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Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran, targets supreme leader

US President Donald Trump signed an order on Monday that targets Iran’s supreme leader and associates with additional financial sanctions.
Trump said the United States does not seek conflict with Iran but will continue to increase pressure on its Middle East adversary in an attempt to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons and supporting armed groups in the region.

Al Jazeera reports.

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  1. I can say it because I have the authority directly with ALLAH,not though Angels

  2. Trump don't go to war like humanitarian please!! They chant death to America all the time, supposing Iran is America what can happen?? If America is not ready to,,,,

  3. We, as U.S. citizens need to sanction Trump!

  4. I vividly remember when Mr trump banned citizens of seven Muslim countries including Iran and really I couldn't understand why Trump included Iranian people,because there was not war going on in Iran at that time and even there was not one single Iranian refugee.

    So least than a year, there was demonstration in Iran then trump announced that he would support citizens of Iran! After that I understood the Game .

    Trump wants to destroy Iran and he has 2 options that he can use same time .

    Use Citizens of Iran.
    More sanctions.

    Be aware those 2 steps.

  5. Just start the war and see who dies in the beginning.

  6. …trump is an incestuous whoremongering anti-American conman and grifter who needs to be imprisoned…

  7. Stay out of Iran’s waters period

  8. Don't fall for this hypocritical fascist Nimrods tactics! Ugh

  9. If Trump attack iran, well.. Be already Trump, u will loose much, ur army, ur ships, etc.. Lol.. There's no history West wins from Persian.. Lol, lot's of American people has just dreaming.. Wake up buddy..wake up.Lmao

  10. Trump most idiot person in the world

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. As mentioned assets of ayatollah khomenei, he is died. Present leader is ayatollah khamenei. Therefore sanctions are applicable to the grave of ayatollah khomenei.

  13. A desperate move just to show Trump's puppets "MBS & MBZ"  who paid to attack Iran that he is working on it.

  14. All countries should sanction this devil called Usa. end is near

  15. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has called white house "mentally retarded" well done iran for staying tough.
    Inshallah the evil ( united states , isreal and etc ) get destroys soon.

  16. America is a dengerus country, but Iran is rather dengerus than America.

  17. Increasingly provocative actions??? What is US drone doing in the “Persian” Gulf then? Hit Saudi and Israel instead. They are the real evils

  18. Ayatullah Khomeini with or without sanctions he's strong, he doesn't need materialism before living, like you Trump, long life ayatullah Khomeini.

  19. One more reason to go back to Gold Standard.

  20. Irans Provocative action 😂😂😂😂 i must agree trump what right has iran got to surround American forces with its country

  21. Exactly, stop the war…too maný children have died…too many bloodshed for bloodthirsty Americans..solve this civilised manner

  22. Then iran imposes sanction also to u.s.

  23. America not deserve to be a superpower

  24. Give me one example of a proven terroristic attack, that Iran carried out on foreign soil ? Just one.

  25. Freedom for the Arabians and Kurds .
    Freedom from both Israel and Iran !
    Freedom From Palestine to Iraq !

  26. poor trump can not talk , some one write and he like parrot have to repeated the word, with his little hand and little brain

  27. " an angry heart, devours the owner "

  28. Is Trump reading the script handed to him by the zionist Nut in Yahoo? Nothing will happen. America will regret its action when its interests and allies are decimated.

  29. What, whose key financea is he talking about, iran has their own finances and it comes from their oil isnt that one of the reason why the us government wants the iran to stop making nuke so that they can bully and manipulate their economy, trump can impose all types of sunction but the fact that nobody is listening whats the use

  30. Hostile Conduct of the regime, agree!

  31. All options on the table. Americunts entertaining the world again.

  32. I'm sure the supreme leader has stolen billions by now soo

  33. The Alf negotiation skills are nothing but bullying, I have not seen him negotiate anything to any country so far.

  34. Finally sanctions directly on the person who should be negotiating. And not just from Trump if any of you noticed. I said this path was coming unless negotiations began. Should try a phone call to Trump or the US state department there iotola, before you are past the point of no return with your people. Sanctions directly on you means no more buying your way out. Try negotiations… Please for the love of GOD before you put Iran and yourself into an even worse place.

  35. This pig has no life 🐷 except bully’s iran his own country is a mess

  36. Addicted to sanctions.spit on your grave Trump

  37. i am not a shia but i am with iran, iran will win the heart of everyone with sunction against them, people will hate saudi and US government even more.

  38. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝️☝️💪💪

  39. Iranen people they love them country they are not scare from any war .so pls make war or shot up and go to your home land

  40. Iranian Sassanid Persian Parthian Elamite Saljuk mullah Omar bastards should have the most strongest sanction placed on it.May all turbans be banned 🇮🇷💩🐒🐵👳🏻‍♀️👳🏻‍♀️

  41. Iran it’s not Mexico 🇲🇽 or Arabs country someone should explain Iran history for trump.. they are real country and great nation with proud people. They will never be USA 🇺🇸 puppet

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