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Trump reassures Americans 'it is safe to fly' during coronavirus meeting

FOX Business’ Blake Burman breaks down President Trump’s meeting with airline executives at the White House.

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  1. well…..in a time of crisis like this one….is it nice and reassuring to have a pathological liar in charge??…..Are we great yet???

  2. Trump's stupidity is beyond words

  3. Good thing you're the only country in the developed world without free healthcare !

  4. The only thing trump has ever had to offer anyone is abuse. I don't about you, but while I pity masochistic people I don't really have any time for them. I spend my time with adults, thoughtful, creative, compassionate adults. Not phony hucksters or evangelical con men, but truthful adults. They say there's a sucker born every minute. I guess I'm just not one of them.

  5. If Donald Trump contracts the Coronavirus, then I'll give money TO the virus!

  6. If Trump thinks he knows more than doctors then we don’t need doctors anymore. We can just ask Trump as he knows what to do. He’s that smart and knows everything.

  7. Planes are clean that includes crew and passenger's.

  8. People are very sad watching Trumps advanced dementia, he gets worse and worse every month. "people are saying" that all those many clips of Trump are being put into ads to be shown from now until November, all paid for by Bloomberg.

  9. Locked in a cage….That's where sane Americans want our pathetic president

  10. This is very reassuring as vaccines will be available in 6 weeks, and the disease was contained in the US a week ago. Just FYI I watch the news and believe politicians.

  11. Many, many, many people are saying the virus is God's judgment on the administration. Horrible! We , and they will see .

  12. This corona virus will most likely be Trump's Waterloo as his lines of BS and lies will blow up in his face

  13. He so lost on all the important stuff and just barely holding on to other things he’s not fit for office

  14. pence was at the high school shaking hands, the high school where a student was later tested for coronavirus

  15. Well now…the Airline CEOs fly on private jets and the President flies on Air Force One — a private jet. People can fly any time they'd like however at this time, the chances of contracting COVID 19 (while flying) will significantly increase. What about our loved ones? Who wants to increase their vulnerabilities? Airlines or other types of travel modes (where there are alot of people in the midst) will continue to lose money until the dust settles. Based on the so-called 'health experts,' a cure could take up to a year. Takes care of yourselves, everyone!🤗🐈😊

  16. Sorry but the only way that I would fly right now is being dressed in a full hazmat suit.
    Just sayin…….

  17. WOW! That makes me feel great! Let's fly because Trump says its ok…Lmao…

  18. Don't you think it's kind of strange that no politician in the US has come down with the Coronavirus and that means every state in the country not one political official has contracted the Coronavirus I find that very strange

  19. Stay inside, don’t open your doors, radiate all food and liquids, don’t touch your partner and wear a hazard suit and respirator around your home, seal all gaps and have your air filters on 24/7 and don’t PANIC … NOBODY PANIC! We’re ALL gonna Die … die horribly. Hard slap on the face .. calm DOWN.

  20. The economy is up again 👀

  21. This is the same President who just asked on television if the seasonal flu vaccine would work against this thing. Yeah, I would not trust his word.

  22. 🤔 hearing this makes me think of the movie Jaws

  23. Trump's grasp on this virus is poor and everytime he tries to bring calm to our infected and concerned Country, he only makes more people lose confidence. The Stock Market doesn't trust him and he simply is unable to wrap his little pee lol I mean pea brain around this virus.

  24. Less safe to fly in to Seattle / LAX

  25. Caputo is the worst…. auto dislike to anything he says…

  26. Believe me it's not safe to fly yet don't listen to no bulshit because they're only worried about the money that's it protect yourself don't fly don't go on cruise ships and stay out of the large public gatherings they're down playing this virus and believe me it's out there

  27. Wash your hands no matter where you are

  28. Safe to fly? Well common sense ain’t so common travel at your own risk, but don’t be mad when you’re placed in a bubble wrapped covered with bed sheets around u entering an ambulance..

  29. politics and authtorities are pathological liars and deserves a roll in tar and feathers then put on a leaky submarine to explore the depths of the ocean

  30. What! The earth is a giant airplane in space, wake up!

  31. Safe to fly while there is an uncontained airborne pathogen spreading around the country? Mmmm, I’m callin BS on that.

  32. If I was president id ban all flights in or out of the US

    Btw:still Trump 2020

  33. Nope. No thank you. Love & appreciate this president, but no.

  34. Do they disinfect their planes yet?

  35. Planes are and have been the biggest contained germ fest forever…🤔

  36. 😂😂😂 A falling empire, no matter who is in charge. 🤗🤗🤗



  38. I’m more afraid of the communist Democratic Party than the virus

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