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Trump Hilariously Claims Republicans Want to Save Medicare. LOL!

USA Today published a barrage of lies from Donald Trump the funniest one being that medicare for all will eliminate medicare? Hasan Piker breaks down why the time for medicare for all is now!! http://tyt.com/JOIN

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  1. Republicans want to save Medicare? Let me LOL that

  2. you're preaching to the choir, how do we get to the boneheads who actually believe that shite? we take better care of our pets than our fellow man. there should be a voluntary euthanasia clinic next to every Starbucks and every Subway shop. i'll be first in line.

  3. This is like saying that Israel wants to save Gazans.

  4. I thought we were marking Piker's videos with "Break Down" on the thumbnail. What happened to that? Were those videos not getting as many views? Yeah, there is a reason for that. I guess I will go back to not clicking on any TYT video that I think might be Piker ranting in the style of the Rapepublican caricature of an obnoxious liberal.

  5. Hasan Piker is the definition of nepotism.

  6. I usually don't care for Piker, but this video was spot on

  7. I live in Canada and I remember a friend of mine that use to live in the USA before becoming a Canadian citizen broke his arm on a work related type thing it took him hours before he could be seen and even more for anything to be done, not only that he had to fight with his company to try and get the money e was owed because t was work related

    Canada, in out and paid off in amost two days

  8. All those people in Trump's rallies, needs to have their insurance taken away.

  9. Republicans: "How will we pay for Medicare?" The rest of us: "Tax those fuckers in the top 1% at 50% or higher!"

  10. The way to keep control over the mass populace

    Keep them dumb ( crippling fear from student loan debt )
    Keep them poor ( low wages for work )
    Keep them sick ( poor health coverage )

  11. Wow, normally not an fan of Piker's delivery, but what a GREAT point by point, well thought out video! đź’ŞShared on my Twitter

  12. Same old song and dance.Democrats have been claiming back to the 60s that republicans are going to take away Medicare.When in fact the democrats have took money out of Medicare and put it in Medicaid.. the young turds need to back to turkey.

  13. trump is full for shit and hot air, an has the substance of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon!

  14. Trump Derangement Syndrom – when you define yourself by your hatred of Trump. Pathetic, TYT, just pathetic

  15. Let's send all Trumpets into space so they can stand guard. Oh, and take your weapons with you, you don't wanna be outgunned by aliens. Not down here or up there.

  16. Brilliant retort …. blow by blow

  17. As a Canadian, it seems so messed up that Americans don't embrace medicare for all. Land of the free, what a joke!

  18. Trump lying? Nothing new there.

  19. Trump don't understand any of that retarded

  20. Lol you Americans are funny. Theres so much hero worship around the military(socialism) and around law enforcement (socialism) but you are all so scared of having publicly funded health care because its socialism. You dont judge a society on how it treats the ones at the top but by how it treats the ones at the bottom

  21. Look at the morons in the audience wearing their hats MADE IN CHINA at a Trump make America great again rally … do they see the irony ?

  22. Unfortunately, ¢humptards are brain-damaged mutants who can’t understand simple reasoning and are incapable of critical thinking.

  23. Oh tyt when will you get off of trumps nuts? Obsessed much?

  24. The party that has outright said they want to cut Medicare and social security, is somehow magically going to save Medicare. Only the cult of orange would believe it.


  26. Can we banish corporate lobbyists?

  27. More lies from rumptard & the gop they have been trying to get rid of medicare & ssi ever since those programs were put into effect by the dems. I say let them do it and then you will see how long they last in their jobs.

  28. He's setting his cult followers up so when Medicaid, Medicare and social security all implode specifically because of his tax cuts they all automatically light their torches and bust out the pitchforks for the democrats

  29. Lmfao.. Tyt is fake fkn news too. These fkrs never back their shit up with fakes. They just regurgitate what CNN. And them say. Fkn J.O.K.E…!!

  30. Don't the Republiclans still owe trillions to the American people for borrowing from their social security and medicare funding, in order to pay for their tax cuts and military spending increase?… That's been the government funding policy of Republiclans since Reagan.

  31. Trump is a communist!!! MAKE FASCISTS PROUD AGAIN!!!

  32. Inbred Trumpturds are incapable of learning. Where is his campaign promise to provide, "duh best and biggest healthcare in duh world ever in history and everyone will be covered. Believe me!"
    I never even realized or imagined throughout my lifetime that some retards ENJOY being lied to… until I saw a regressive red hat that is.

  33. Uh.. as a libertarian. Sound kinda like a crazy hippy to tell the Democrats this but maybe we cant afford this because 2/3rds ov our budget is spent on war.. for no reason.. none

  34. Yes !. The republicans want to protect it by putting it in the nice safe loving caring hands of wall street banksters so they can piss it all away for us and shove it in thier pockets yay ! so we have nothing yay !

  35. Do you not realize how horrific Obama care was? I do because I had to use it. It was actually so bad most doctors refused to accept it. You had to go through a list of 10 doctors in 20 states that accepted it…. so stop twisting shit

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