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Trump legal advisor: Impeachment was ‘literally a battle between good vs. evil’

Attorney for President Trump and Trump 2020 senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis reacts to President Trump’s acquittal in the impeachment trial. #FoxBusiness

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  1. get off one person at the top bull…share …go bernie

  2. Term limits-1month, one issue at a time, 59 people in executive branch……mohawk way..consensus way…then you will not have this mockery

  3. Don't worry, these evil Satanist Communist Left is not finished, not finished by a long stretch….this will not stop until these evil corrupt politicians are arrested and I believe many will face final judgement when their treason against their country in a time of war….will be their final judgement

  4. Absolutely Good vs evil.
    And our Lord prevailed.
    God vindicated President Trump.🇺🇲

  5. The Democrat Party leadership proved my words true during the POTUS SOTU Address! I have been saying today's Democrat Party leadership is ANTI-AMERICAN! ANTI-U.S. Constitution! Today's "evil" (bad, wrong, misleading) Democrat Party is everything George Soros has been paying for, paying for them to become!

  6. Let's work on making sure that average citizens don't have to be well-connected Billionaires to get justice in this Nation. Every day average citizens, are being crushed by the bureaucratic machine our Republic has become, and get no justice.

  7. America, stand-up for the one who fights for you every day: President Donald J. Trump! KAG 2020, and God bless America and President Trump!

  8. Pelosi showed the real Nancy. Old age catching up NANCY.

  9. Really think the deep state is going to allow 4 more? NO it's not.

  10. You can see the difference between someone how rarely or never get angry and someone who is angry, bitter all the time . Look at Nancy Pelosi's face and look at President Trump's face when disagreeing there is a huge difference…

    How shameful she acted !

  12. Get over yourselves….. you guys set that clown free after all of the evidence that’s pinned to him also ruled out witnesses. Fair trial? Sad


  14. President Trump 2020 he's good the Democrats are evil

  15. Trump must continue the fight against the EVIL dems.

  16. GOD🤴🏻🕎OUR CREATOR endowed us with Pee-Political RIGHTS🛡🗡🏹. Ellis😘

  17. Battle between good vs evil.
    Always evil looses the battle.

  18. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff will never reward. Ignorance to homeless people in California terribly reality bad are suffering. Yes they are evil! Thank to our President Trump❣️❤️💪🏻🖐🏻🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. All these Republican boot lickers deserve what's awaiting them in November — the 2018 Blue Wave will pale in comparison to the coming Republican political decimation!

  20. I've watched every day everything going on in our Government with our President and the impeacement process and I see with my own eyes how unfair false fake and an absolute Hoax from day one!! Hate and Evil has prevailed in the entire process.

  21. AOC brought in the “acceptable “ hate for our President. The 4 are NOT AMERICANS at heart.
    It is clear they have socialism communism at heart!

  22. Prosecute the COUP plotters NOW.

  23. Preying Mantis , Maybe!! 🇺🇸 G.B.A🤓

  24. End time Jesus is coming Nancy is EVIL a part of taking USA DOWN socialist they pray to Satan prayers for poor Trump and his family.

  25. Go on the offensive. Charge the Democratic Leadership, house and Senate for there preconceived intentions to overthrow the government. They announced their intentions to impeach before he was sworn in.

  26. They won't stop ,until the swamp is cleared out of the Demons 💖God is saving ,helping President and his Team,to free America From all evil Doers💖

  27. Schiff /Pelosi have decided to start a family guess what the produced Nadler the garden gnome .

  28. Nancy isn't in touch any longer with the here and now …

  29. FORGET ABOUT A SECOND TERM Trump is done .

  30. A perfect phone call, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. the president deserves to be removed from office he violated his oath of office asking another country to investigate a rival candidate the only one that had a spine was Mitt Romney. Nothing but B/S from this so call trump attorney.

  31. Fox is a like a bottomless Coke at the Olive Garden when it comes to ironic projections and saying things that are painfully true in reverse.

    Impeachment was a battle between good and evil. Evil won. Good lost. Those who support Trump aren't evil, they're just gullible simpletons.

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