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Trump slams Joe Biden, Rep. Ilhan Omar during rally in Minnesota | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump lashes out at Joe Biden, and other Democrats during a campaign rally in Minnesota.
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President Donald Trump slammed Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, at his campaign rally in Minnesota.

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  1. All those Democrats are so busy going after Trump and yet it seems like the investigation of Ilhad Omar has come to a standstill……Maybe after Trump becomes re-elected he will visit that her end of the swamp and clean it up……I choke every single time I hear all the praises for that Elijah Cummings…if he had lived there was to be an investigation against him too…..

    I hate watching Trump's impeachment hearing…..but on one hand it is really opening up the eyes of the average American…..the way they spend my hard earned money while I am breaking out in shingles worried all the time on how I will pay the taxes to pay for their nonsense.

  2. A 30%er: The E Street Group, a firm run by political consultant Tim
    Mynett, Omar’s lover, received more campaign cash than any other Omar

  3. A 30%er: The E Street Group, a firm run by political consultant Tim
    Mynett, Omar’s lover, received more campaign cash than any other Omar

  4. Joe Biden is a disservice and a disgrace to THIS COUNTRY! it's so evident he is a liar and scum bag. Joe also sniffs and gropes children on live television and nobody says anything. what a weirdo and a scumbag..

  5. Omar was protesting at the Minneapolis TRUMP RALLY with antifa . She is a terrorist.n

  6. These morons censored "Ass" while they endorse kids going to half-naked LGBT pride parades and changing their gender through hormones.

  7. Trump came in and pissed on Omar's dog house😂😂😂👊✊👌💯🇺🇸

  8. Our Faustian American Nero is a fascist fathead who's most flagrant feature is spewing from his flatulent flubbed-face a stench of over ripe pumpkin and a fountain of scandal and falsehood and fraud.

  9. Love Ilhan Omar. She speaking the truth


  11. Biden and Omar are joke and losers

  12. cracks..Trumpo Dumbo has nothing on Caligula

  13. Dear friend, attention, the enemy is coming! SEATTLE ATTACK ! ! ! Fire is everywhere and death… But… GOD WITH YOU! So jump to the sky repent of your sins. Repent before it is too late… GOD IS LOVE! Always ❤ The Lord keeps from the satanic temptations in the last days, and leads as the Good Shepherd. Shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life ! 🙏

  14. This is why we LOVE this President!! When will msm quit hiding behind their own lies? America is breaking out of their matrix!

  15. do do do do do do doot doot…do do do do do do doot doot

  16. This sounds like a KKK rally. This is something most Americans have never seen, and the vulgar speech and the hate is most noticeable in his well prepared delivery.

  17. Where were all these whistleblowers when Obama loaded a plane with $150 billion dollars to Iran in the dead of night?

  18. The good thing with democracy is that you choose what you want, so yeah know that he is one of the best con artist to ever exist in the world. He keep lying to you, saying no sense in your face

  19. Saw tape of Illhans stinkin bum hangin with the antifa crowd….it WAS HER. Filthy RACIST islamist.

  20. We can see what you're doing USA today and we don't like it. You surely don't represent Americans to large extent and I wager few read your shrunken little rag anymore. You are shameless anti -American sellouts.

  21. Anyone, who doesn't support this man at this point is mentally retarded. Trump 2020

  22. Trump is an idiotic narcisist and nazist.

  23. Who ever "You You" is…. send a REAL ADDRESS…. little WEAK hiding b>t"hes need to stay in their place !

  24. TRUMP 2020
    Biden for prison
    Come at me salty dems.

  25. ⚠️⚠️Omar and boyfriend were there outside w ANTIFA!! Hiding w masks on their faces.‼️✅😒

  26. Go Mr. President. Call it like it is. You’ll probably offend the Democratic wimps, but too bad. You put up with bullshit for 3.5 years, time to feed it back. Rev up your lawyers and investigators and bury them. They won’t like the taste of their own medicine.

  27. President Donald Trump fighting back after constant and vicious attacks of opposing Democrats and zero appreciation Of all the positive he ever did and is doing for America! What a shame! They are cutting his head, but he's not silent and frankly has nothing to lose by speaking the TRUTH!!!!

  28. What part of blackmail is illegal don't Trump supporters get? Trump was blackmailing Ukraine to get them to make up some dirt on Biden. He was holding back $390 million in military aid they were promised. At least four national security officials were so alarmed by the Trump administration’s attempts to pressure Ukraine for political purposes that they raised concerns with a White House lawyer both before and immediately after President Trump’s July 25 call with that country’s president.

  29. These are not the words of an honorable and self-assured man. They are the words of a fearful, small coward. They are not the words worthy of the leader of what is supposed to be the most looked up to nation on earth. They are the words of a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. They are the words of a man who has taken the words of Groucho Marx seriously: “The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.”

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