Trump sets record-high $738B budget for military

Retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Jessie Jane Duff discusses the recently-passed spending bill and the military funding included in it.

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  1. I would rather my money be spent here

  2. Your foolish giving this man anymore money. Banks are asking were 8s the money ?

  3. I applaud spending if it is for a good reason. Now the challenge is for the military to spend in ways that best help our soldiers.

  4. Well money is fake, just a piece of paper backed by nothing sooo……

  5. Ehh sounds like more big govt to me. How about we have smarter spending instead of more spending.

  6. About time our military gets a pay raise!! God bless our men and women in uniform.

  7. They are heroes and deserve much more

  8. That's the only thing president gravy brains has done right.

  9. This doesn't sound conservative.

  10. It was $715,000,000,000 last year

  11. Odd only two fronts and talking about China and Russia

  12. Finally hearing what I was thinking would happen after trump was put in office

  13. How are we supposed to support the military on minimum wage jobs and all our industry going overseas? I’m baffled. We never learn about overextended empires. Now you all can go back to sleep

  14. I do not believe people understand what would happen to us without our Armed Forces or if they were continued to be weakened by liberal democrats. Not to mention the fact that our freedoms would never exist in the first place without them. USA USA USA !!!

  15. Wish I had stayed in….oh that’s right the last administration kicked me out and gave me separation pay and an honorable discharge. said thank you for your service….now leave

    Btw ….dude….that suit is on point

  16. Trump sending all the troops who are Freemasons in Syria, to get destroyed.

  17. President Trump is having to play catch up because of the past communist president Obama better be thankful he is the president then the other communist Hillary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Zero sum hum, I still vote Trump. We all win when Trump wins.

  19. Sure can’t spend it on education. That would eliminate his base.

  20. Idiotic. More than three times the combined total of the next three countries combined.

    Eisenhower warmed us about the power of runaway military spending.

    And here it is.

  21. I think it's safe to say they saved the Republic. Normally, I am not really a big fan of the U.S., but the alternative was China, plus Russia, Iran and the Moslems, so not a choice there, really. GO U.S.

  22. Why not spend into the Military. If the economy is increasing, the military should be increased as well and their pay. Give it to our service men and women. It is deserved. And money well spend. Obama had a history of sacrificing the military for funding Planned Parenthood. 😤🤬. Thank you 🙏 President Trump. 🇺🇸❤️ 2020!

  23. ObUma left an 8 year period of ignoring the military.

  24. Finally our military can defend themselves against…um….ah….Soviets? No…ah…..

  25. The US needs to stop throwing ridiculous amounts of money at defense and start focusing on getting more value for money. China's military spending is a fraction of the US, but when you compare China's military growth compared to the US the difference is much closer than people realize.

  26. Thank you trump for not ending the wars like promised , we need to fight and die for our greatest ally Israel. Israel interests before America, just like the founding fathers wanted

  27. I bet that money isn't going to Veterans Affairs. They don't want to spend money on broken soldiers, they want to buy shiny new toys and provide contracts for private corporations.

  28. We have a cartel terrorist problem here in the US. Theyre trying to take over our country by asymmetrical means. Bring our troops home and secure our country please.

  29. Obama reduced our military to its lowest levels since pre WW2 levels, I’m so glad that Trump cares about our nation’s security and has built back up our depleted and aging military.

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