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Trump Mocking Asylum Seekers

Trump Mocking Asylum Seekers

Trump and his supporters are now mocking asylum seekers. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/f1310

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Trump Mocks Asylum Seekers, Adam Schiff and [Checks Notes] the Wind in Michigan

“President Trump has been riding high since Attorney General William Barr submitted his four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report to Congress. Though Barr’s conclusion raises more questions than it provides answers about the investigation’s findings, the president and his allies are falsely claiming “total exoneration” while also seeking revenge on anyone who has dared imply that Trump may not actually be, as he described himself to Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, “the most innocent human being.”

The president’s victory tour continued Thursday with a campaign-style rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As was the case during his 45-minute “interview” with Hannity the previous night, the president meandered through his talking points with varying degrees of coherence. He praised the Fox News hosts who have supported him; he bashed the Democrats trying to unseat him; and he assaulted the Mueller investigation from just about every angle imaginable. “The Russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try to illegally gain power by framing innocent Americans with an elaborate hoax,” he said.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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  1. The criminals (illegals) showing up at our borders should be kept in tent cities until we can deport them all back to where they are coming from.

  2. Trump is a big fat broken condom.

  3. Mexicans are worthless, dirty, diseased sub-humans in Trump's shriveled brain. Look how he treats Puerto Rico, an American territory inhabited by American citizens that happen to be a little too brown and a little too ethnic for Trump.
    Would Trump treat asylum seekers from Mexico the same way if they were blonde haired, blue eyes, white skinned people?

  4. Your the big fat con job

  5. he is the best, viva trump, puneta….

  6. Criminals need to be prosecuted.
    Donald Trump is a criminal.

  7. People who are conflating illegal immigrants with asylum seekers probably shouldn’t be allowed to breed. It could easily be argued that you should be deported back to the country of your illegal immigrant ancestors and forced to give the land they STOLE back to the Native American people, whose culture they destroyed after slaughtering a bunch of them. How does the “Master Race” find it so easy to disregard its own double standards? Your messiah is bloody Hungarian or something, isn’t he? Whatever we do, we must not show compassion. Let’s just focus on continuing to blindly consume. Idiots.

  8. More twisted narrative b.s.

  9. You idiots just stop! These Invaders won't abide by the laws. But I guess you want to let them all in

  10. TyT = socialist propaganda

  11. Wow, someone get the Troll be Gone spray…argggghhhhh, ick, Gross and stupid is ooozing out of their pores. Don't let them reproduce. They are a blight on America. Someone get over here. Someone with BIG feet and start stomping on the bastards!

  12. The Young Turds continue to embarrass themselves.

  13. was rick scott hiding in the podium suckinlg orange man off?

  14. Hey I tried to enter Cuba last week. They have tough border security. Not like America

  15. PleaseCenk condemn the atrocities and Genocide committed by Turkish Muslims against 1 million Armenians. You look really stupid when you condemn white males for trivial crimes when your own forefathers killed 1 million Armenians including Ana's family

  16. Actually John Oliver at last week tonight had a show about drones and it DID show .. well it didn't in a way.. a drone which couldn't be seen with the naked eye.

  17. I live in Africa and even in here borders are protected and illegal immigrants are deported.

  18. Thanks The Young Turks.☺ Thanks John Iadarola.☺

  19. Muslims in the U.K are already demonstrating against freakish far left behavior in their schools. Muslims and Central/South Americans will be future allies of the American conservatives… 😂😁 The future is conservative…😜

  20. The fact that far leftists want to bring in millions of Muslims and South Americans as a way of defeating conservatism is proof of their high level stupidity 😜 Muslims are far more conservative than us American country folk LMFAO And Central/South Americans may like socialism but they are extremely conservative as well as religious making them extremely conservative culturally…. 😋 If our nation must fall I hope it falls to Islam or to Central/South Americans and to the freakish American far left culture of weirdness. The way it's going the American far left culture will die in the next 50 years LMFAO🙏 The future is clearly conservative….

  21. The U.S. needs to stop being the world's police, but people need to realize that the U.S. is not the world's savior.  Go home and fix your own shit.

  22. Yep but Cenk if you really cared about these migrants and all the others this administration prosecutes or causes harm, you would support the person most likely to beat Donald Trump, yet you don't. Not sure what to believe anymore

  23. imagine belonging to such profoundly flawed party that the only you can win is demographics change ,in the name of virtue of course

  24. The only big fat con job is trump himself. Trump should be tried for war crimes and lined against a wall. What a fascist criminal and so are all his supporters. They should be down in gitmo

  25. I think Trump and his family are the worse parts of humanity wrapped in a meat sacks, but he really needs to get his head out of his ass and go see a real doctor. His slurring and rambling about nothing are getting worse.

  26. This moron makes no sense. If anything he is a con man and an adulterer. Truly sad to see a monster inside the white tent.

  27. What a fraud tyt has turned out to be.

  28. The US cannot take care of the people it has in the country now. It doesn't make sense to let a bunch more people in. I'm curious as to why all these asylum seekers show up holding the flag of their own country. I mean your country is so bad you want to be let into the US, why not carry an American flag.

  29. Olay why does America not open its borders to everyone? Several hundreds of millions of people from Latin America, couple of hundreds of millions from eastern europe, may be a billion from Asia and Middle East. Tell me why not, Cenk?

  30. I am a lefty but I want to know how America can take in that number of people….. are there thousands? and then more thousands? What is really happening down there?

  31. What positive aspects has he brought?
    Not anything he was wanting.
    1. More awareness to corruption in politics that lead to more young voters.
    2. The moral fabric of the USA has shown to be tougher than leather wrapped in a Kevlar vest. The elasticity has stretched to the limits and is likely to snap back to a democrats position stronger than ever due to his knack to show the 25% of the ignorant 🐑 sheeple follow him.
    Just knowing that makes me feel better at at least 75% of America knows better than to trust in anything from him is exaggerated.👺
    Isn't that right Stumpy Trump, leader of the sheep world?
    I'll stop there for now. I'll spare him the embarrassments for a later ignorant tweet rant.
    This list changes by the hour without notice.

  32. the problem is capitalism when you're born into wealth and privilege this is how you turn out

  33. Like Trump’s election and campaign were big , big, big, fat con job.

  34. Stop CRYING over TRIMP mocking people. That is what he does, it's part of his "STAND-UP" comedy routine to entertain his many minions of worshipers. LOL!

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