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Trump signs exec orders to cut red tape for taxpayers and small businesses

President Trump signs two executive orders on Transparency in Federal Guidance and Enforcement. The executive push will help individuals and small businesses interpret regulations from ‘rogue agencies’ and avoid lawsuits.

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  1. Trump has the strength to defeat the evil players on the left

  2. i do not understand why trump is getting so much hate.

  3. I love winning!!😃😃😃

  4. Probably the best president in my lifetime!

  5. Greatest president in history. The only president that actually lost money becoming president. Unlike that phony Obama. Obama never earned a nickel in private industry and now lives like a millionaire without accomplishing a single good thing for this country.

  6. All the Democrats should be a shamed for all the grief they have caused this great man!! they have hindered his great plans! yet with Gods help he still gets what is needed done!! they all hate Trumps brutal honesty! and his transparency! it's so unlike any Democrat !! EVER!! TRUMP in 2020 is the crystal clear choice!!!!

  7. Trumptards still believe this p.o.s.

  8. My president works works and works. What the hell are the Democrats doing??? Gezz this is sad how ego filled and pompous the Democrats need to face facts they ruined this country and were on the tit of the world and my president pulled killed the tit. Trump 2020 and beyond.

  9. Executive Orders… they comprise 95% of Trump's "accomplishments"… that they are WORTHLESS is proven by Trump himself, as he has reversed every ExecOrder passed by Obama… just as Trump's EOs will be reversed by the next Dem President. Worthless and impotent… small hands.

  10. 98 "do nothing" snowflakes hates USA and Americans.

  11. I like this and I like that he has accomplished his goal of getting rid of every two regulations for every ine regulation, saving billions. I really like that veterans have more flexibility on their chosen healthcare provider.

  12. Government want all business; so everyone works for government? Gov should get out of every business that could be owned by private citizens. Liquor business, housing, casinos, etc etc

  13. Great job but still he lost with China. He spit and lick it back.
    Chinese communist crap criminals mafia are true enemy and biggest terrorist on earth.
    We need to finish it

  14. One of the horrible things about obama care was the web sites they set up for market place, so be sure to make sure the web sites with the guidance documents are built by competent web masters.


  16. The Truth is out there. We just need to look, and not believe the Propaganda lie's from the Main Stream Media. They think or in some cases know if they say things enough times over and over, we will believe it to be true. They are lying to the People, for money and power. Period….

  17. Finally someone who helps all the tax payers and not the free loaders 😁‼️

  18. Said a lot of stuff. We will see.

  19. Donald Trump new rules:

    1 Agencies must publish guidance documents online, so small business & everyday citizens can find these documents. Agency have to find public input for the most important guidance and the government will watch over everything. No hidden rules.

    2 Agencies must inform citizens of their cases and respond to their arguments. Agencies must tell people about new regulations.

    3 Cancel restrictions that devastated auto workers and farmers, reversing restrictions on inconstant light bulbs for example.

  20. The accuser should pay all legal fees. If the prize is worth it. A country where a rich person can do anything they want to a person with less resources…is not good. This has needed fixing FOR A LONG TIME. If the prize is not worth paying for both attorneys….dont fricken bother us with it.

  21. How happy the democrats are–another ruined family bussiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. WHERE did the ill-gotten money they sucked out of struggling people actually go and to whom????????????????????????????? Who got rich?????????????????????

  23. Tried to look up sometimes Trump??? Embarrassing!!! MY GOD!

  24. And he is still getting the job done.

  25. Thank you mr president for helping the 3 million super rich Americans we the rest of American people we are survive somehow I guess

  26. Traitor donald making legislation to help his pals and his own broken business, what a piece of siiit

  27. Move NATO HQ. to Puerto Rico.

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