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Trump-Kim historic handshake: Leaders meet at DMZ in landmark visit

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have stepped over the border at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides the Korean Peninsula, after shaking hands on Sunday.

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  1. This is so obvious, Grandpa Trump on to personal gains suddenly going with Ivanka Jared family members representing America hoping for that Obama won Nobel peace prize by shaking hands with his Communist "friend" Kim Jon Un. Back in February 2019 Trump walked away from the meeting between America and North Korean in Hanoi. Disappointing.

  2. Thank you for the neutral coverage, without any political bias, of a remarkably historical event.

  3. President Donald J Trump
    the best ~~~~~~~

  4. A Nobel Peace Price for President Trump! ! ! ! ! ! !

  5. Hope he can make peace with Iran too. Middle East is very important

  6. Next on the agenda is a game of golf, followed by a jin je ban in Busan, dinner at a BBQ restaurant with soju and mak ju, a few brews at Beached Bar on Gwangnali then hitting the clubs at Haundae.

  7. Historic and epic. 🇺🇸

  8. Coi hoai khong chan , moi la, that la hung ,that la la,

  9. I hope this moment can fix a economic situation now…great job for all president..
    USA is a big country who have controled economic, at my country, USD is controled rate…if USD down,economy going hard…
    Thanks mr trump,hope all best

  10. The greatest moment in historic. It will soon bring peace to N and S. Korean. Great job Mr. President!

  11. Two of Satan’s leaders meeting 🥶
    You better believe there is some major profits, deals and currency involved with Trump seeming to get the North Korean ruler to step over the line into South Korea. This is not something that happened out of good will changed hearts and reconciliation. Let’s not forget that both of those men are known and proven to be stone hearted men. Js

  12. If Obama did it he’d have been impeached

  13. Awesome! I'm alive to see a historic event!

  14. This is an extraordinary win for dictator kim. Presidents Moon and trump have been hoodwinked by a mass murderer and a familicidal maniac. It is particularly shocking to witness that President Moon allowed an American president to bring a murderous dictator into his country. President Moon should have been at the DMZ to 'welcome' trump and kim into his country and he was not. This would not have happened in my country – one foreign leader bringing a murderous adversary without my prime minister being present at the border! We would fire this man because it is a bridge too far. So the muderous dictator kim has two puppets in trump and sadly Moon!

  15. Trump unable to become Xi's BFF so he went looking for equally fat Kim to ask to be BFF 🤣

  16. It's good news, however timing is showmanship. Massive strikes on Syria from Turkey and massive strike from Israel coming on Iran as well. This is bread and circus

  17. Why they are runing like that 😂😂

  18. Cameras sound like machine guns.
    Very dangerous.. might trigger some crazy shoot out.

  19. It would have been nice to see Dennis Rodman.😂😂😂

  20. History in the making who would have ever though to witness this moment.👍

  21. North koreans should have kidnapped Trump…seriously

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