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Trump Issues Warning To Republicans As Impeachment Inquiry About To Go Public | NBC Nightly News

Current and former state department officials will testify on camera this week, relaying their firsthand accounts claiming President Trump withheld military aid to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Trump on Twitter warned his party that they should not “be led into the fools trap of saying it was not perfect, but is not impeachable.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Trump Issues Warning To Republicans As Impeachment Inquiry About To Go Public | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Trump Trump Trump. YOU STILL DON'T GET IT, do you? THESE WITNESSES testifying against you are YOUR PEOPLE anyway. They aren't DEMOCRATS, they're YOUR PEOPLE. It's just too SAD that Nikki Haley will sell her SOUL to the DEVIL and to a CORRUPT PRESIDENT to undermind the security and integrity of our Country, just to get money for her book. The BIBLE says MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, and Nikki Haley decided to go down that path.

  2. This is a FAKE news channel. Watch FOX news for the truth.

  3. Pretty cool watching liberals heads explode while they hack out their hate. You can not hate Trump and love everyone else. Liberals hate everyone that doesn't follow insistent drumming of their hateful leaders.

  4. The Russian probe for collusion was made up- this is just another drama play by his opponents. Yes, asking the Ukraine for help was questionable- how many other politicians did such in the past? Too many who didn’t get removed from office

  5. The whole thing was a honeypot trap by the White House to root out leaks in the White House, and to get everyone tied to Burisma to testify under oath in the Senate. Schiff has his back against the wall, as even Republican House members will vote to push this into the Senate. House Democrats know now that it was a trap, and are stalling by keeping most the witnesses behind closed doors, and bringing valueless witnesses to the public. Burisma, Uranium One, Iran deal, and the FISA warrants are not going to just, go away. The past has happened, and they will be held accountable.

  6. Crooked President should be impeached

  7. In this country you have the right to face your accussor. Imagion. Your at work and a male worker accuser say you stoled something. And you didn't. now your fired he gets your job. And you have no idea who said what or who the person is. .

  8. If Republican cannt call witnesses. They should all walk out. This is a kangaroo. Court. Let the Democratic act alone in their foolishness

  9. Trump is a lieing bich needs his bolls cut off

  10. The Spoiled Brat, Embarrassment Administration
    The only thing more horrifying than 45 being in the oval office is that there are legions of brainwashed people supporting him.

  11. Why not allow any witness who has relevant information.

  12. To find out who Trump really is, just go to youtube, and type in Trump documentaries, so here are just a few I watched yesterday!

    The Trump crime family has been ripping off the rest of us taxpayer for years.
    It's no wonder the Trump crime organization is under investigation by NYS, and the feds! You Trump supporters are really stupid; this cheating family would sell out this country in a second if they could make a profit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN7YFw3pQKI
    Trumps sister, Mary Ann is a federal judge, and she is also under investigation for tax evasion like the rest of the Trumps. I wonder why we never hear about her?
    Trumps frauds! Phony real estate school. Fake charities.
    This whole family is involved in shady deals, and tax evasion, scams! You've been Trumped. Trump doesn't just lie to everyone here he does it around the world!
    Trump cheats children!
    There is no end to this clowns cheating; he even cheats at golf.
    Is he a racist? You judge; his racists followers will say no, but his racist history says yes.
    This is who we have for a president, and what fools would want this clown representing this country! Yet, I'm sure we will hear from those fools who support this cheat!

  13. NBC – 24/7 FAKING NEWS

  14. God emperor trump will reign supreme

  15. Adam Schiff is as corrupt as they come. You are a sorry network

  16. No believe nothing love nikki

  17. The republicans are going down with the ship.

  18. The man who thought he would be king is boxed in. Time to remove the tyrant!!

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