and it shows no sign of slowing down especially when you have a president giving tax cuts to the rich and corporations. No the democrats have not turned into what they hate. They have not turned into spineless republicans who put party before country and refuse to impeach the most corrupt president in the history of our great country- Donald J Trump.

  20. Shamed on scumbag Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump speech, shows she is an illiterate woman, the most childish acting, so disgraceful!! Is that House Speaker?? Oh man, unbelievable Democ🐀Rats House Speaker so lowlife scumbag, must vote that corrupted old woman Nancy Pelosi out of Gov!! She is sicks!!  It's broken heart when President Trump said America First  these Democ🐀Rats their face looks down and so terrible they shows they hates American!! Muslim Rashida Tiliab & Muslim Ilhan Omar didn't bother to listen they busy talking. These scumbag & a lot of them must vote out waist our taxpayer!!

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