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Trump Money Laundering EVIDENCE

Trump Money Laundering EVIDENCE


Trump’s dirty business practices are coming back to haunt him. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets Monday after a report said anti-money laundering specialists with Deutsche Bank flagged transactions involving himself and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

But Trump did not address the suspicious activity in The New York Times report. Instead, he denied the article’s assertion – which has been widely reported previously – that he borrowed from Deutsche Bank when other lenders were unwilling to give him money.

Software designed to identify illegal activity alerted the staff about the transactions, involving the now-shuttered Trump Foundation and business entities owned by Trump and Kushner, the Times reported Sunday, citing five current and former Deutsche Bank employees.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Do you believe that Trump is above the law? Leave a comment below!

  2. It only makes if there are very rich and powerful Democrats who have also been involved in this money laundering activity, why else would the Dems in Congress be unwilling to pursue the matter?

  3. Why are Republicans such hateful, corrupted cunts? arent they human?

  4. no one is above the law and Trump has broken so many since running for president that it is amazing to all outside the USA that he has not been removed from office..

  5. Tyt has dirty laundry too, u pathetic brown scum

  6. I love writing checks, bing bing bing. It's so amazing bing bong bing. I'm a stable genius bing bong bing bing bing bing bong bing bing. Trump is far crazier, evil and devious then I ever imagined.

  7. Could,possibly,"we don't know for sure"sources say maybe. Do tyt ever have a shred of proof about anything they spew? One bitter former employees accusations isn't proof of shit

  8. As filthy as Trump is, both sides have tons of trash on each other.

  9. You are absolutely right Cenk. This matter will determine whether there is rule of law, and whether our Country's Constitution has any merit.

  10. I believe YT is absolute desparate trash ..is what i think 🖕

  11. He is like a tall orange oompa loompa.
    What do you do when your is Prez is duetsche?
    Blame it on Russians and the bible pounders!

  12. if there could possibly???? weren't ANA and Cenk complaining about this kind of technique when reporting? Anytime funds are moved it could be considered money laundering. Just like if you sell ass from your house and do that same at your next door neighbors house thats considered human trafficking

  13. 1:24 OH! Please do, Cenk!
    PLEASE bring back your, "Tick, tick tick."
    It will only make it even more epic when you face plant.
    FISA declass is coming..Hehehehe😉

  14. Dear USA,

    Don’t attempt appeasement any more.

    —Neville Chamberlain, Westminster Abbey.

  15. He got caught because he thought he had to take it to an actual laundromat.

  16. grounds for impeachment-removal–prison time !

  17. "May Have" Can you do some real news unlike Ana's nose. Cenk for President because he is so smart. Long live the young turds. Dear young turds your show sucks. Signed All of America. P.S. this is what you sound like, duuuuuuurrrrrrr

  18. Boy tyt cannot get over Russian conspiracies

  19. He was The Biggest Loser of all time in American history that's hard to beat even though he has a trophy from a golf tournament do you know a girl tournament in Trump National in Doral however with you look it up he's the only person playing in that tournament that's the kind of piece of shit you put in the Oval Office

  20. Except nowhere the Deutsche Bank employee or the article mention the "Russian government", as liar Cenk claims, but Russian individuals . Nice try, fake news.

  21. if trump isnt impeached or put in prison within short time after out of office, this country will be permanently a putin kind of country. it won't be repaired it will only slide worse and worse if trump is allowed to get away with everything he has done and continues to do. these traitorous mobsters infecting and perverting even basic sense of right and wrong are opening terrible doors for more maybe even worse… since when do americans find used car salesman backyard bully cheater types worthy of worship???

  22. Justice Kennedy retired because his son was involved. He willingly gave 45 a Supreme Court seat….the corruption is crazy

  23. It's so gross when this so-called journalism it's just a bunch of people wanting the president to be guilty

  24. Which suddenly retiring Supreme Court Judge has a son that worked for this bank ????

  25. Ana is right. Trump in above the law. If you have money or power, you’ll get away with almost anything. Period.

  26. Please take Deutsche Bank down. Drecksladen! My best from Germany.

  27. And now Drumpf is switching banks to one in Florida. Suspicious much?

  28. America's most embarrassing skid mark, shows us once again, he should be behind bars and not in the white house.

  29. WE GOTTEM'!! version 17.42.3f

  30. Russian oligarchs ask Deutsche Bank to loan Drumpf their laundered money, assuring Deutsche Bank that they have pee tapes etc to ensure Drumpf will honour the loan.

  31. To quote Cenk: "OF COURSE!!!"

  32. Ana is disgusting. Even after the nose job.

  33. Oh,you're referring to dirty laundry as a euphemism,not Drumpf's usual shit stained underpants due to his incontinence.

  34. Where's my Valyrian steel , let me chop off trumpet's hissing snake head.

  35. The business is finninf them ….still moving money from one accou t to another…its a business too. Fining them not ending it.

  36. You go to your bank and with draw $15,000 cash and the bank sets alarms off and calls the cops and notifys federal authorities . How many times have the Justice department confiscated money from legal business activities because thay make to many cash deposities over a small period of time. THe US justice department needs an enema.

  37. If Trump wiretapped the DNC during the election and it became public, what would have happened? We don't live in the Nixon era.

  38. Like clockwork Ana turns to bashing the Dems.

  39. Trump THINKS he's above the law

  40. I tried to share your video on Facebook messager they were blocked

  41. Is this the same as evidence of Trump colluding with Russia you guys reported on

  42. There was also a huge transfer of data back and forth between a Trump server and Alfa Bank going on, which immediately shut down as soon as anyone was inquiring into it. Russia paid for all of Donnie Bonespurs' golf courses more than likely, and he's done a fine job in working to Russia's benefit, after becoming quite indebted to them. The Russians have been working on him since 1983, and he was ripe for harvest, right along with co-opting the NRA, various other Republicans like Mitch McConnell, who is apparently quite chummy with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and pushed to get sanctions lifted on him. It was and still is a multi-pronged attack of our Democracy, with Donnie Bonespurs siding with the enemy! Digging into the finances is going to show all of his shenanigans and he knows it. This is undoubtedly why he's tripping all over to himself to keep congress away from his financial information that is more than likely to show money-laundering, bank fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, using his charity as his personal piggy bank, violating the emoluments clause, and whatever else. We've elected The Penguin as mayor, Gotham City is totally screwed, and Batman and Robin are standing there totally baffled as to what to do next.

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