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Trump on cleaning up California: If they can’t, we’ll do it for them

Former President George W. Bush deputy assistant Brad Blakeman discusses the homelessness crisis in California and whether the federal government should step in.

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  1. We need to stop calling it "homelessness"
    Call a spade a spade,
    It's an addiction and mental illness problem.

  2. California is an embarrassment. Too bad we can't cut them loose and let that garbage dump float out into the Pacific.

  3. Why are there so many stupid people in this thread? Homelessness has nothing to do with "Democrats." Homelessness is a huge problem now that has been building up for over 30 years. Everybody from all the Red States who is LGBT or a cannabis user wants to come here where there are legal protections for both. And who could blame them. Big Tech made its home here, bringing tens of thousands of high paying tech jobs to the Bay Area, where limited housing was already a problem, making it even worse. The state had to SUE several Republican ruled Orange County cities so that they would spend the funds that they had accumulated from federal and state programs to combat homelessness, and they were just sitting on the money doing nothing except driving the homeless out of their cities with laws preventing overnight parking, loitering, etc and so on. There are many reasons why there are so many homeless, but "Democrats" are not one of them.

  4. Its a drug problem face the truth

  5. California lost 192,000 tax-paying residents in the year 2019

  6. currently there are 135000 homeless people in California and the governor has done nothing about the problem for the last 3.5 years! the federal government needs to come in and Newsom needs to be held accountable and removed from his position. California wants to hold the Olympics there in 2028 but have made no effort to show that they are serious about it! The only person who will make sure things get done will be President Donald J Trump! he is definitely someone we can count on

  7. Send in Trump with dynamite and blow cali off the map lol

  8. Well "let's make a deal" with the liberal rocket scientist's in California then. You take Pelosi and all her radical ilk back and promise not to dump any more of your voter approved garbage in Washington, DC. and we'll send shovels and bags for your ILLEGAL drifters to clean up after themselves. What did you idiots think was going to happen if you left the back door open?

  9. The clown should start worry about the corona virus that he is allowing to enter this country, by the plane and boat loads. Hopefully, it will find it's mark, and clean up the trash at the wh..

  10. Reminds me of the slavery issue in the civil war. States' rights over Federal government.

  11. Here in Fresno, and in total agreement with one of the best presidents ever ,some people do need help ,kids without parents ,elderly on fixed incomes ,but other than that ,no ,please clean this state up


  13. These talking bobbleheads aid the very real estate scumbags that have caused the housing crisis and made Calfornia real estate the place to park and launder foreign money. Is Trump going to come to California and rent studios for all the homeless? No, we're talking about sending in paramilitary troops to kick the homeless around at three time for he cost of what I would cost to house them in the he first place and all those people will still be homeless. Housing people is the most cost effective way to deal with homelessness. You don't even have to make a compassion for your fellow man argument here, it's just dollars and sense.

  14. President Clump needs to clean up his own house before worrying about others.

  15. Every politicion in calif is corrupt as hell

  16. Did yiu know lawyers in calif will give legal help to illegals but not us citizens.they agreed to help illigals free lawyers to fight their deportations this is not fair to seniors that are being thrown out of the houses because their soc sec checks are not eough to live on and pay rent

  17. Well, left wing politics are always targeting the bottom of society for votes. They will promise to help the addicts, homeless, single parents etc. when they are voted into office. Well… to create a large pool of potential voters Left wing is definitely not going to solve problems but will increase them as much as possible. That is why you have these problems in California. Trump should look into that!

  18. California doesn’t need trump to make it worse, California has one of the best economic systems because they tax the rich.

  19. Start cleaning up at the Gov mansion in Sacramento

  20. We already have the military there to clean out rat nests. Time to issue orders, Mr. President!

  21. Working people can't afford the rent and they will house these dopers for free.

  22. Bout freaking time WE have a President that is actually doing the job he was elected to do !!!! Get RID of those so called Sanctuary cities because they ain't nothing but breeding grounds for CRIMINALS and other things !!!!!!!!!



  25. Gavin the hot mess needs to be cleaned up an away 1st.

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