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Trump Schooled On Taxes

Trump Schooled On Taxes

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has Trump in full panic mode. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“House Democrats have formally requested copies of President Trump’s tax returns, taking action on one of their top oversight priorities.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) sent a letter Wednesday to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig requesting six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns, from 2013-2018, by April 10.

“The IRS has a policy of auditing the tax returns of all sitting presidents and vice-presidents, yet little is known about the effectiveness of this program,” Neal said in a statement. “On behalf of the American people, the Ways and Means Committee must determine if that policy is being followed, and, if so, whether these audits are conducted fully and appropriately.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Watch this video with peace of mind. Head to https://NordVPN.com/TYT or use code TYT to get 75% off a 3-year plan. For a limited time, use code TYT for a free month.

  2. Russia Collusion didn’t work..

    Let’s get him on TAXES !!!!

  3. I HAVE FOUND THESE LEFT PEOPLE TO BE PURE DEVIOUS and therefore, evil at their corp while they masquerade as "caring, people". They are self serving, begging LOSERS who are greedy and disrespectful. Baby killers.

  4. Emmett Flood was the scumbag who saved Dickhead Cheney from jail time over his WMD war crimes while lining his pockets with fat Haliburton profit war services contracts.
    What's scumbag Emmett Flood doing these days, anybody know?

  5. Get off the crapper Pelosi, it's way past time to Flush this Excrement Drumpf.

  6. sandy & tyt are twisted CADETS with no direction of their own! PUPPETRY 101! Do they ever listen or play back the SHITE patter they spew !
    classic Comic Gold! "REELING IN THE SHEEP"…..Repeat then rinse.

  7. Debate question and how it should be phrased:

    What reasons did your lawyers give you on why not to release your taxes while under audit?

  8. Mnuchin is in very real legal jeopardy if he interferes and fails to hand over the returns. He doesn’t strike me as someone willing to take a bullet for the Capo.

  9. AOC-you hypocrite you!!! Just show your connections to The Young Turks, and your Puppet Master!!!

  10. Oh, I thought this was a SNL sketch!!!! Oh, this MOGUL Billionaire, President, is being "schooled" educated by "WHO??" smh.Oh, by a highly skilled and accomplished Bar tender, who I am guessing but probably wasn't even hired as the supervisor!! But she took the best job she could GET!!! Oh, say it isn't so. AMERICANS CANNOT BE THIS DUMB TO FALL FOR THIS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR person who Trump has paid more sales taxes than this TURD has earned in her lifetime. Including her biggest jump in salary yet, CONGRESS!!!!!

  11. I love it how all of the sudden Cenks claims about Russia was financial dealings and nothing about the election.

  12. Cenk has a personality disorder. He is actually repesting his little tic tic tic catch phrase after two years of his fantasies heing misproven

  13. Have you guys (TYT) heard of the recent investigation and discovery of why he doesn't want to show his tax returns. A Washington Post recently did a thorough investigation of Trump's sister who was a judge and she had to report her tax returns to Congress during her time as a judge. This report showed all her dealings with the rest of the siblings including Donald when it came to false trusts, money laundering, and tax frauds, and hundreds of millions his father gave each of them; some through properties his father owned. Look into this and do a segment on this as well. I would like to see what you find and possibly discover more evidence in why he is holding back on releasing his tax returns.

  14. Pass an ammendment through Congress that any Presidential candidates must provide their tax returns as a means of providing transparency to the electorate that vote for them.

  15. Why hasn't he EVER thrown a tantrum like he does about everything else for being under audit the last 3+ years? The IRS doesn't go after honest people just for being rich. Did he not hire "the best" accountants to avoid mistakes on his returns?

  16. The president auditors are just sassing out the candidate. They are finding out if they are corrupt and what they can do for the 1%

  17. Right because after a 2 year witch hunt into his collusion which proved no collusion while being labelled as guilty throughout the entire process and still afterwords by joke media like tyt (the collusion wasnt during the election it was outside the election why else would we be on opposite sides of Syria and Venezuela) after that he should be so willing to open himself up to investigations dont you want to prove your innocence to all these people who will not believe you and will use it to smear you (like everything that came out of the Russia investigation because there were next to no crimes)

  18. The left is still on about this

  19. Way too many Americans have been bowing over and kissing the 'ring' of big, mean, fat, rich (and poor) konfident men so long, they don't know how to stop; Even when it's literally killing them, the free parts of their country, and the planet….

  20. I hope TYT do another election night meltdown in 2020 like they did in 2016 ..It's hilarious to see them almost crying…lol

  21. " Hey, if you are a Joiner, a Spooner, and you financially support TYT, you are giving away all of your financial information to the NSA as well as GCHQ, and the Muslim Brotherhood, so purchase " Nerd VPN".

  22. I like that dress. WOW!!!.

  23. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. DUMP TRUMP . Come on America it’s garbage night . Get rid of your bad rubbish and do it now .
    Time to act on this cancer that is in your country.

  24. Ain nothin wrooooong with bein a racist piece of shit, Caz this is what racist look liiiiiike

  25. I love you guys but stop with the tick tick tick tick you f**** idiot

  26. You're always trying to sell something you dumb mother f*** you will always get a thumbs down every goddamn time

  27. "We didn't ask you.."  Boooyaaaaaa!!!!

  28. We need a list of Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Trump. It's kinda hard to decide what are the 10 worst aspects of the Trump Crime Family. Each Progressive Media Outlet/Show/YouTuber can create their own list. We need to keep these things in the public consciousness and keep comparing Trump to the others running for POTUS.

    -Trump wont release his taxes.
    -Border family separations/deaths.
    -Multiple sexual assults.
    -Emoluments clause.
    -Two words: "bone spurs". Prove it with a live MRI or X-ray, that can't be faked.
    -Trump University
    -Criminal convictions, corruptions, and plea deals.
    -Most disgusting things he said?

  29. I think it is fitting "the ways and mean committee." Their mandate is to soft coup an elected President by any ways or any means. Hope it works out for you. If it doesn't I hear he has a parking ticket from the 70's you might be able to open an expensive investigation on….also if big IF it comes back clean then I can't wait to see the conspiracy theories.

  30. There are a shitload of people who voted for Trump because they felt like Hillary Clinton was a corrupt liar. I agree with them on that. Clinton is a corrupt liar. That being said, I still voted for her because I felt like Trump was a bigger liar with the moral compass of a mob boss. Now that it’s 2019, how can all of those people who couldn’t support Clinton because she was a corrupt liar, still support Trump? He’s turned out to be everything that these folks hated about Clinton. He’s corrupt. He’s a liar. He’s a complete piece of shit. He’s Richard Nixon with less intelligence and more money.

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