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Trump Is Bad Clickbait

Trump Is Bad Clickbait

This is getting really sad. John Iadarola, Mark Thompson, and Brooke Thomas, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://www.mediaite.com/online/trump-cites-report-alleging-there-are-prayer-rugs-at-southern-border/

“In a tweet issued Friday, President Donald Trump ramped up his scare-mongering over immigration by suggesting Muslims are crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S. and leaving behind their prayer rugs.

The president cited an eyebrow-raising Washington Examiner report, which interviewed a rancher on the border who requested anonymity to claim that people have found Islamic prayer rugs on their property.

The anonymous rancher doesn’t provide any evidence, but claims that in the last 6 months, the nationalities of detained border crossers included ‘Chinese, Germans, Russians, a lot of Middle Easterners, [and] those Czechoslovakians,’ not just people from Mexico and Central America. Czechoslovakia, it should be noted, is a country that has not existed since 1992.”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson, Brooke Thomas

Cast: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson, Brooke Thomas


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  1. Dear Small handed orange orangutang, wishing you a crappy year, a failed presidency with no wall, and Cancer of the ANUS!

  2. I find your background a little insulting…to poor Chucky! ;p

  3. This might be the worst channel…..in the history of channels.

  4. Alright my bank stuff I figured out my thank you payment just got processed later then I thought and I saw previous amount now in my paper one and now I understand

    Trump doesnt care he is just the talking head

    What should scare you is nuclear power yet you are all for that and for me I am dying so I just have to say enjoy the end of the world you are causing

    At least Jimmy gets to say he never caused it and same with me

    I hope Jimmy just decides he is along for the ride and does his best to enjoy that you guys are your own demise

    Cenk never had a soul or morals and I love that has been proven I just cant believe how many of you fell in line

    When I found Mark's podcast it didnt surprise me about him but some of the others it did

    Iadarola doesnt I felt like he never had a brain I just wanted him to be my playmate (I am 4 dont take that out of context assholes)

  5. You found rugs. If that. You don't KNOW what they were used for, racists.

  6. I thought Donald said there is a humanitarian crisis at the border? No additional information. Just the magic words 'Humanitarian Crisis'. Donald doesn't know how words work. Oh, and Donald did call financial reporters and tell them he was a Donald Trump employee who was calling to verify Donald Trump was worth tens of millions of dollars…when he wasn't a millionaire. Sad!

  7. Saying that Americans are just lucky enough to be born there, its the same as saying, why would patents want to do the best for their children?' It,s so that they can make life easier for their descendants, when they're gone.
    Its not about people being lucky enough to be born there. Its about the people that built the country, wanting their descendent to inherit
    And build on what they built.
    Do you think that the people that fought and died and built the country, did it so that anyone from anywhere can benefit from their labour and sacrifice. No, they did it for their own desendenrs and people, not for genetic strangers.

  8. Maybe chunk left his rug there, we all know he's working for the muslim brotherhood.
    He's a high profile X muslim and he has gotten, not one death threat because he's still a Muslim, trying to divide Americans, by pushing race hate.

  9. If anyone believes the shit trump or his ass buddies are saying than you are one dumb motherfucker

  10. You know, maybe we should have asked Trump to define what "great" meant. Maybe this IS the 'great' he was talking about. I mean seriously, what does he know? His businesses for the most part have failed, he's gone bankrupt what, 6 times? He can't get a loan from any American bank….yeah, I guess this is what 'great' is in Trump terms.

  11. Assuming they found anything at all, how do you tell the difference between a "prayer rug" and a regular "rug."

  12. Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone can fly across oceans to get here and decided to walk the last 100 miles in the desert because they were too stoopid to land at a USA airport??????????

  13. I wonder how they would be able to tell a "prayer rug" from…. A rug.

  14. PRAYER RUGS FOUND AT THE BORDER. Haha americans. This will make Texas housewives go out and buy more guns. Because thats the intellect of these people.

  15. Trump is just a moron orangutan.

  16. The only rug is on Donnie’s head.

  17. As TYT uses the Face of Trump as Actual Clickbait.

  18. Seriously; someone tell Trump Sicario Day of the Soldado was a movie! Maybe he was lost and thought it was FOX News.

  19. The greatest deal maker in the history of history is just throwing everything he can think of out there to see what sticks.

  20. The Republicans are now reduced to trolling America with racist bullshit. Their end must be near.

  21. Some Anonymous Rancher, sounds like an awesome and credible source

  22. Oh no! Anonymous rancher finds phantom "prayer rug".
    They're PRAYING?! Kill em ALL!
    Prayer rugs???. Load up the shot guns!

  23. Didn't they supposedly find prayer rugs out there before but all it turned out to be was just discarded football jerseys or something like that…?

  24. pfft … A friend who served during Iraqi Freedom brought home two authentic prayer rugs from his tour, how is that relevant?

  25. What happened to the first caravan?

  26. Maybe it's a basketball jersey this time…

  27. Did she mean Timothy McVeigh?

  28. "It's unreal". Well, at least he's honest

  29. Kudos to Brooke Thomas' parents.

  30. “Trump is a bad clickbait”, tyt made over 5000 videos with trump in the thumbnail.

  31. Why would Muslims leave their prayer mat?

  32. How does a rural Texan rancher who probably voted to bomb Agrabah ( yes the one from the Disney movie) know how a prayer rug looks like? Those pieces of fabric might be woven blankets as you can see used as shawls all over Latin America and because Trump and his freak show said terrorists are coming from our souther borders , those have to be prayer rugs ( from all those terrorists are coming….. ) it would be a big laughing if the implications would not be so terrible! Potemkin‘s villages and Pavlov‘s dogs all over…. OMG

  33. I'm Muslim. This is something NO Muslim would do. It's like a christian leaving behind his bible or a johovah witness knocking on your door and run off before you open it.

  34. I bought a job lot of rugs off ebay last month has anyone seen them?

  35. That anonymous rancher sounds a lot like Donald trump

  36. If Trump is such "Bad Clickbait" then why are the majority of your videos about Trump or have TRUMP in the title?

  37. Are there any countries in the world with a similar way of shutting down the government like the US?

  38. tyt, I'm on your side, but McVeigh was an atheist, I hate admitting it as one myself, but he stated he was. it's however true he never stated he committed the attack because of atheism.

  39. So do we call this Donald Finster? Or Chuckie Trump? Either way it depicts the orange fool of just how infantile he is

  40. If there were prayer rugs, the devout would have taken them with them!!

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