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Trump says he spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook on economic recovery

President Trump said Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted the country’s economic recovery curve will be V-shaped. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Did Tim Cook say anything about why Apple helps China oppress its citizens?

  2. Tim Cook talking to Trump about economic recovery ?

  3. Wtf would Cool know? He's the ceo of a closed source luxury goods company that sources the work to Chinese slave workers.

  4. JUST LOWER THE CURVE. crap businesses went bust. Too bad. Take their assets and use them to jump into their spot only with SIMPLE ECONOMICS. Businesses should be self generating and get perks for TRUTHFUL transparency and development growth sharing to like start ups. NO LOOPHOLES! ZERO. NO STOCK MARKET until corruption is sifted. Profit sharing. Med share health insurance Ecclesia choices. LOWER COST OF LIVING/real estate/ rent/ but maintain standard pay rates.

  5. How about you let people go back to work. The whole thing is planned. Watch "event 201".

  6. Why is Tim crook involved. He hates America and Americans


  8. Tim Cook is an anti-American criminal! Why surround yourself with NWO gangsters, Mr. President?! And where are we getting trillions of dollar's out of thin air–just printing it to where it becomes completely valueless?! This whole thing stinks and we are still on lockdown!

  9. Boycott apple
    Break your iPhone

  10. Tim Cook loves his country stop criticizing because his product sells USA he never knew it but trough MR TRUMP he has understood the game

  11. I hope Tim Apple can help

  12. I wonder if they discussed injecting people with disinfectant 😂

  13. Donald J. Trump 4/23/2020: WORD for WORD > I'm not a doctor. But I know a lot of things, I'm like a person that has a good you-know-you know what," Trump said Thursday, gesturing to his head. LMAO a true spokesman or a total clown ?

  14. Flu season is over.
    See you in October when they try to push this PLANDEMIC on us again.

  15. Let me guess his answer was we need to stay communicating with the latest iphones you can buy

  16. i WOULD buy Apple products if they weren't made in China by virtual slaves.

  17. I phone is a china Product
    Mr .Trump destoy The U.S.A

  18. If he is forced to make IPhones in America they will cost 2000 a piece for them to make there same margin.

  19. Yeah apple shareholders don’t want jobs back IN U.S.A they won’t the profits from cheap labor and no medical coverage, just like most of corporate America.🧨🚩🚩🚩

  20. What do you think about our Recovery Tim?

    Not looking good.

    Secret service enters room.

    What do you think about the recovery NOW Tim?

    V shape all the way…here’s my credit card.

  21. I hope Trump did not ask him to inject himself with disinfectant.

  22. No Apple. No. I never belive Him. Time show you what apple make. I have apple phone and you dont can find me.

  23. Hannity is gonna be jealous.

  24. Notice how Trumpanzees are calling for manufacturing to be brought back from China yet nobody mentions Trumps loans from China for "Politico", or Ivanka's products still being made in China.

  25. TDS: – Trump Disinfectant Syndrome

  26. You listened to the people on the panel, who get a steady paycheck, and they recommend shutting down the greatest economy in history. Not slow things down and isolate, like Sweden, but shut down everything, why? You wanted to save hospital space? Well hospitals are plenty empty now and laying off left and right, many thanks!

  27. Trump owes china millions of dollars wonder what for

  28. Mr Trump when will you look into the Dark History of Dr Fauci!

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